I Am Coming, Trust Me

Chapter 11

Harry was awoken early in the morning by unfamiliar voices just outside of the room. He heard someone talking quickly, it sounded as if they were relaying a message. As Harry tried to awaken from his stupor he heard Voldemort whispering furiously… something was wrong.

Harry picked his head up and groggily looked towards the noise just in time to see Voldemort's black robes swirl out of view and the door close.

Harry rolled over and stared at the ceiling. He was lying in Voldemort's bed once again and sighed in frustration. How many times did he have to tell the man he didn't want to sleep in his bed?! It was weird!

Harry wasn't sure how he felt about Voldemort. One minute he hated the man, the next he trusted him, then suddenly they were screaming at each other, then the next minute it seemed like nothing had happened… Harry was confused. Beyond confused.

Harry huffed in frustration. Wait a minute… Harry strained his ears and listened. He heard no sound outside of the door, nothing to indicate something was going on. But Voldemort had left so quickly… something had to be happening. Harry sat up in bed. There was no way…

Harry looked towards the door, particularly the doorknob. He hadn't heard it lock. He hadn't heard the door lock!

Harry jumped out of bed, throwing the silk covers out of the way.

He ran towards the door and placed his hand on the door knob. He slowly and quietly turned the knob… it moved. It was unlocked. Harry was about to make a break for it when he realized something. Nagini. Nagini was supposed to be watching him. He let go of the door and spun around, ready to come face to face with an angry, and frustratingly annoying, snake. Harry looked around the room- she was nowhere to be found.

Harry turned back towards the door and opened it slowly, half afraid Voldemort would be standing on the other side. Harry peeked down the hallway- it was empty and silent.

Harry opened the door further and took a step out into the corridor. He hadn't been outside of the room in three days…

Harry took off down the hallway. He quietly ran down a few corridors, peeking around every corner, terrified to run into Voldemort. He so desperately wanted to explore though! Harry paused for a moment, what if he found an exit? What if he found a way out of this place? Would he leave? The thought scared him…

Harry tried to rationalize. It only scared him because he had no idea where he was- he could be quite literally anywhere in the world right now. He had no way of transportation, no money, no nothing. He would be wandering around who knows where in only his pajamas. Yeah, that was enough reason to stay, that made sense… right? Dumbledore would come for him, or he'd send someone to find him. They had to know by now that Harry had gone missing, they would certainly be trying to find him. How long would that take though?

Harry shook his head, he was three or four floors up and there was no chance of finding an exit any time soon.

Harry slowed to a walk, ears listening for any sign of movement. It was completely silent. He walked through the long stone-walled halls. He came across the occasional painting, the people inside still sleeping… it must be very early morning. Harry continued to walk, rolling his eyes every time he came across a Slytherin crest on the wall.

Harry came across a few doors, most of which were locked. The occasional door that was unlocked led to nothing but an empty room. Harry walked for about 20 minutes, trying to memorize his path so that he could find his way back. The corridors were endless, each turn leading to another long straight hallway.

Harry's heart rate picked up as he finally turned a corner and saw a huge dark mahogany door at the very end. He knew this was stupid. The moment Voldemort caught him he would be dead. I just won't let myself get caught then…

He made his way to the large door and quietly placed his ear against it, trying to listen and see if there was anyone on the other side. He heard nothing. He slowly opened the door and peeked inside.

Books. Thousands of books. Everywhere. For a moment his mind instinctually wandered back to Hermione as he opened the door further. He simply stood and stared, he had never seen a library of this magnitude before, not even at Hogwarts.

"What the-"

Harry spun around at the sound. At the end of the corridor stood three people- all dressed in black, all staring at him with as much shock as Harry felt. His heart leapt in his chest. Without thinking, Harry spun back around and ran into the huge room, slamming the door shut behind him. There was no manual lock on the door, so Harry turned and ran. He ran straight for one of the aisles, running as hard as he could. The library was absolutely massive. Harry could hear the door opening and people shouting- they were splitting up. Harry turned down another aisle, and then another. A red light flew past him.

Harry didn't look back, just kept running down random aisles, trying to mix up his path to make it harder to follow. He turned down one aisle and immediately regretted it. Spells of all colors started flying past him, crashing into the shelves around him. Some books were screaming, making strange noises as they were attacked. Breathing heavily, Harry spun around and ran down two more aisles and stopped, crouching and peeking through the books on a shelf. He saw someone in black race past him on the other side of the shelf and then disappear. Harry tried to keep his breathing quiet but he was panting from the running and panic. This was a horrible idea… he thought to himself. Voldemort had even told him Death Eaters were in the building… how had he forgotten?! Someone was even in Voldemort's rooms this morning! Oh, Harry was stupid. Stupid stupid stupid.

He stayed crouched where he was for a few minutes, not daring to make a sound. In the distance he heard two people talking, trying to decide what to do. Should he make a run for it now? While they weren't expecting it? Harry was about to stand and make a break for it when he was suddenly thrown backwards into the air. His back slammed into a bookshelf before his body fell to the ground, books falling on top of him. He heard a maniacal laugh.

