Mates For Eternity

I Am Yours

We had started volleyball in Gym and, not to sound big headed, but I was very good at it. I dipped and dived for the ball almost every time it came over my teams net. Mike Newton, true to his word, didn't look at me all lesson, but it didn't stop the other boys from oogling. Too be honest, I wasn't paying that much attention to the game, as my mind was constantly on Edward. We were going back to his place tonight…

Only then did reality sink in. Edward was practically a stranger to me and yet here I was, about to go to his house. I started to tremble slightly; what if he didn't like what he saw? Would he cast me away? Would he get his family to kill me?

I gulped as I got changed back into my clothes. All the girls were eyeing me with envy, but I didn't care; my thoughts were solely focussed on Edward. The bell for the end of the day went and I collected by bag and headed out to face Edward. The second I got out the door, all of my worries faded as I saw my perfectly sculpted Greek God leaning against the wall, waiting for me. As soon as his eyes met mine, a wide smile spread across his face. He came over to me, completely ignoring the human teenage girls who were gawking at his glory. I had the strongest urge to make sure that they backed off away from my Edward, but somehow I managed to restrain myself.

"Hey-" I greeted him, but I was cut short when he pressed his lips to mine. This kiss was slow but passionate, almost as if it were building up to something. And then I remembered tonight. My lips responded eagerly to his and my body started to yearn for him. With a low moan Edward pulled away, only to rest his forehead against mine and interlock our fingers.

"You have no idea how agonisingly hard it was to be away from you." He whispered huskily. My knees started to feel weak and I melted.

"Well, we're together now." I soothed him. He smiled a gorgeous crooked smile and pecked me on the lips.

"Are you ready?" he asked intensely. I heard the double meaning in his voice and part of my fear came back. I didn't realise I was nodding my head until it was too late. A brilliant smile lit up his face, flashing his perfect white teeth. He wound his arm around my waist and kissed my hair. He then led me out into the parking lot, where I spotted his siblings by the Silver Volvo I spotted this morning. I realised that there was not enough room for all six of us, so I slid past Edward and started heading in the opposite direction to walk. Suddenly, a hand grabbed my jacket and pulled me back as his arms fastened around my waist from behind, trapping my arms by my sides and keeping me hostage in front of him.

"Where do you think you're going?" Edward asked curiously, nuzzling my neck. I had to swallow and ignore the way that his touch left a trail of burning heat.

"Umm, I was going to walk?" I said, although it sounded a lot more like a question. Edward abruptly spun me around, anger flashing in his eyes. His hands moved from my waist to grip my shoulders.

"Why?" he asked, his eyes narrowing. I trembled slightly, I didn't like it when he was angry.

"B-because there's no room in the car for us and your siblings." I told him. He sighed and laughed slightly.

"Silly Bella." He chuckled, rubbing his nose against mine. His hands slid off my shoulders and down my arms where he folded my hands into his. His raised my hands and kissed each of my knuckles slowly. He started walking backwards towards his car and gently tugged me along, his eyes never leaving mine. He took each step slowly, savouring each moment. Before I knew it, we were by his car, his family already occupying four of the five seats.

"See?" I sighed, pointing to the driver's seat, "Only one seat left." Edward merely smiled as he picked me up bridal style. "Hey!" I complained. He simply chuckled as he sat in the driver's seat, placing me on his lap. "Oh." Was all I said as the rest of the family burst out laughing. Filled with embarrassment, I buried my face in Edward's chest. Two minutes into the journey, Edward sighed in frustration.

"No Alice." He practically growled. The little pixie sitting in the passenger seat huffed and folded her arms across her chest. Her cute face twisted into a scowl as she faced Edward.

"No fair Edward!" she whined, "You're not the only one she's important too!"

"Maybe I don't want to share." Edward replied, burying his face in my hair whilst driving. I thought it was a bit dangerous to take his eyes off the road, but I trusted Edward completely. After another five minutes, we pulled off the main road and turned onto a narrow driveway, surrounded by trees. After winding down the path, we came to an enormous house. It looked to be about late Victorian and was very grand. It could be passed as a mansion.

"Wow." I breathed, gazing at the house trough the windshield. Edward wrapped his arms around me, still sitting on his lap.

