Mates For Eternity

Isabella Swan


I gazed out of the classroom window, watching as the rain splattered across the glass. I was currently seated in my English class, eagerly awaiting the sound of the bell so I could escape Mrs. Davies' lecture on Romeo and Juliet. I had studied this book at least twenty times and I honestly didn't see the appeal in it. I didn't get Romeo's character at all.

I was brought out of my musings when the shrill bell rang, signalling lunch and I almost ran at vampire speed just to get out of this dull room. I swiftly collected my 'props' and glided out into the corridor. The student body were crowding the narrow passage as their hungry stomachs rumbled, needing to be fed. But as soon as the mindless teenagers saw me, they all backed up, allowing me to cut through straight to the canteen. Although we did have exceptional beauty which could lure in innocent humans, their instincts that were buried deep inside of them, urged their bodies to stay away from me and my family. They weren't consciously aware that they were doing it, but just looking at my family and I screamed the word 'DANGER'.

I sighed as I entered the lunch room and found my family waiting for me, their food placed in front of them. Of course, we weren't going to eat the stuff; we would just have to choke it back up later, as our bodies couldn't digest human food. Not to mention the taste was awful! No, me and my family only like to consume one thing.


The blood of the humans was sweet and it was very hard to resist. However, me and my family were among the few who are resisting. We do not live on the blood of humans. Instead, we drink the blood of animals. The only known vampires to live on this diet are us and the Denali's. We like to call ourselves "vegetarians" as a little inside joke and it explains as to why our eyes are golden and not the traditional ruby red.

I pulled out my chair and sat beside Emmett who was thinking about what he and Rosalie would do when they got home.

"Emmett, please." I said, disgusted with the images he was creating in his mind. He grinned cheekily at me.

"Edward, you need to get laid." He announced, and only a second after, my fist connected with his face. Jasper sent a wave of calm over the table and I embraced the feeling.

"Thank you Jasper." I told him. He gave me a small smile and nodded his head. Jasper's gift came in handy at times and was very powerful. Although not powerful enough for Alice, who was bouncing in her chair. Her hyper mood must have spread because Jasper groaned.

"What is it Alice?" I asked. She was always like this when she had seen something exciting. She shook her head.

"You'll find out soon!" she squealed whilst clapping her hands. I tried to tap into her mind to see what she was thinking, but she was repeating the Portuguese national anthem backwards.

"Alice!" I groaned in frustration.

"All good things come to those who can wait." She giggled and winked at me. I sighed. I knew I wasn't going to get anything out of Alice; she was a stubborn little thing. Suddenly, the buzz in the canteen ceased and all heads turned towards the door. I inclined my head a little in that direction, curious as to what had hushed the humans.

It was a girl, but not just any girl; a vampire. But that's not what shocked me the most. I suddenly had the urge to run over to her, take her to my house and do unspeakable things to her in my bedroom. Possessiveness and lust coursed through my being and I was no longer the Edward that came to school this morning. This girl, in a matter of seconds, had turned my world upside-down. I could only register one word in my mind.


I knew then that I had found my mate. She was the most beautiful vampire I had ever seen in my entire existence. As she walked, her luscious brown hair fell over her shoulders, making a curtain, preventing me from seeing her. My body ached to run over to her and pull away her hair, showing me her gorgeous face. Her hips swayed with a natural rhythm and I could feel my lust for her increase. God, she looked so sexy. I approved that she was wearing her hoodie here so that the idiotic males of the school couldn't gaze upon her beauty. Only I was allowed to adore the curves of her body because she was mine. All mine.

She paid for her food and I expected her to come straight over to me, but she didn't. Instead she went to sit with a bunch of humans. I started to seethe with anger. How dare she! It seems that I would have to teach her about loyalty. I scoured her mind but I found that I couldn't read it. It was like some sort of shield was preventing me from entering it. I tried harder t hear her and only then was I aware of the thoughts of my siblings.

Dude, what the hell is wrong with you? Your emotions are all over the place! Jasper annoyingly thought, trying to control my emotions.

Finally! Edward as found his mate! Esme will be so happy and I'll have a new shopping buddy-YAY! Alice's thoughts sounded through my head.

Does Edward like that girl? How could he? She's not even that pretty… Rosalie mused and I snarled at her so viciously that she was cowering back in her seat. Emmett hissed at me, and stood protectively in front of Rosalie.

"Don't you dare hiss at my Rosie." He threatened, staring me down. I could hear Jasper panicking, trying to diffuse the situation. I simply snorted and glanced at him for a second before returning back to my beautiful goddess. She had pushed her food away and was now looking around the cafeteria. Suddenly, she met my gaze and what I saw took my breath away.

