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Perseus: The Seer and The Protector

Chapter 2

70 years later...

“I will try my best mother but you can’t honestly expect me to not at least blow up once.” Perseus whined.

“They are at the brink of a war they do not recognise fully. Give them hope, son. Present yourself as an ally.” Chaos chided, twirling her son’s black curls in her fingers.

Perseus’ eyes softened but the smirk didn’t cease, “I will present myself as their only chance at winning. We’ll see how Zeus reacts to that.”

“Whatever.” Perseus chuckled at the dismissal. He could see the smile his mother was trying to smother. He put his arms around her and buried his head in her hair. For a few moments they stayed like this as Chaos kept her flattened palm pressed tightly against her favourite son’s back. Perseus tried desperately to sear this image into his brain for later times, times where he would lose his temper. Tried to sear the image of his anchor into his brain.

He pulled back and pressed a chaste kiss on her forehead before he retreated.

“All the best, my son. I’ll always be with you.” Chaos said before a swirling vortex appeared around Perseus. He nodded before the vortex converged and Perseus disappeared.

Olympus Throne Room – Summer Solstice

“You do not speak about my children that way, Ares.” Aphrodite chided. She was starting to regret ever wanting to date this idiot. “They are my darlings and you do not badmouth them.”

“They are dolls who don’t know a single letter of bloodshed.” Ares sneered as he twirled his rifle in his hand.

Aphrodite’s eyes narrowed. Hephaestus eyed the verbal spat between his wife and half brother as he tinkered on his throne occasionally patting a swat of flame that ignited in his beard.

“Enough!” Zeus exclaimed loudly, his voice rang through the throne room, the conversations halted. “You all will stop this nonsense discussion now.”

Athena heaved a sigh, her quota for stupid trash that went in from one ear and out from another had been filled to the brim. They had infinitely more important things to discuss. She decided to take the bait that was so generously thrown to her.

“Father, we need to..”

But she never got to finish her sentence. Her breath lightly hitched in her throat as a swirling black vortex appeared in the centre of the throne room and out stepped a scrawny teenage boy. He had mousy brown hair that lay flat on his head and he wore a two sizes large sweatshirt that hung from his skinny form.

“Good morning, Olympians.” He greeted cheerfully. He looked around the throne room as if the sight of twelve fifteen feet immortal gods was a common occurrence.

“Why are you all cooped up inside? It’s a lovely day outside.” He grinned as he stood beside the hearth and peered at the 8 year old form of Hestia. Hestia’s brow furrowed but she didn’t sense any danger so she didn’t interject.

Ares was the first one to snap out of his surprise, his rifle disappearing with a pop, “What do you want punk?”

They boy stared at Ares with a flat expression for a few seconds, “Nothing.”

He moved towards the back of the room and stood in front of King of the Gods throne.

“Lord Zeus, I am here to offer you something.”

Zeus stared at the boy in slight shock. This boy had just appeared out of a vortex. A vortex for Styx’s sake, even he did not know how to do that.

“How dare you disrupt our meeting. I shall blast you for your audacity.” Zeus thundered, snapping out of his stupor.

The boy simply stood there, not a single ounce of fear on his face looking for the entire world as if he was bored. “I am here to offer you something.”

Athena decided to intervene after seeing the expression on her father’s face, “What is it that you offer, demigod.”

She couldn’t hide the fact that she was curious. This boy’s eyes which she was sure nobody else noticed were a rare occurrence. Never before had she seen someone with blue eyes inlaid with gold.

He turned towards her, his face unreadable. For a few seconds he studied her and Athena couldn’t help but feel slightly uncomfortable by his gaze. Such a familiar colour yet so different.

“Help. In the upcoming war.” He finally replied.

“What help can you offer us?” Athena questioned. Unlike her father, she preferred to view all sides to a situation. She had vague suspicions for the upcoming war, changes in their surroundings that few of her fellow Olympians had noticed and if they turned out to be true they were in some real trouble. The fact that he knew about the war when most demigods were clueless was not lost on her.

“I have a few tricks.” The boy answered vaguely with a careless shrug of his shoulders. He flicked his eyebrows up and continued, “But I can guarantee you that you can’t win what you’re up against without me.”

Athena’s guard internally shot up. It was a huge statement to make and he said it with such conviction she couldn’t help but believe him. She suddenly realised that she couldn’t get a feel of this strange kid’s godly heritage. He had a demigod aura, yes but it wasn’t of any Olympians and neither of the minor ones. It was different and she was wary of different.

The kid’s eyes flitted over to her and held for a second. She neutralised her expression then and resisted her body’s natural reaction to wariness of clenching her fists and bit the inside of her cheek instead.

“Isn’t that a little too presumptuous of you, boy.” Artemis sneered, spitting out the last word at him.