"Magnificent isn't it?" he whispered, kissing the sensitive bit under my ear and I shuddered in pleasure. I twisted my head around and placed my lips on his. I bit gently on his bottom lip and he moaned. It thrilled me to know tat I had that effect on him. I decided to take a step further as I straddled Edward. His hands gripped my hips as he hungrily pushed his tongue into my mouth, tasting me. I moaned deeply as our tongues danced. I pushed myself deeper onto him and he growled low within his chest.

"God, Bella. I want you so bad." Edward whispered huskily as he raised his hips to meet mine. It was getting very heated in the car so I pulled away to catch some unneeded breath. Edward had other ideas and continued to kiss my jaw and neck. I peeked one eye open and realised that we were still outside of his house. I didn't want our first time to be in his car if I was honest.

"Can we continue this in your room?..." I trailed suggestively. He looked in my eyes, excitement and lust dancing in them.

"I think-" he kissed my nose, "that going into my room is a very good idea." He concluded, kissing me one more time. I scrambled off him, opened the door and tumbled out of the car, landing on my back. Edward leaned his head out of the car and had a calculating expression on his face.

"You know, I think I like you in that position." He mused, his eyes raking down my body. I looked down, embarrassed, and hoisted myself up off the ground. I brushed the dirt off my clothes and when I looked back at Edward, he had an amused glint in his eyes, his lips pressed tightly together, holding back his laughter.

"If you need to laugh just go ahead and do it." I sighed. He clutched his stomach as he roared with laughter. I didn't really find me falling over funny so I stuck my chin up and marched straight for the house. Edward's laughter cut off and I only made it three paces when he grabbed my wrist.

"I'm sorry, my love." He said sincerely, "It was just- your face." He snickered. I rolled my eyes.

"Hardy har-har." I replied and tried to move for the house again, but his grip was strong on me. He slowly turned me around and gently lifted my chin up with his finger. I met his eyes and saw that they burned with regret.

"Honestly Bella. I am sorry. Please don't be angry with me." He begged, placing is forehead on mine, "I can't stand it if you're mad at me." He whispered. He looked really vulnerable; maybe he wasn't the only one with power in the relationship. I took his face in my hands and kissed him on the lips.

"It's ok." I mumbled. I pulled back to look at him, "Can we go in now?" He smiled and nodded his head. He took hold of my hand and gave it a reassuring squeeze. He led me up the stairs and through the front door. I was greeted by the sight of six vampires, waiting in a line. In the middle and slightly more forward was a blonde man who didn't look a day over twenty five. He had light blonde hair and golden eyes. He smiled at me and Edward. Next to him was a woman who looked the same height as me. She had caramel coloured hair that reached past her shoulders in natural waves. The blonde man had his arm around her waist; I could immediately tell that they were mates.

"Carlisle, Esme." Edward addressed, "This is my Bella." I ducked my head from their looks but glanced under my lashes at them; they seemed genuinely happy to see me.

"Welcome Bella." Te blonde one, Carlisle, greeted. I nodded my head in his direction.

"It's nice to meet you." I greeted shyly. The oldest woman, who I presumed was Esme, glided over to me and gave me a motherly hug. I hugged her back, but it was a bit awkward when Edward's grip on my hand tightened. She then surprised me by kissing my cheek and I could see out of my peripheral vision that Edward was glaring at his mother slightly. She pulled away to get a good look at me.

"My goodness!" she cried, "You're so beautiful!"

"Thank you." I whispered. Suddenly, the big burly vampire with short, curly brown hair from school came charging at me.

"BELLA!" he yelled. I cowered back as he kept running. He had his arms wide open and was about to pull me into, no doubt, a bone-crushing hug, but before he could reach me, he was tackled to the ground by Edward.

"What the hell dude?" the big one demanded, "I was only going to hug my new little sister." My dead heart leapt for joy at those words.

"Don't you dare Emmett." Edward threatened, his voice cold and harsh.

"But-" Emmett was about to protest.

"Don't" Edward growled. Emmett huffed and kept still. Once Edward was sure Emmett wasn't going to move towards me, he leapt up off Emmett and ran back over to me, wrapping one arm around my waist whilst stroking my hair with is other. Emmett got up and grumbled as he made his way to the blonde female who looked like a supermodel. She rolled her eyes at her husband and smiled at me.

"Hello Bella, I'm Rosalie." She introduced. I smiled at her and nodded my head. The pixie looking one was practically jumping up and down next to another blonde haired man. Her spiky black hair stuck up in all directions as her eyes sparkled when she looked at me.

