Love and Loss

Haunting Plane Ride

The next morning I woke up to Amy shaking me awake. "I'm up, I'm up!" I say jumping out of my bed. "What's wrong?" I ask. Amy takes a step away from me and looks at me as a mother would look at a misbehaving child. "What!" I ask.
"It's 11:20 Rose, your… past friends," She said trying to find the correct words to describe them. "Will be here in twenty-five minutes."

"Shit!" I quickly get Amy out of my room.

The next thing I know I hear the doorbell ring as I finish brushing out my long hair. I look at myself in my full length mirror and am pleased with how I look. Today I picked out some dark blue jeans with an emerald green tight V-neck silky shirt. I hear everyone making small talk down stairs so I walk down before everything becomes too awkward. When I reach down stairs I see everyone sitting on the couches other than Eddie and Dimitri who are standing near the corners of the room. "Hey," I say to everyone. They all look up at me but I look away not wanting to look at my past friends for too long. I walk into the kitchen and grab a bar to eat. When I come back to everyone I realize that my suit case is already down here. "How did that get down here?" I ask.

"Oh I grabbed it out of your room, you have everything you need right?" Asks my brother. I nod my head towards Kiran.

"Yeah." I look at everyone else in the room. "So what's the plan on getting back to court?" I ask. Lissa looks back at me.

"Oh well we will take two cabs to the airport and from there we will take a privet get strait back to court.

"Okay." I grab my things. "Let's go."

Once we board the plane I sit down and get comfortable for the ride to come. I sit beside my brother and to my right is the walk way. In front of me is Adrian and Eddie, beside me is Lissa and Christian and right behind my seat in the Russian god that broke my heart.

Once the plane is in the air for a couple hours I feel my head began to hurt.

"Shit!" Kiran looks over at me.

"What's wrong?"

"My head, I thought this wasn't going to happen this time, but I'm wrong." He grabs my hand and squeezes it before letting go.

"It's okay, just go to sleep."

"I try to do as he says but sleep won't come, instead my head gets worse, getting to the point where I feel like people are putting needles into my head. I let out an unwanted whimper of pain and put my hands on my head.

"Ki…my…head." I can barely speak. I feel a hand on my right shoulder and barley hears my Russian god speak.

"What's wrong with her?"

"This happens from time to time, now get your hands off of her." My brother says in a cold voice. I feel the absence of Dimitris hand on my shoulder the second he takes in away.

"Is it the ghosts?" Asks Lissa.

"Yes, now leave her alone she needs space." After this I don't hear anything else other than a scream in the distance, but once I hear the scream again I realize that I'm the one screaming.

"It hurts!" I yell. I scream again as another wave of pain comes. "Make it stop!" I scream again. I can faintly hear my brother say the next words but as he does I do my best to listen to him.

"Bu sen iyisin, tamam, Rose uyku uyumaya gidin." (It's okay, you're okay, go to sleep Rose, go to sleep."

So I do and I welcome the darkness.

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