A sharp pain radiated up the back of Harry's throbbing head. He looked up and saw a woman walking towards him, she had wild unruly black hair and Harry could see teeth that looked completely rotten through her exorbitantly pleased smile. Harry could hear footsteps running, coming closer. He clumsily stood from his place on the ground and spun around ready to run. As soon as he stood a wave of dizziness overcame him and he fell sideways into a bookshelf. Again he heard the laughter echo behind him as he shook his head. He stood once more, head slightly clearer this time and ran. A spell hit him square in the back and he screamed. Ugly red welts sprung up over his skin, each shooting a sharp pain through his body. Harry stumbled and fell to his knees. The pain stayed for a few moments before both it and the welts vanished.

He tried once more to stand but failed miserably as he collapsed into a heap on the ground, head pounding. Lying on his back he stared towards the high ceiling, everything around him moving and spinning. Through the ringing in his ears he heard people talking, and suddenly saw all three of his attackers staring down at him. Two men, one woman… the woman terrified him. He saw a wand pointed down at him and shut his eyes, tensed. He heard screaming from somewhere. Agonized screaming. It took him a few moments to realize it was coming from him. Suddenly his mind caught up and a wave of pain hit him, every nerve ending on fire. Harry writhed on the floor. His mind was nothing but pain, nothing but sharp burning sensations traveling through every nerve of his body. He heard yelling, deep dangerous yelling. The pain stopped and Harry took in a huge breath, the feeling similar to coming up for air after being held under water.

He could feel his body twitching in the aftereffects, every muscle in his body was tense and sore. Each breath and movement hurt, but at least the fire was gone.

Harry felt something heavy wrap around him, hissing in his ear. He could still hear angry yelling, but now there was a chorus of accompanying screams. Why was everything so loud?

Harry moaned and slowly moved his hands towards his throbbing head. Everything hurt so badly.

Harry cracked open his eyes. Someone tall stood blocking Harry's vision. He could see a familiar wand extended downwards towards three people cowering on the ground, looking as though they were in severe pain. The tall man started yelling again and Harry screwed his eyes shut. Suddenly he felt a wave of nausea hit him. He fought against his sore muscles and the heavy weight surrounding him in a fight to raise himself up. He placed his hands on the green scales, hauled himself over top of the object, and proceeded to vomit onto the floor. The sounds in the room stopped for a moment, but then Harry heard someone yelling once more, somehow sounding even angrier and more dangerous this time. Harry winced, afraid that whoever was yelling would come after him next. He tried to move, but was held down by whatever was wrapped around him.

Harry's world became foggy and he gave up, leaning his head against the scales.

Voldemort was seething.

"AVADA KEDAVRA!" He screamed, not entirely sure which Death Eater his wand was pointing towards- he didn't entirely care at this point.

Somewhere in his mind Voldemort registered Rabastan falling backwards, an empty expression on his face. The sound of the body connecting with the floor of the library seemed to break Voldemort's anger. He stood staring at the other two Death Eaters cowering on the ground, still twitching from the aftereffects of the Cruciatus.

"My Lord, we are so sorry. My Lord, it was an accident, we didn't realize- I didn't know! I'm so sorry Master!"

"SILENCE!" Voldemort roared. "What would make you think I wish to hear your pathetic excuses Bellatrix?!"

The crazed woman smartly stayed silent from her spot on the floor. Voldemort couldn't stand to look at her sniveling and his black robes swirled outward as he spun around. He looked to the floor and saw Harry lying passed out across Nagini.

Voldemort bent and gently rolled the boy over, placing one hand under his knees and the other behind Harry's back. He lifted the lightweight child from the floor, 'Come, Nagini', he hissed before apparating all three back to his quarters.

Popping into the room, Voldemort headed for the bed. He laid Harry down gently, and lifted his wand.


Harry's eyes slowly opened. Voldemort sat upon the side of the bed while waiting for the boy to gather his bearings.

'Is snakeling hurt, Master?'

'I think he will be ok, Nagini…' said the man as the snake made her way onto the bed.

Harry moaned as he opened his eyes further, the light in the room sending waves of sharp pain to his head.

"Bright…" he mumbled.


"-'s too bright…" Voldemort understood this time. He waved his wand and the lights in the room dimmed.

Harry tried to sit up, but stopped immediately when his head throbbed. "Nghh, my head hurts…" he said quietly.

"I think you have a concussion, Harry."


Harry felt a wave of nausea overcome him. Oh no... he thought as he covered his mouth and leaned over the side of the bed. In an instant there was a bucket sitting on the ground, waiting for him. He became violently ill once more.

Panting, Harry could feel a hand threading through his hair… it felt good. The bucket vanished and the boy sat up and leaned back into the pillows.

"Yes, definitely a concussion." Voldemort said as a potion appeared in his hand, summoned from who knows where. He uncorked it and handed it to Harry. "This will make the headache go away."

A small part of Harry's mind resisted, not trusting Voldemort enough to drink an unknown potion, but the larger part of Harry's mind either trusted the man or was too desperate to erase the throbbing from his head.

Harry's face curled into an unattractive frown as he swallowed and tried not to gag, it tasted like some of Hagrid's home cooked meals. He handed the vial back to Voldemort and sighed as the potion worked its magic. He could feel the headache begin to lessen and leaned further back into the pillows.

"It tastes horrid, but it will make you heal much faster…" Voldemort commented.

Harry's mind was a haze, but he knew what had happened. He remembered exiting the room and ending up in the library, and he certainly remembered being chased by the Death Eaters.

"Mm sorry" he said quietly. Wait a minute, why was he apologizing to the man who locked him in a room? Who was holding him captive?

"We'll discuss it later."

Harry didn't like the sound of that.

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