I Am Coming, Trust Me

Chapter 16

'What is snakeling doing?'

'Shh... nothing. Go away.'

'Nagini doesn't think snakeling should be playing at Master's desk…'

'I don't care what you think. Now go away!'

Not appreciating Harry's snappy tone Nagini hissed, 'If snakeling gets into trouble with Master Nagini will only laugh'

Harry rolled his eyes at the comment as he studied the desk before him. Voldemort was always sitting at the desk writing or reading papers and it drove Harry's curiosity crazy. What kind of paperwork could a Dark Lord possibly have to do? Was that part of the job requirements or something? Murder people and do paperwork? He had asked Voldemort a few times what he had been working on, but only ever received a short 'It's none of your concern' or was ignored completely. Harry had vowed he would find out what Voldemort did at this desk, if only to appease his own curiosity.

There were a few books atop the desk that he had glanced at, none of which seemed too important. Harry knew the important things were hidden in the drawers of the wooden desk. He knew it was probably locked, but nevertheless he reached his hand out towards the handle of the top drawer, knowing he had to hurry before Voldemort returned. He let out a yelp as he touched the handle and a bolt of electricity ran up his arm. He fell backwards onto the floor, ripping his hand away from the drawer.

"OWWW!" Harry cradled his arm to his chest as smaller shocks ran through the right side of his body. "Bloody Dark Lord…" he mumbled.

After a few moments Harry looked down to his arm. His eyes went wide at what he saw. His right arm was purple from the top of his fingers to the middle of his forearm, the color darkening every second. He used his other hand to uselessly try to rub the color away.

'What was that noise?!' Nagini said with alarm, slithering her way back over to the boy. Harry stopped rubbing at his arm as he saw it was doing nothing. He stared at his purple arm and realized what had happened. Voldemort had anticipated Harry's curiosity would get the better of him and had put the charm on the desk. Voldemort would take one look at Harry and know what he had tried to do.

Knowing he had to get the color off quickly, he jumped from his spot on the floor and raced to the bathroom. In his haste he accidentally knocked Hedwig off her perch, sending her flying and hooting in anger around the room.

'What is snakeling doing?! What is wrong with his arm?'

'Don't worry about it Nagini!' He shouted as he jumped over the snake blocking his way. He ran into the large bathroom and went straight to the sink. He turned the water on and willed a bar of soap to appear. He grabbed the soap and started scrubbing as hard as he could… it wasn't working. The color didn't fade in the slightest. He heard Nagini come up behind him.

'What did Nagini say?! Nagini said snakeling shouldn't play at Master's desk!'

Harry ignored the snake but wanted so desperately to rear his foot back and kick her in the face.

As he continued to desperately scrub his skin Harry's mind went through every spell he knew. Was there anything that could take care of this?!

Suddenly he felt a tingling warmth deep within him… Oh no. No no no no.

'Master is coming and snakeling is going to be in much trouble!'

Nagini didn't have to speak for Harry already knew, the horcrux had already told him that Voldemort was near. He hurriedly rinsed his arm free of soap and shut the water off just as he heard the door opening behind him. He spun around and plastered the most innocent smile he could manage onto his face.

Harry walked out of the bathroom with measured steps, his right arm tucked out of sight behind his back.

'Hello Harry, Nagini.'

'Master! Snakeling is in much trouble!'

Harry let out a short sound that resembled something akin to a dying creature. Stupid fucking snake!

Voldemort looked from the snake to Harry. 'Oh really? And why would he be in trouble?'


"Nagini is just angry because I beat her at a game we were playing." Harry spat out before the snake could explain further.

"A game, hmm?"

"Yes, she lost and she's been angry at me all day."

"What kind of game?" Voldemort asked, knowing it wasn't like the boy to admit he enjoyed the snake's company. Harry's eyes widened as he saw the man looking curiously at the arm tucked behind his back. His voice went up an octave as he spoke.

"Um, just a game. Uh, something I learned at the Dursleys."

'What is snakeling saying?!' Nagini interjected but was ignored by both men.