"Hey Bella! I'm Alice!" she piped excitedly, "We're going to be great friends!" I laughed slightly at her excitement and turned my attention to the last blonde male.

"I'm Jasper." He smiled and I instantly felt calm. I nodded my greetings to him and looked again at all the family.

"I'm sorry, but I can't help but notice your eyes are golden. How did you control your thirst?" he asked. It seems to me that he likes to improve his knowledge. I shrugged my shoulders.

"I just didn't want to hurt humans." I replied.

"Fascinating." He murmured. I could see his eyes dancing and I'm sure that he had a million questions for me, but thankfully, Edward saved me.

"Questions later Carlisle." Edward said, glaring slightly at him as his grip on me tightened. Carlisle looked apologetically at me.

"I'm sorry. Of course this must be all new for you. We shall leave you and Edward to have some time together." And within the blink of an eye, the family had gone.

"Where did they go?" I questioned, my eyes darting around the room. I hope I hadn't offended them.

"Would you like me to show you?" Edward whispered huskily in my ear. He didn't give me time to answer as he picked me up and whisked me off upstairs. We passed many doors on each corridor. We finally reached the top floor and Edward stopped in front of one last door.

"My room." He whispered. He gently twisted the handle to reveal the most gorgeous room I had ever seen. The floor was covered in thick golden carpet with white walls. On far side of the room were shelves upon selves of CDs and books. Beneath those was a very expensive looking music system; I was afraid to touch it in case I broke it. Thick gold curtains draped by the large glass window, which took up the whole south wall, allowing me to see the Sul-Duc River and the mountains.

"It's…" I trailed off. I just couldn't think of the right word for this view.

"Beautiful." Edward whispered. I turned my neck and saw that he was staring at me intensely. Without any warning, his lips captured mine in a loving yet passionate kiss. I felt every inch of my body come alive with fire, and I came to the conclusion that I wanted him. Right now. Edward pulled away only to lovingly kiss every part of my face; my forehead, my cheeks, my nose, my eyelids and my lips. I tilted my head back so he could get easy access to my neck, which I think he enjoyed. I craned my neck and saw the comfortable looking king-sized bed; it looked extremely inviting.

"The bed?" I asked Edward breathlessly. He didn't stop kissing me but carried me to the bed. He pulled away from me to place me on the bed and then climbed on top of me so that he could attack me with his lips once again. He shifted himself on his hands so that he was hovering over me. I could feel his perfect abs through mine and his clothing and I wanted nothing more than to rake my fingers down them. He moved his face to the right of my neck and started sucking the skin there. I tried to ignore the wetness tat was now pooling in between my underwear. He moaned with pleasure.

"You taste so good." Edward moaned, now sucking the left side of my neck. I closed my eyes and enjoyed the feel of his teeth as they grazed across my throat.

"Look at me." Edward whispered but ordered at the same time. I snapped my eyes open and was lost in is. We gazed at each other for a couple of minutes before Edward groaned and kissed me again, shoving his tongue into my mouth. I twisted my fingers in his hair and pulled him closer to me. One of his hands cupped the back of my neck while the other tangled itself within my hair. Our tongues battled for dominance when Edward unexpectedly started to lift off my hoodie. I raised my arms above my head and allowed him to strip the hoodie off me. He threw it to the other side of the room. He glanced at my Mickey Mouse shirt and raised an eyebrow.

"I'm a fan of Disney." I shrugged. He chuckled and dipped his head to kiss the base of my throat. He hooked his hands under my shirt and I raised my hands again, letting him proceed to take off my top. Now I was only in my bra and jeans. He discarded my top and his eye immediately went to my chest. He kept staring for a long time and I covered my face with my hands. I knew this would happen; he didn't like me anymore. He placed his hands over mine and pulled them away from my face.

"Don't hide yourself." Edward whispered, "You're beautiful." He kissed my eyelid and then crawled down my body, kissing down my neck, chest, in between my breasts, down my stomach and pressed his lips to where my jeans were. My head rested on the pillow and I left my arms above my head as he slid his hands down my thighs and calves and untied my shoes, taking them off. He rubbed my thighs soothingly as he trailed back up to the top of my jeans. He grabbed the button between his fingers and undid it. He unzipped me and slowly pulled off my jeans, his eyes drinking in my legs in doing so. He was soon on top of me again and started kissing me more passionately.

