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She’s a woman stripped of wealth and status along with her mother. He’s an under appreciated court composer whom everyone thought was dead. While their actions were inexcusable, they try to find redemption. But what happens when they cross paths and find out how much they have in common?

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The Confused Stepsister

It was a long, cold evening in December. Drizella Tremaine and her mother are still cleaning the floors and the dishes, much like her stepsister used to do. “Ugh, that Cinderella,” complained Drizella. “I can’t believe she’s making us do this.”

Hearing her eldest daughter’s complaint, Lady Tremaine placed her hand on her shoulder in comfort. “She’s not the only one to blame, you know,” she added. “If your sister didn’t insist on being with that peasant baker instead of the prince, we’d still be wealthy.”

However, Drizella still thinks about her sister daily. Ever since Anastasia left with a baker whom she cared about more than wealth and status, she often wondered if there is more to life than wealth and status. Perhaps I have been a little harsh on Cinderella and Anastasia all those years, she thought. She shook off that thought, however, as she cannot seem to let go of the grudges she held between them.

"Mother, I'm heading out," Drizella suddenly uttered as she stood up.

"Where are you going?" inquired Lady Tremaine.

"I don't know. I... I just need to clear my head."

"Just be back before midnight, young lady."

"Yes, mother."

"And you ought to change back into your dress and bundle up. I wouldn't want you to catch a cold. I also wouldn't want anyone to know you work as a maid."

"Yes, mother." After Drizella changed into the same gown she wore for the ball, as she hoped that she would find her true love like her sister and stepsister had done. She wore a matching winter coat over it and immediately headed out. Thankfully, the snowfall was not too overbearing at all. She walked until she found a frozen fountain nearby where she sat on the concrete and continued her pondering.

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