His eyes shot to her and something in his eyes flashed but if Artemis noticed, she did a great job of maintaining her sneer. Though, it slipped when he replied back.

“No. Not at all.” He cocked his head to the side and the action was strangely more intimidating than it should be coming from his small frame. His eyes were sharp with knowledge and wits. “It’ll be presumptuous of you to believe that you can succeed without me, goddess.”

Athena was chewing her cheek apart by now but she couldn’t help the small smirk that formed when she saw Artemis’ face. Her eyes were wide and she looked as if she was planning on stomping her foot on him and screaming out.

“You are just a mere demigod. A single extra mortal’s help will not assist us by any extent in the war. You waste the council’s time, child. Leave, before you anger me any further.” Zeus spoke up effectively cutting off his daughter whose mouth was open with a retort on the tip of her tongue so she settled with glaring venomously at the lad.

The boy stared at Zeus as if he had just dropped from the moon.

“You don’t need help. Against a primordial?” He asked slowly as if he was trying to be understood by a deranged kid.

“Nonsense.” Zeus retorted. Athena shot her father a look which went unnoticed. She had a really bad feeling about this. By now Demeter and Aphrodite along with Hestia had noticed the tension that was rolling off of her. They shot her worried looks which she ignored. Her shoulders stayed tense and neck rigid.

The boy shook his head, a disappointed frown marring his face.

“Your blind arrogance will be your downfall, Zeus. You have absolutely no chance of winning the war like this.”

Zeus’ face reddened. He stood up, his master bolt materialising in his hand. He had given this kid a chance and he had thrown it away. Now he’ll display the prowess of the king of the gods.

“How dare you address the king of the gods by his name. You, a mere demigod should be grateful received more than a few seconds of the Olympian council. I will combust your very being for your insolence.”

Poseidon frowned, his brother cared about the fact that the boy called him by his name more than the fact that they were going to lose the war with a spectacular defeat. He did not question the demigod’s statement; he had felt the changes in the earth. But his brother had turned deaf at his voiced concerns.

Zeus launched his master bolt across the room towards the boy. Everyone tensed, waiting for the explosion but it never came.

When their eyes swivelled towards the boy, what they saw rattled them.

The master bolt was hanging stationary in the air five inches from the boy’s face. Zeus’ jaw dropped, his master bolt had never failed him before. It had always done what he had commanded. This kid... No, impossible. He had already been insulted in front of the council but no further. His display of power was alarming but Zeus was determined. He splayed his fingers willing his bolt to return for another launch but it didn’t move. It didn’t twitch in the slightest. It slowly revolved around until it hung facing Zeus who looked gobsmacked before it jerked forward at blinding speeds. In the quarter of a second, the master bolt stroked Zeus in the forehead, forcing him forcefully in his throne where his head cracked loudly against the head rest of his throne. The impact echoed loudly through the throne room.

The sound jarred the gods into action. Athena, Ares and Artemis were the first ones to shoot out of their thrones. Never mind that Ares was grinning in excitement. The boy started speaking before they could blast him with their godly energies.

“You are the youngest child of the fourth generation. I am the eldest child of the first generation, Zeus. I can scatter every single cell of your body through the cosmos without any real effort. Do not make the mistake of provoking me.” He warned, his cheerful persona gone replaced by a deadly glint in his eyes and a heavy warning laced through his tone.

Athena’s mind raced, generations of names of deities flashing through her mind at impossible speeds before it clicked. It was almost like a bulb lit up above her. Her anger diffused like a popped balloon, the energy she had been gathering in her right hand vanished. She fell back gracelessly in her throne.

“Perseus.” She spoke softly, unable to believe what she herself spoke.

The small boy turned towards her, his eyes flashed with power. His body got surrounded by a blinding white light. It steadily increased in brightness but Athena was determined to not avert her gaze. But she was forced to look away for half a second when the light flared once to the point of piercing pain before it made a sudden retreat.

Where the boy had been standing now stood a man in his early twenties. He had black unruly hair with blue eyes with flecks of gold in them. He wore a tightly pressed white dress shirt with black pants. His body thrummed with power, his aura engraved with things they couldn’t begin to comprehend and his posture was straight and confident.

“Perseus, First son of Chaos. The Seer and the Protector.”

Athena was one of the first ones to bow deeply followed by the other Olympians but Perseus did not look at any of them. His gaze was locked on the wide blue eyes of the King of the gods who had yet to pick up his jaw from where it last dropped on the floor.

He turned towards the Hearth goddess that was bowing to him. He rested his hand on her shoulder and pushed her straight.

“Rise.” He commanded his voice deep and rich.

Everyone straightened themselves up and noticed that Zeus was still stuck in La-la Land.