"Hm." Voldemort looked at the boy suspiciously. Harry knew he was a terrible liar. "What are you holding behind your back?"

He stared at the man and quickly decided to feign innocence. "W-what?"

"Are you suddenly deaf? You heard me. Now what is behind your back?"

Harry took a step backwards as the man moved closer. "N-nothing."

"I do not appreciate being lied to Harry." Voldemort's tone was ice cold. As Harry scooted backwards he heard the bathroom door slam behind him. Voldemort was not going to allow Harry to hide in the bathroom as he did a couple weeks ago when he first arrived here.

"I'm not-"

"I advise you think before you finish that sentence."

Harry's back hit the bathroom door, his purple arm squished between his back and the door. After spending so much time with Voldemort he had forgotten how dangerous the man could look when provoked. Generally Harry had no fear of Voldemort, not anymore, but now was a completely different story.

"Harry I will give you one chance to show me what you have. I promise you will not like it if I have to use force."

Harry swallowed hard. He really didn't want to be hit with the Cruciatus… or really any other Dark spell that Voldemort had up his sleeve.

"Ok well… don't forget that I am your horcrux…"

"Push your luck any further and I will not hesitate to put my horcrux in danger…" Voldemort knew it was an empty threat, but by the look in Harry's eyes it seemed to work.

Harry slowly moved his arm out from behind him. Voldemort was surprised to see that Harry's hand was empty, but instead that his lower arm was a bright purple.

"My desk…"

"I just- I didn't- I-"

"You tried to go in my desk." Voldemort's tone was still threatening, but he had to admit he was expecting much worse than Harry simply trying to get into his desk.

"It was an accident."

"An accident? You just accidentally walked over to my desk and tried to open it?"


'Did snakeling tell what he did?! Nagini told him he shouldn't play with Master's things!'

'Nagini told you not to touch the desk?'

'Uhh… yes.'

'But you did it anyway.'

Harry hesitated but finally squeaked out, 'Yeah…'

'You do understand why she is here do you not? Why I ask her to 'babysit' you?'

'She does not babysit me!'

'Yes, she does. She has been here for many years and I cannot trust you to behave. She understands what is dangerous and what is not, Harry. She's here for a reason.'

'I hardly think the paperwork in your desk would have seriously injured me…'

'I'm not talking about the desk Harry, I'm talking about other things. I don't want you hurt.'

Harry sighed. 'Fine. I won't put your horcrux in danger.'

'Harry of course I don't want the horcrux damaged, but I don't want you hurt either.'

Harry just looked at the man, knowing he was right but not happy about it in the least.

'Do not give me that look young one. You are important to me, even without the horcrux.'

He smirked at the use of the voice's nickname… young one. He kind of missed hearing the voice.

'Next time listen to Nagini please. Now give me your arm.'

'She's such a bother though!' Harry said dramatically, purposefully trying to get a rise out of the snake as he allowed Voldemort to take his arm in his pale hand.

'Harry please don't antago-'

'Nagini is not a bother! If anyone is a bother it is snakeling!'

Harry had a pleased smirk on his lips as Voldemort rolled his eyes. The man pointed his wand at the boy's forearm and Harry felt a tingling sensation run up his limb as he watched the purple fade. A completely different kind of sensation traveled through his body as Voldemort gently rubbed his hand up and down his arm once the color was gone. It was almost as if the horcrux inside of him was purring in delight.

Voldemort released Harry's arm and stood back to his full height. "Why did you even try to go into my desk in the first place?"

Hesitantly Harry said, "I wanted to see what kind of paperwork you do…"

"Paperwork?! What is it with you and this curiosity over my paperwork?!"

"I just wanted to see what it was about!"

Voldemort sighed. "If you join the Dark side one day then I promise I will show you what my 'paperwork' entails."

Harry was taken aback, but Voldemort had already turned around and was talking to Nagini, not giving any mind to what he had just said. It was the first time Voldemort had ever mentioned Harry joining the Dark… it was something that hadn't even crossed Harry's mind before.

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