Love and Loss


Today was going to be about strategizing. I had no idea how to save my father and we didn't have much time left but I was determined to do so. I walked the short distance from my apartment to Lissa's. That was where everyone was going to meet up to figure out a plane. As I walked onto the brown mahogany flooring of her apartment I could hear everyone talking quietly. I walked past the white walls of the doorway into the living room. Once I walked into the living room and sat down on the couch beside Lisa all eyes were on me. "Finally you get here, took you long enough." Speaks up Christian.

"Oh shut up Sparky." I turn to the group. "So does anyone have any ideas on how to fix my father?" The room stays silent. "Great." I hear a door open and close and turn around to see my brother enter the room. He sits down on the other side of me and asks the same question I just did.

"Anyone have a plan?" Everyone shakes their head. After a few awkward minutes of silence Mia speaks.

"What if he's just getting old?"

"I call him old man but he's not that old."

"Does he have any diseases?" Asks Adrian.

"No, the doctor ran all the tests she could, he doesn't have any diseases at all." Answers Lissa.

"What if the attack was a distraction of sorts?" Asks Christian.

"What do you mean?"

"Well what if the whole attack was to keep everyone distracted so they could get to him?" I think about it for a second before finding a flaw in his idea.

"No they wouldn't do that because if anything Abe would get more protection and more guardians on him during an attack."

We all stay silent before I ask the group another question.

"Wait, when did you say he got like this?" I ask.

"Right when the attack happened. Which is why I think Christian is right about Abe's current state having something to do with the attack." Answers Lissa.

"But what if the attack has nothing do to with him?" I ask. Everyone looks slightly confused so I go further into detail. "We keep thinking that this attack has to do with the old man. What if it's just a coincidence? The man is a powerful, scary, mobster, with many enemy's what if he got poisoned or something?" I ask the group. They all nose their heads but Lissa speaks up.

"But the doctor already did the tests on him to see if he was poisoned. We wasn't."

"Well then I'm out of ideas." I throw my arms up in the air in defeat and the room goes silent again.

The day is spent with everyone barley eating any food and just saying the first idea that pops to mind. I can see Dimitri stair at me a lot of the time. I know Kiran can see this too because he starts to get all protective big brother on me and glares at Dimitri along with pulling me closer to his side as if to protect me. But I can see Dimitri giving Kiran a glare himself and I can only hope that the two men knock it off soon before I have to get involved. At one point Christian says an idea that lost costs him his life. "Honestly why can't we just let the man die. Maybe someone can shoot him so it will be over with faster." The second I hear him say these words I jump up from my seat and go over to him and punch right in the jaw. I can hear a loud crack and I know I broke his jaw.

"That's my father you jackass!" I yell at the top of my lungs. Before I have the chance to punch him again I feel strong arms pull me backwards. I whirl around and look into Kiran's gold eyes.

"You and I are going for a walk."

"But Kiran-"

"No, come with me, now." He says in a calm yet cold tone. He pulls me away from the group and we leave the apartment and walk around the building. I stop once we are far enough away and turn around angry at him.

"Why the hell did you pull me away?" I yell. "He's your father too!"

"Yeah he is and I'm going to deal with Christian later but I don't want you to kill the bastard." Hearing him say that he still cares about Abe I calm down a bit.

"I guess that wouldn't have ended very well with Lissa." We continue to walk around in silence so I can calm down and I let my mind wonder. I think back to the lust charm with Dimitri. I wonder what our relationship would be like today if we never caught onto the charm. Would we be a happy couple? Would we be like how we are now?

I can feel my eyes go wide once I think of an idea for Abe. I turn around to Kiran and I can tell that he senses my change in attitude.

"What? Is something wrong?"

"Go get everyone and tell them to meet me in Abe's room in the clinic. I'll tell you all there but I have an idea." Without waiting for a response I race off towards the clinic hoping that my idea just might save my father.

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