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Almost a year had gone by since Maestro Forte had attempted to destroy the castle. His organ form was destroyed, yet while back in his dreaded human form, everyone else, including his own best friend, thought he was dead.

Forte woke up from his year-long coma. He hadn't seen his hands in over a decade. Bloody hell, he thought as he got a headache. He continued to observe his human body in disgust and stood up.

He turned around and saw his organ form just inches from him. He sighed in grief. How am I of good use now? He continued to ponder. With every second he stayed in the West Wing, his head became filled with questions from when he was last conscious. Was Fife right? Was I wrong for trying to murder everyone in the castle? Would I still be important or needed? "I THINK NOT!" He cut off his thoughts like the final note in a concerto, completely denying them. He knew he was better off dead and that the other castle members were better off believing he was dead. However, he frequently inquired that perhaps there was more to life than being a servant to a prince or being a court composer for that matter. He looked out the window to see the Black Forest, the same place he had sent Belle (who had been looking for a suitable tree at the time) and decided to venture out.

Forte managed to sneak out of the castle undetected, but not before he caught a glimpse of Belle and a human Adam decorating the castle with the other servants. Forte only felt a few seconds of remorse before he got on his horse, Allegro. Surprisingly, he managed to not drown nor be confronted by a pack of wolves, unlike Belle.

When Forte stopped in another town in France, he noticed a young woman sitting by the frozen fountain, forlorn. Before he could say anything, let alone approach her, he had observed her from a distance. The world may not have thought about how beautiful she is, but he did. Perhaps Forte was falling in love all over again in spite of how he previously felt about it. He finally approached the woman, who didn’t even notice him until he uttered the word, “Madamoiselle”.

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