The Untold Stories of the Originals


Esther and Dahlia grew up during the Viking era. During a village war Esther and Dahlia were captured. While Dahlia was slaving away to keep herself alive Esther was falling in love with a Viking soldier. After they marry Esther got the family she always wanted. However, getting her life came with a price. Was it worth it?

Fantasy / Other
Payton Walker
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Chapter 1: Family Curse

Esther and Dahlia were both born during the 10th century. During the war their village was destroyed leaving Esther and Dahlia being the only survivors. The vikings brought them back to their village and put them to work. During down time Dahlia was studying witchcraft in the Black Arts. After time went on Esther fell in love with a viking named Mikael. Dahlia felt betrayed that Esther was choosing someone who murdered their family over her own sister.

After a year of being married Esther confides in Dahlia on how she has had trouble conceiving.

"If you hadn't give up on your magic you could fix your problem, sister." Dahlia said not looking at Esther.

"Please, Dahlia, I'm begging you to help me."

"If I help you, sister, you know it comes with a price." Dahlia almost looked like she enjoyed her thought.

"I understand. Please sister. I'll do anything to have my family."

At that time Dahlia casted a fertility spell so that Esther could bare children. Not long after Esther had her fist child, Freya. Exactly one year later Esther bared another child, Finn.

Three years had past since Finn was born and Freya started to learn about her magic abilities. However, because Esther gave up practicing magic she was unable to help Freya control it. Not long after Esther learns she is barring another child. While Mikael was out with other Vikings Dahlia comes to visit her sister.

"Sister, I come to collect for what I gave you." Esther seemed very uneasy about seeing Dahlia and her words.

"I have nothing to give you sister. What could you possibly want?"

"I have come to collect Freya." As Dahlia grabs Freya, Freya starts screaming along with Finn and Esther.

"Sister no! Please, anything but my children!" Esther cries out to Dahlia.

"Nature deemed you unfit to bare children. We changed that. This is the ancestors debt. Every first born from every generation I am to receive. I told you there would be a price, sister." Esther could see the joy in Dahlia's eyes.

"I will practice magic again Dahlia. I will get Freya back!" Just like that Dahlia and Freya was gone.

When Mikael returned from his voyage not long after, he questions Esther about Freya missing.

"Esther, where has my dearest Freya gone?"

"My darling Mikael.....she has died from the plauge."

Devastated by losing his sweet Freya, Mikael and Esther move away to the New World in hopes to escape the plague. While here they bare their newest child, Elijah.

Mikael, still mourning the loss of Freya became cold towards his other children and to Esther. To seek comfort for losing her oldest child she meets another man, Ansel. She learns he is a leader of a werewolf pack. They fall in love and she spells a moonlight right so he can control his curse. Ansel and her end up baring a child together. While Esther is pregnant she leaves and goes back to Mikael, scared of what he might do if he was to find out of her betrayl. She tells Ansel he was to never have contact with his unborn child or her again.

Once their son, Niklaus, was born their family was whole again. Mikael had high hopes for Niklaus, hoping he would follow in his footsteps. Niklaus's birth seemed to help Mikael get past the death of his sweet Freya. Years went by and they bared three more children Kol, Rebekah, then Henrik. While here in the New World Esther started to practice magic again. Knowing one day she would need it to get Freya back and to protect her family. While Esther was practicing magic again she befriended a woman named Ayana, a very powerful witch.

Scared that Niklaus would eventually trigger his werewolf gene Esther made him a charmed necklace. She had it charmed so that it would make him weak. Being weak he couldn't kill anyone and trigger his curse. This in return angered Mikael because he thought his son was weak. Mikael became abusive toward Niklaus. Esther became obsessed with Niklaus keeping that necklace on him at all times. He was never to give it to anyone else.

As the children grew up the werewolves got closer to their village. They were killing people out in the woods. Henrik and Niklaus were fascinated by the werewolves, so they snuck out despite their village rules to see thrm turn. Startled they started to take off when Henrik was attack. By the time Nikalus got Henrik back into the village he was too late. Henrik had already died.

Angered at Niklaus for not listening and worried for his family, Mikael asked Ayana for help to protect his family. When Ayana refused to do what he was asking Esther decided to do it herself. However, the Immortality Spell that she had to preform came at a price. One that she knew would hurt her family more than anyone else.

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