Mates For Eternity

Forks High School

Once I finally managed to drag myself out of the comfort of the bath, I wrapped a towel around my wet bodice and glided into the bedroom. I sat on the corner of the queen sized bed and stared at the floor. I should have known that this would happen. I had no other clothes to wear apart from my scruffy outfit that I stole two days ago. I huffed in annoyance as I fell back onto the comfy bed, my arms stretched out beside me. The simple thing to do was to steal a bunch of clothes from one of these shops, but I couldn't picture myself doing it. This place seemed too…cosy, and I couldn't bring myself to upset these people by breaking into one of their shops.

I groaned as I rolled off my bed. There was only one other thing I could do. I padded back into the bathroom and filled up the tub with warm water. Whilst doing that, I threw the soap into the water and started mixing them together to create nice, warm soapy water. I shut off the water and reluctantly placed in my dirty clothes into the tub. I grabbed hold of the material and rubbed it against the soap, trying to clean it.

Ten minutes passed by and I was finally done. I was glad that my method worked and I now had clean clothes to put on for school. I admit that they weren't perfect, but they would have to do. I hung the soggy material over the shower curtain rail where they could drip dry, ready for Monday. I walked into the living room and sat down on one of the loveseats, staring blankly at the fireplace.

There was nothing to do now but wait…


Monday morning came around sooner then I thought. Before I knew it, I was taking a quick shower, making myself look presentable for school. I stepped out of the shower and into a towel, drying the water droplets off my body. Once that was done, I wrapped the towel around my hair and whizzed into the bedroom to put on my finally dried clothes. I had gone hunting last night just to be safe and managed to avoid getting a speck of mud or blood on me, which I was quite proud of. Once I tied up my converse shoes, I twisted the towel on my hair, intending on getting all the moisture out of my hair and then un-wrapped it. My hair was still a little damp as it fell down my back, but I knew that with a good run, it would dry. I didn't have a bag to pack so I simply grabbed a pen that I found hidden between the books in the study and headed outdoors.

As I stepped outside, I shut the door behind me and started into the forest. I didn't need to lock the door because if anyone did break into my house, then I would simply hunt them down. Before I got to the edge of the forest, what I saw on the pavement made me freeze. A young mother and her little girl were walking down the street, hand-in-hand. They looked at each other and smiled in true affection as the mother leaned down to kiss the girl's cheek, causing her to squeal. I choked back a sob. I had lost the opportunity to become a mother once I was changed, for vampires couldn't breed. My body was forever frozen as this; a seventeen year old and therefore I could not conceive children. Suddenly, the little girl turned to look at me. She smiled with her dimples and pointed at me.

"Pretty!" she announced. I gave her a wobbly smile and sprinted into the trees, leaving the little girl confused as to whether she really saw me or not. I wiped away the non-existent tears as I ran and took deep breaths; I needed to be composed for school. The wind blew through my hair, making it dry in a matter of mere minutes.

I slowed down my pace and was welcomed by a sign that stated:


I rolled my eyes and chuckled at the message. I paused in the shadow of the trees momentarily to smooth out my hair and clothes before casually walking through the parking lot. There weren't many people there as I had come early; only the teachers were here. I glanced at the school and to me, it looked like a cluster of small buildings, connected together using paths. I walked swiftly into the room that stated "Main Office".

As I entered the clammy room, the smell of plastic and grapes assaulted my nose. I subtly scrunched my nose as I waltzed towards the desk where a plump, red haired woman was typing away furiously at her computer. I stood right in front of her, but she didn't seem to notice me. I cleared my throat to gain her attention and she jumped before looking up at me in alarm. I took in a scorching breath, her smell of toffee and banana making the venom pool in my moth. I swallowed it back as best as I could.

"Hello," I greeted in my smooth voice, "my name is Isabella Swan and I have come to pick up my schedule." I flashed a dazzling smile. She seemed a little bit dazed but a flash of recognition shone in her eyes and she perked up almost immediately.

"Oh yes!" she cried. She whizzed around on her computer chair and shuffled through a few papers before pulling two out of a pile with a pink slip.

"Here you go. This is your schedule with a map of the school. You need to get this slip signed by all of your teachers and hand it to me by the end of the day, ok dear?" she asked handing me the papers. I nodded my head at her and twirled around to go back outside. "Oh, and welcome to Forks High School!" she called after me. I nodded in response and trailed outside. By now, many students had piled into the lot with their ancient looking cars. They all turned to stare at me and I could hear the whispers already.

"Woah, she it HOT!"

"Check out that ass!"

"She looks just like the Cullens." That one made me pause for a moment. Who were the Cullens? I glanced around but shrugged my shoulders and took out my schedule to memorise it:

English – B4 - Mr. Mason

Government – B7- Mr. Jefferson

Trigonometry – B2 - Ms. Lawrence

History – B5 - Mr. Haywood


Biology – B6 - Mr. Banner

Gym – Gymnasium - Coach Clapp

I folded up my schedule and headed straight for Building 4, ignoring the stares I was receiving. A Silver Volvo caught my eye but I shrugged my shoulders and carried on to my first class.

I entered the English room just as the bell went. All conversation in the room ceased and all gazes averted to me. I kept my head low as I walked up to Mr. Mason, eyes following my every move. He looked in his mid fifties with a balding head and grey piercing eyes. He smelt like old newspaper and my nose shied away from the scent. He had a big, sharp nose which could only be used to look down on people, preferably students.

"Excuse me, sir. I need you to sign this." I handed him my slip. He glanced at it briefly before turning his head upwards to look at me. His eyes widened as they roamed down my body and I had to stop myself from retching. He signed my slip and told me to sit at the back of the class.

This is going to be a long day I thought.

The morning passed uneventfully and I met a few people. A blue eyed, baby faced boy with blonde hair with way too much gel called Mike who had a crush on me already, a boy called Eric whose hair was slick with oil, a bubbly talkative girl called Jessica who I didn't really like that much and a quiet and shy girl named Angela. She was probably the only one I wanted to be friends with. Jessica invited me to sit at their table at lunch and I reluctantly agreed. All through the day I had to fight the burn in my throat, and it was painful.

Jessica was walking me through the congested corridors to the cafeteria when a sweet scent hit my nose and I stumbled slightly from the impact.

"Are you ok?" Jessica asked with false concern in her voice.

"Yeah, I'm fine." I replied. But I was anything but fine. Jessica shrugged and continued to babble mindlessly about a stupid dance coming up. But I couldn't stop the panic that swam through my body and my mind kept on repeating one sentence.

There are other vampires attending Forks High School.

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