Love and Loss

New York Mall

I ran a brush thought my soft hair letting in flow down. I put on some dark grey jeans with a dark ruby T-shirt. Once I'm all ready for the day I walk back down stairs to meet everyone. I grab my bag and head towards the car with my brother and Amy tailing me. As I get into the passenger seat I looked over at my brother who was driving. "So, where to first?" I ask.

"The New York mall."

"Okay." I say shrugging my shoulders. I grab my phone and put on some earphones and listen to music on the drive to the mall. With the traffic is takes about twenty minutes.

After another five minutes of looking for a parking stop we find an empty one and get out of the black car ready to start our day. This would be fun.

{Lissa POV}

I put my stuff down on my bed in the hotel room all of us will be staying at. I look around, the room isn't too bad. The walls are a nice off white with dark furniture to contrast the room. There are two queen size beds. Christian and I get one; Adrian gets the other bed while Dimitri and Eddie take turns to guard. (Even though it's human day time) but when they do sleep they plan to sleep on the two red couches in the room. I grab my brown cross body purse and look up at all the males in the room. "Are you guys ready to go?" I ask. They all mumble a yes and node their heads and walk out of the hotel with me. Once we reach the road we call on a yellow taxi that passes by, we all get in and give the drive directions to the New York mall.

Once we reach the mall we all climb out of the taxi and hand the driver a bill before he drives off into the traffic. I look at the guys behind me. "So, did you guys want to shop first then eat around one or two?" I ask. They all look between each other then back at me.

"Yeah." They answer in unison. Honestly, I don't think they want to be here, but I know that they don't want to be at court either.

We begin walking towards the mall. Christian comes up front with me and puts his arm around my shoulder and gives me a quick kiss on the cheek."Don't you dare go anywhere without someone with you, you got that?" He asks protectively. I look up into his ice blue eyes and smile.

'What about the lady's room?" I ask sarcastically. He rolls his eyes at that and looks back at me.

"You just reminded me of Rose." I tense up hearing her name. But relax into my boyfriends body beside me.

"I miss her, I wish she was here." I say sadly. At that the rest of the guys walk up to meet our pace. "I wish she was alive." Says Adrian. I look up at him sadly.

"Same." At that we drop the conversation knowing it would be too depressing to continue, and begin our trip around the mall.

{Rose POV}

I look down at my phone as we walk out of the hundredth store we had been to in this mall today. "Hey guys it's 1:57, want to go get some lunch?" I ask. Amy and Kiran node their heads.

"Yeah, I'm starving." Says Kiran. We take the steps and walk up to the third floor to get some food. The food court is giant with many choices, but in the end we all got some fries from New York Fries. As we sit down and begin to eat, I can feel a slow trickle of sickness pour into me. But it's not from the food, no it's because there are Strigoi nearby. I look Kiran and Amy dead in the eyes.

"Guys," I say slowly. They both look up at me. "I'm starting to feel sick and it's not from the fries." They both look confused for a second but once my words sink in I can see them pale. We all get up and walk out down stairs hoping they will follow us, they do. From the way I feel I would say that there is about four of them. Once we reach the main floor we walk out the side exit that leads to a back alleyway. We get out our stakes and after about a minute the door opens again. The sky is clouded over today with storm clouds, dark enough for strigoi to be out during that day.

{Lissa POV}

At around 1:45 we head up stairs and get some food for ourselves. About halfway through my meal I feel Dimitris hand clasp around my wrist. I look up into his dark brown eyes. He pulls me up and leads me away from out table towards the stairs, I turn to see Eddie getting Adrian and Christian to get up and follow us. "Dimitri, what's going on?" I ask. He doesn't bother looking at me, than rather stay focused on our surroundings.

"Strigoi." He says quietly. I look at Christian to my right and grab his hand. Once we reach the side exit on the main floor we get out of the mall and are in an alleyway. But when I look around I realize that we aren't alone.

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