Love and Loss

Kissed By Death

I finish up all my packing and go down stairs for lunch, but as I reach the bottom I get a shaping pain in my head. I double over from pain and let out a yelp. "Ahhhh," My knees hit the hard wood floor and I bring my hands to my head. "Ahhh." The pain gets worse by the second. I can feel a hand on my back and someone calling my name but the pain keeps me from answering. I see spots dance in front of me but as I focus on them I realize that they aren't spots, but rather ghosts. As they begin to whisper things into the wind I can feel my metal wall crumble even more. "What do you want?" I gasp.

"You…" I can hear the ghosts speak to me.

"Why?" I see a ghost I never thought I would see again appear in front of me. "Mason?" I gasp. He puts a hand on my should, but this time I can feel him. "Ahh." I try and back up from him. His hand leaves my shoulder but I can still feel his cold touch lingering on me. "What was that?" Mason looks into my eyes and I can see sadness in his dull lifeless ones.

"Rose, you are closer to death than ever now, you have to be careful, one slip up and spirt won't be able to heal you and you will cross over to the other side, and stay here this time."

"No." I shake my head not wanting to believe his words.

"Goodbye Rose." With his final words he disappears along with all the other ghosts. I put my mental walls back up and look up to see Amy and Kiran leaning over me with worry and concern written all over their faces.

"Rose, are you okay?" Asks Amy. I shake my head and realize the pain in my head is all gone.

"Yeah." I stand up and walk over to the kitchen to get a glass of water.

"Did you see Mason? We heard you call out his name." Says Amy.


"What did he say?" They stare me down waiting for my next words.

"He gave me a warning."

"What was the warning?"

"He said that I am closer to death than ever, and that one slip up and spirit won't be able to heal me." Amy and Kiran look at each other then back at me.

"Oh Rose, we're- we…" Amy seemed to be at a loss for words so Kiran spoke up.

"We have your back sis, don't worry."

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