"God, Bella. You're fucking gorgeous." Edward moaned huskily. Hearing him curse only increased my arousal. I wanted him inside of me. But I knew I had to be patient. He was still fully clothed and that didn't go down too well with me. I pouted.

"What's wrong, love?" Edward asked, concern lacing his words. I tugged at the hem of his shirt.

"You're still dressed." I accused teasingly. He smiled wickedly at me and started to pull off his shirt. I put my hands over his.

"Wait." I told him and he paused, "Let me." I gently pushed him off me and kneeled opposite him on the bed. I held the fabric between my fingers and gently pulled the top over his head to reveal his perfect body. He was toned but not too muscled. I licked my lips, wanting to see more of him. I quickly flipped us over so that I was on top of him.

"Now, love." Edward said sternly, "I'm supposed to be leading."

"I know." I smiled, "But, can I just…" I didn't wait for him to answer as I undid the button on is belt. I dragged his jeans off his legs and noticed that he had already removed his shoes. I kneeled at the bottom of the bed and admired Edward. He really was the most perfect man I had ever seen. Suddenly, Edward sat up and roughly pulled me back onto the bed, resting on top of me. My fingers trailed down his toned stomach and his eyes rolled into the back of his head as I smirked.

"Fuck, Bella. I want you so bad." Edward groaned. He pushed his hips into mine and I could feel his erection pressed against my thigh. I couldn't stop the moan that escaped my lips. He crashed his lips to mine, urgency seeping through. He grabbed my bra and tore it off. He growled as he did the same with my underwear. He kneeled to look at me fully and his eyes clouded over with lust as his eyes searched my naked body. Now was my chance. I quickly pulled his boxers down and pulled him on top of me.

"Edward." I panted, "I-I need you inside of me." I pleaded. He was literally killing me. He positioned himself so that his erection was at my entrance.

"B-Bella." Edward got my attention quickly, "This may hurt just a bit." I nodded my head and buried my face in his shoulder. He thrust into me and I felt a stinging pain. I clutched to him tighter while he rubbed soothing circles on my back. I told him that I was alright when the pain went and he started to rock back and forth in me. He pulled out and thrust back into me a couple of times before getting a rhythm going.

"Oh God!" Edward moaned as he pumped harder into me. Immense pleasure took over my being and electric currents ran through me. It wasn't enough though.

"Edward." I moaned, "Faster." He happily obliged, picking up his pace. I could feel him inside of me and I moaned louder than I had ever done before.

"Does this make you feel good?" Edward whispered huskily. I nodded my head, unable to form a coherent sentence. I started raising my hips to meet his and he grabbed them and started slamming into me.

"Ahhhh!" I groaned. He felt amazing. I knew I was going to come soon.

"Bella?" Edward panted, "Bella listen to me. You do this with no one else. Ever. For all eternity."

"For all eternity." I repeated. I was close now, so close.

"Remember, you are mine. No one is allowed to come near you. Do you understand?" I nodded my head again and Edward angled his hips differently, allowing himself to bury himself deeper inside of me.

"Do you understand?" He repeated more harshly. I was about to reach my climax.

"Yes. Oh God, yes Edward." I whispered. I arched my back and moaned loudly again. I couldn't hold back anymore. "Edward, I-I'm-"

"That's right." Edward tempted, "Don't hold back. Come for me, my love. You feel so good, my Bella. Come for me." He didn't even have to ask as I came. I bucked my hips into him and I was on cloud nine. I shook slightly from my orgasm and when I calmed back down, it was his turn. He roughly slid his tongue in between my lips as he thrust harder into me. With one more hard thrust, he came.

"Yes!" He hissed as he spilled his seed into me. He hovered above me for a moment, shaking from his orgasm and he collapsed beside me on the bed. I took in deep breaths and saw that Edward was doing the same. He looked at me and smiled lovingly, reaching for me and then wrapping me up in his tight embrace. It felt so right to be here, in Edward's arms. He softly pressed his lips to mine and then rubbed his face over mine, marking me with his scent whilst we both purred at the affection. He placed one of his hands over my stomach, rubbing gentle circles on it. I sighed as he nuzzled his face to the crook of my neck and kissed my collar bone.

"Now, you are mine." Edward stated, bringing his face to rub against mine again, "Say it Bella. Say that you're mine and only mine."

"Yes Edward." I whispered passionately, "I am yours. And only yours."

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