Love and Loss

Our Dearest Father

{Rose POV}

Once we all reached the house that Kiran, Amy and I where renting I went over into the kitchen where as everyone else went into the kitchen. "Does anyone want any water or anything to drink?" I called out looking over at them. "I do." Said my brother. I went and poured a glass.

"Anyone else?" I ask.

"Got a beer?" Asks Adrian. I roll my eyes; leave it to Adrian to ask about the booze. I turn around and reach into the fridge getting a beer for him. I walk back and give the boys there drinks and sit down on the couch beside Kiran and the arm of the couch. Opposite me is everyone else sitting on an identical couch. Everyone is silent in till Amy reaches over and punches me in the arm.

"Hey, what was that for?"

"Introduce everyone you idiot." She scolded me. I look over at everyone.

"You guys want to introduce yourselves then?" Lissa began and it went on from there.

"I'm Lissa,"

"I'm Adrian,"

"I'm Eddie,"

"I'm Christian,"

"And I'm Dimitri," Said Dimitri lastly. Then it was our turn.

'I'm Amy,"

"I'm Kiran,"

"You guys all know me." I said lastly. I looked up into Lissa's eyes. She looked like she was about to cry.



"C-can I hug you?" She asks tears spilling down her face. I get up and so does she and we meet in the middle between the two couches and I hug her for god knows you long.

"I missed you Liss." At that she crys even harder. After another couple of minutes we separate and sit back down.

"How have you all been?" I ask them. Eddie looks me dead in the eyes.


"Okay, okay Eddie calm down." Hearing me say calming words to him he relaxes a bit. I look at Lissa.

"So the bond really did break?" I ask. She nodes her head.

"How?" She asks me.

"Long story."

"I don't care, just tell us, how?"

"It's a long story."


"I died." Everyone's face paled. I feel my throat get dry.

"You died?" Asks Dimitri. I look over to him then at my brother and grab his glass of water and chug it.


"Shut up," I look back over at Dimitri. "Yes I died." He's about to say something before I cut him off. "Don't you dare push me any further on the topic." I say in a deadly calm voice. My brother puts his hand on my shoulder.

"I'm going to get some more water." He says and grabs the glass. I look back at everyone.

"Why are you guys in New York?" I ask. This time Adrian speaks up.

"We are just here for a week, there was a resent attack on the school so we used it as an excuse to take a week off." I node my head, but then I remember that my father and mother where there recently.

"How recently, what was the exact date?" I ask. As I speak Kiran comes back and hands me the water and sits back down beside me. They all pause to think for a second, in till Dimitri speaks up.

"March 17th." I let out a break of air. My parents where there then. Not that anyone knows who my father is though.

"Is my mom okay?" I ask. I hate to appear weak in front of them but I have to know.

"Yes, she's fine." Says Lissa.

"Okay, good. Do any of you know Abe Mazure?" I ask. I see Adrian and Dimitri pale. My guess is that they know who he is.

"Yes." They both say. "Why, why do you care about him?" Asks Dimitri.

"Is he okay?" I ask engorging him.

"Roza, he's a very bad man, you don't want anything to do with him."

"Stop, you don't have any control on who I do and don't care about! You don't know anything about me! Now tell me if he's okay!" I almost yell. Dimitri is silent for a few moments then puts his guardian mask back on, as usual, he does this whenever things get hard.

"Yes, he's alive." I grab Kiran's hand and we both relax knowing that our father is safe and well.

"Good." I take a swig of my water. Dimitri continues to talk.

"Although he's not too well, for some reason spirt healing isn't working on him. He is spiraling the drain." I look up at him.

"How bad?" I ask.

"I would say that he has a week to live, at the very most." I look over and Kiran shaking my head, tears already rolling down my cheeks.

"Bu ... Ben ... biz doğru yapmak gerekir biliyor musun?" (This…I… you know what we have to do right?)

"Biz ziyaret küçük sis ödeme baba gitmek zorunda." (We have to go pay dad a visit little sis.)

I node my head and I can see tears falling down Kirans face.

"Evet, evet yapıyoruz." (Yeah, yeah we do.)

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