Her lips were the colour of strawberries; so ripe and inviting that I licked my lips in anticipation. Her fresh, pale skin seemed to glow, making her look like an angel. Her hair hung down in loose curls to the middle of her back. My eyes traced her cute button nose and warm cheeks. I finally settled n her eyes. Joy coursed through me as I realised that her eyes were a warm topaz, filled with radiance and beauty. I wanted to take here right then and there and I could not find it in me to look away, but I never wanted to. Happiness swelled within my chest as I realised that she was appraising me. It was now obvious that she knew that I was her mate. Now all she had to do was come to me and I waited impatiently for her.

Suddenly, her lips started to tremble as she looked down with contorted features. I gasped; an angel like her should never look like that. She looked lost and I could see pain sealed within her eyes. I mentally swore an oath that I would do everything in my power to make sure that she would never look like that again. Ever.

She looked back up at me and if she were human, she looked like she would be crying. I leaned in her direction, wanting to reach out and cradle her in my arms. I wanted to take away all of her pain and sorrow. I would annihilate whatever had caused her to look like this. I saw that she was leaning towards me as well and was about to get up when Jessica Stanley asked her a question. My love broke our gaze to whirl around to answer Jessica. Damn that human!

I heard my angel ask about me and my family and I became insanely jealous. I didn't want her to know about me through a bunch of rumours! I wanted to be the one to tell her about myself.

"Oh! They're the Cullens." The infantile human told my beautiful girl, "They're Doctor and Mrs. Cullens foster kids and moved down here from Alaska, like, two years ago. The big one is Emmett and he's with Rosalie, the blonde one who looks like she should be a supermodel. Then the little pixie girl is Alice, she's really weird. She's with Jasper, the blonde guy who looks like he's in pain." I hissed quietly as the pitiful girl bad-mouthed my siblings and I itched to wipe that smile off her face.

"What about him?" My love asked, somewhat impatiently. It delighted me that she wanted to know about me as much as I wanted to know about her. I didn't even know her name.

Ugh, why did she ask about Edward Cullen? Like she'd have a chance with him! Jessica's inner voice said; she was starting to make me incredibly angry. "Oh, that's Edward. He's gorgeous isn't he?" Immense pleasure swam through me as my girl's fingers twitched as if to hit her, "But don't waste your time. He doesn't date." Jessica turned away, remembering the amount of times that I had rejected her. I heard my brown haired beauty chuckle under her breath; the sound was enchanting.

Without warning, one of the hopeless human boys, whom I recognised as Mike Newton, put his vile arm around my mate.

"You don't want to hang around with them Bella." Bella…I repeated in my head reverently; it was an absolutely beautiful name, fitting for my girl, "You've got us." You've got me. He added silently.

I was filled with the blackest rage as this insignificant boy thought that he owned my Bella. I leapt off my chair and it collapsed with a bang. I allowed a low, menacing growl to escape through my clenched teeth. All eyes in the canteen were now trained on me as I slowly stalked up to the boy, murderous thoughts running through my head. I was prepared to kill him right there, but when I glanced at my Bella, I calmed slightly. I realised that I couldn't kill him for it would upset my girl. I decided that I wouldn't kill him. Yet. But I would have to let it be known that Bella was mine.

I ignored the mental screams of my brothers and sisters as I stood by their table. I was so close to my love that I wanted to reach out and touch her. I leaned down so I was over the boy, like a predator and its prey. I was filled with deep satisfaction as I saw Mike quivering with fear.

"Take your filthy hands off her." I threatened, pronouncing each word with anger and hatred. Newton immediately removed his arm from my Bella. Shame, I would have taken great pleasure in doing that myself, and taking off other parts of his body.

"Good." I told him, but I wasn't done yet, "Now, if you so much as think about her again, I will make sure that you suffer a slow and painful death." I spat. "Am I clear?" With my mind reading skills, I would know whether he was thinking about my mate or not, which he had better not; his life would depend on it. He swiftly nodded his head and I continued to glare at him. I wrapped my fingers around my Bella's hand and pulled her up next to me, my six foot two towering slightly over her small five foot four frame. "And that goes for all of you." I glared at the other undeserving boys around the table. I let go of my loves hand and instantly missed the contact so I wrapped my arm around her waist; she fit perfectly and only further proved that she was made for me and only me. "She is mine." I told them and I walked away with my Bella by my side, where she would stay for all eternity. I subtly sniffed my girl and my senses swirled with the smell of freesias with a hint of strawberry. It was absolutely mouth watering and it just made my want for her grow even more. Shocks of electricity ran through me and for the first time in a while, I felt truly alive as I pulled my girl towards the door that led outside, intending to stake my claim and officially make her mine.

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