I Am Coming, Trust Me

Chapter 12

Harry rested in Voldemort's bed for the next few hours, falling in and out of sleep. His head and stomach both slowly beginning to feel better, and after all his complaining about the bed, he had to admit it was comfortable… not that he would ever say that out loud.

He sighed as he rolled over, unfortunately right on top of something large and scaly.


'GAH! Sorry Nagini'

'Snakeling needs to open his eyes!'

'I said I was sorry!'

'You could have crushed Nagini!'

'Oh Merlin, stop being so dramatic… you are three times as big as I am. I said sorry.'

'Would you two just stop?' Harry looked up. Voldemort was sitting at his desk watching the argument. 'You start arguing quite literally from the moment you both become conscious. Is it absolutely impossible for you two to get along?'

'Yes.' Harry said stubbornly as he sat up. Nagini hissed at him as she slid off the bed, obviously not wanting to be near Harry anymore that he wanted to be near her.

"I take it you're feeling better?" Voldemort said, suddenly standing beside the bed. Harry paused, realizing both his headache and the fogginess were completely gone.

"Yeah, I think so. Uh, sorry about getting sick by the way…" he said awkwardly, unfortunately remembering vomiting all over the floor of the library.

"While unpleasant, I hardly think you could have prevented it."

Suddenly, Voldemort's cold hand was under Harry's chin, lifting the boy's head. He was forced to look directly into Voldemort's crimson eyes and instantly tried to pull away, the intense eye contact making him feel awkward. "Ugg, get off," Harry complained and surprisingly, Voldemort let go.

"You look much better." The man said, crossing his arms in front of his chest.

"Yeah… so what happened?" Instantly he regretted the question, knowing he was bringing trouble upon himself. He remembered Voldemort's ominous comment from earlier- 'we'll discuss it later'… Harry REALLY didn't want to discuss it.

"You don't remember? You don't remember leaving this room? Which was strictly and quite obviously forbidden? Did that simply slip your mind?" Harry sat silently. "That was not a rhetorical question Harry." Voldemort said, his tone threatening.

Oh Merlin… here we go, Harry thought. He was in for it, and he knew it.

"Um, yeah I remember…" he said quietly, looking down towards the sheets pooled around his waist, trying to avoid eye contact.

"I thought so. And did I not tell you that Death Eaters were roaming the manor?"

"Uh, yeah…" he remembered the woman screaming during the Death Eater's 'fun'.

"And yet you still left this room."

Harry waited in silence for Voldemort to continue, when nothing happened he looked up. The man was standing there, staring down at Harry with a severely displeased expression, obviously waiting for a response from the boy. Harry felt very small…



"Uhh…" Harry panicked, truly not knowing what to say. The moment he realized the door had been unlocked he didn't think, he just acted. It was his Gryffindor nature- he didn't think for a moment about the Death Eaters, about the possible danger. Of course the Death Eaters would attack him the instant they saw the Boy Who Lived running around their Lord's manor... he was starting to see that it had truly been a horrible decision. If I hadn't been locked in the room in the first place this wouldn't have happened!

"Harry do you understand that when I ask a question I expect an answer?"

Harry snapped out of his thoughts. He was pushing his luck. "Um, the door was unlocked?"

Voldemort looked down upon the boy, unamused by the lackluster answer, "The door was unlocked. That's why you left. Even though you knew you weren't supposed to."



"Well you never let me out!" he snapped and he instantly wanted to take it back. Yelling at the Dark Lord was never a smart decision.

"Do you see what would happen if I let you run loose? You're lucky you're not dead."

Harry knew Voldemort was right, but was still angry nonetheless. "GAH!" the boy ripped the silk sheets from him and stood up in front of the Dark Lord. He puffed his chest out and clenched his fists, trying to look as dangerous as he felt. "How do you expect me to sit in this bloody room all the time?!"

"You look ridiculous."

Harry wasn't sure what came over him, he was just so furious. He let out a yell, put all his weight forward, and shoved the Dark Lord.

Harry, slightly surprised it had even worked, watched as Voldemort stumbled backwards a few steps. It wasn't until Voldemort gained his balance and looked into the boy's eyes that Harry realized what he had done. He let out a scream as Voldemort lunged towards him.

Harry jumped back onto the bed and clamored across it. He screamed again as he felt two hands grab his leg out from under him. He collapsed onto the bed and was flipped over in an instant.

"LET GO!" Harry wailed as he thrashed his arms and legs, hitting Voldemort wherever he could reach. Voldemort grabbed his wrists and pinned them down to his sides.

"LET. ME. GO. YOU BLOODY SNAKE!" Voldemort only answered by sitting on Harry's legs, effectively holding them still. "GET OFF OF ME!"

"HARRY STOP." Harry tried desperately to move out from under the man, but Voldemort was much too strong. Voldemort released one of Harry's wrists and grabbed his chin, forcing the boy once again to look him in the eyes. "STOP."

Breathing heavily, Harry unsuccessfully attempted to move his head, only causing Voldemort's grip to tighten. "Stop struggling you stupid boy!" Voldemort yelled into the boy's face.

Harry paused for a moment, finally looking into Voldemort's eyes. He realized how close the man was… he didn't like it. "Geh off ah meh." he said, his words coming out muffled by the grip on his jaw.


His heart was flying as he screwed his eyes shut, he really didn't like how close Voldemort was… it scared him.

"Harry look at me!"

"No…" he muffled, no longer struggling, but the muscles in his body tense under the man.

"Harry…" Voldemort's tone was threatening. Harry's breathing was coming much too fast now, his heart pounding in his chest. He didn't like this, he didn't like being held down, being screamed at. It reminded him of the Dursleys… of Vernon's punishments.

"Please geh off..." Harry sounded small. The pleading tone took Voldemort by surprise, still expecting the brash Gryffindor to be screaming in his face.

Suddenly in Harry's mind it wasn't Voldemort commanding over him, it was his uncle.

"You fucking piece of worthless trash! Why don't you use your magic, huh?! Why don't you throw a spell at me?! Make me stop?! You're worthless! Fucking worthless!"

He felt tears forming in his eyes as he felt the man's weight shift off of him. As soon as he was free Harry scrambled up from the bed. He looked to Voldemort who was standing on the other side of the bed looking only slightly less angry and a bit confused.

Harry wiped the tears from him cheeks while trying to take deep breaths. "Don't fucking do that again."

Voldemort didn't respond, he just stood looking at the boy.

Harry was angry and scared. He didn't know what had just happened, he didn't know what was going on, he didn't know anything anymore- he felt so lost and confused.

"Harry I want-"

"Would you just fucking leave me alone! Don't touch me again! I swear I'll kill you if you touch me! JUST LEAVE ME ALONE."

"You're pushing your luck boy."


"I'm not going to do that."

Harry screamed in frustration. "WHY?!"

"Because you're mine to protect!"


"Yes you do! Get it through your stubborn head boy, YOU ARE MINE!" Voldemort yelled, quickly stomping to the other side of the bed where Harry stood.



Harry froze.

"A what?"

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