5x19 Sabriel Edition


This is the Sabriel rewrite of Supernatural's "Hammer of the Gods" (5x19). However, that's only where it begins. It goes much further that that. Enjoy, my wayward Sabriel shippers. Carry on.

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O Where Art Thou, My Brother?

Sam and Dean rush behind the turned over table.

"You okay?" asks Sam, scared out of his wits, himself.

"Yeah..." Dean sighs, barely audible.

"Not really." The brothers look beside Dean, straight at the Archangel Gabriel. "Better late than never, huh?" he jokes then hands a Casa Erotica case to Dean Winchester. "Guard this with your life." Lucifer goes to stomp on Kali's head but goes flying into the back wall. Lucifer struggles up to his feet. "Luci, I'm home." he greets his older brother, bearing his blade. Lucifer comes at him but he blocks him off. "Not this time. Guys?!" Gabriel helps his hindu goddess exgirlfriend to her feet. "Get her out of here!" They obey, leaving the two Archangels to confront each other alone.

"Over a girl? Gabriel? Really?" Lucifer asks, unable to believe that his little brother is doing this -all of this- for Kali, the Destroyer. "I knew you were slimming but I hope you didn't catch anything." No, I'm doing this for Sam, Gabriel thinks completely forgetting that his brother being an angel and all could hear him.

"I'm sorry. Did you just say Sam?" Lucifer chuckles. "You have a crush on my vessel? That's why you're here? To protect him... From me?" I can try, Gabriel admits.

"Lucifer, you're my brother and I love you but you are a great big bag of dicks." You want to play dick brother... Well, two can play that game, Lucifer.

"What did you just say to me? I'm not the one with a crush on Sam Winchester. He would never love you. You know that as well as I do." Lucifer taunts.

"Maybe so." Gabriel says, letting Lucifer have his way, not wanting to talk about his feelings for Sam any longer. "But look at yourself. Boo-hoo! Daddy was mean to me so I'm gonna smash up all of his toys. And, you know, Sam's one of those toys." What am I doing? Gabriel asks himself, trying to not blush at the embarrassment. Screw you, Lucifer! Now, I can't get my mind off of him! Lucifer smiles at his younger, frustrated brother.

"Watch your tone."

"You can play the victim all you want. But you and me? We know the truth. Dad loved you best. More than Michael; more than me. Then he brought the new baby home and you couldn't handle it. So, all this is just a great big temper tantrum. Time to grow up."

"Gabriel, if you're doing this for Michael-"

"Screw him!" Gabriel exclaims. "If he were here, I'd chive his ass too." And I've wanted to for longer than you'll ever know.

"You disloyal-"

"Oh, I'm loyal." Gabriel states. "To them."

"Who? These so-called-Gods? Or is it Sam?" He's never going to let that go, is he? Nope. Lucifer smiles, loving Gabriel's glare.

"To people, Lucifer, to people."

"So, you're willing to die for a pile of cockroaches." Lucifer concludes. "Which is why? So, you can get your shot with Sam?"

"No, Lucifer." Gabriel rolls his eyes. Was he seriously doing this? "Because Dad was right: they are better than us."

"They are broken, flawed abortions!"

"Damn right they're flawed." Gabriel admits, knowing far well better than his brother that all creations are flawed in some way and sometimes, flaws are a good thing. Not that Lucifer would ever believe that even if he did try to explain it to him. "But a lot of them try... To do better; to forgive. And you should see the Spearman Rhino. I've been riding the pine a long time but I'm in the game, now. And I'm not on your side or Michael's. I'm on theirs."

"Brother, don't make me do this." Lucifer warns, knowing of Gabriel's true self sneaking up behind him and fearing what was to come. One of them wouldn't leave the room alive.

"No one makes us do anything."

"I know you think you're doing the right thing, Gabriel, but I know where your heart truly lies..." Swiftly, Lucifer turns around to stab the other Gabriel in the heart. "Here." The Gabriel he had been speaking with vanishes into the thin air. "Amature hocus pocus." Lucifer comments. "Don't forget, you learned all your tricks from me, little brother." He completes the stab, light shining from Gabriel's eyes and mouth as his last desperate scream escapes his gaped-open lips. Once his little brother's body crumbles to the floor, Lucifer steps back in panic, the realization of what he had just done hitting him like a brick hurling at a million miles an hour towards his fragile mind.

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