Zeus as if realising that everyone was now staring at him with an eyebrow raised, stood up and bowed a little awkwardly. It clearly hurt the man’s pride after being battered by a primordial in the form of a small boy but Perseus was going to teach this man some humility.

“Rise, Zeus.” Zeus stood up straight, making a visible attempt at gathering himself together. He rubbed at the angry red circle that now marred his forehead.

Perseus turned towards the other gods, assessing each of them once before gesturing them to sit. He met Hermes’ eyes, “Would you do me a favour, Hermes?”

Hermes nodded, clearly not trusting his voice at the moment.

“Travel to the underworld and summon Hades to the Throne Room. There are important things we have to discuss.”

Zeus opened his mouth to protest but a painful squeeze from Hera’s nails and a sharp gaze from Athena had him zipping his mouth shut.

Hermes nodded and disappeared with a streak of light. Tension weighed heavily in the atmosphere. Athena was bubbling with questions about this man and not to mention questions about the war aid they could potentially receive. But before she could even open her mouth, Perseus’ words were already out.

“Patience, Goddess of wisdom.” Athena’s face flushed lightly but she jammed her curiosity in a closet and slammed it shut inside her. She couldn’t afford to anger this primordial who could be the turn in the tide of war - she couldn’t anger him, period. It seemed that job was already occupied by her father.

Hermes flashed in the throne room followed by Hades who had a frown on his face. Perseus nodded at Hermes who then descended back on his throne. With a flick of Perseus’ finger, two smaller thrones materialised beside the hearth. He gestured to Hades and Hestia and they after a little hesitation complied.

Hades gave Perseus a confused frown, clearly not brought up on the news.

“I am Perseus, Hades. First Son of Chaos and The Seer and The Protector.”

Hades eyes widened before he scrambled to get up from his throne but relaxed when Perseus dismissed the gesture with a careless flick of his wrist.

“A dangerous war approaches, Olympians. More dangerous than you foresee. I am here to offer you aid in the upcoming defence of the country. To help you win this war.”

“Gaia.” Athena stated her suspicions. Perseus looked at her and nodded.

“My sister rises from her slumber and will aid her favourite son, Kronos in the war against the reign of Olympus.”

“They will attack together this time?” Apollo interjected speaking for the first time after Perseus’ arrival. Artemis resisted the urge to slap her brother upside the head. Perseus locked eyes with him and Apollo shivered at the sheer power he felt there.

“Unlike you all, my sister learns from her mistakes and improvises her plans.” It dripped heavily of scorning sarcasm.

“I am here to help you, Olympians but let it be known. I do not trust you all.”

Silence reigned. They didn’t know whether they should be ashamed about the fact that a primordial who was supposed to see all didn’t approve of them or annoyed because now they had their hopes up only for them to be squashed again.

“I do not find your rule worthy of saving. And your rule desperately needs saving.” Perseus continued.

“Then why are you here if you’re not going to help us.” Zeus sneered before he paled at the glares he received.

Perseus stared at Zeus blankly. He so wanted to kick this god’s ass right now for his arrogance that was surely going to be not only his but Olympus’ downfall but he didn’t have time for mindless quarrels. He had other major work to do.

“To give you all a chance. I will give you an opportunity to gain my favour. I will take your account of things and then judge. I will be staying at Olympus and if you wish for my assistance, make me trust you.” Perseus elaborated.

“There are essentially a few that I respect but when it comes to trust. That boat’s quite a distance away at the moment.”

“How do we ensure that you trust us?” Hestia questioned. Everyone was slightly surprised as the eldest daughter of Kronos spoke up.

“I will not aid in a war where there is internal rivalry amongst comrades.” Perseus elucidated with a pointed glance at both Poseidon and Athena. “Lose your pride and forget old prejudices. Acknowledge your mistakes and regrets and I shall grant you the one thing that is the most important factor in a war.” Perseus explained.


Ares snorted but he was one of the few that did.

“Think about it.”

Perseus turned towards Hades, he was lost in thought but his obsidian eyes focused when Perseus’ blue orbs trained on him.

"Free them.”

Hades blinked owlishly at the two words that echoed through his mind. A swirling black vortex opened behind Perseus’ back. Athena opened her mouth to ask for answers to the questions she had been ‘patiently’ waiting to ask but Perseus again beat her to it.

“Earn your answers, Athena.”

The vortex converged over his front before he disappeared from the throne room, leaving behind eleven uneasy Olympians, one annoyed Wisdom goddess and one excited Death god.

O..kay answer time! I am sticking with the belief that Chaos was the creator of the universe and not with Chronus and Ananke. Perseus is the first primordial son of Chaos and his powers will be discovered as we progress. I thank everyone who has faith in this story and this is a relative large scale story so, yea, we’ll see where this goes. You can always message me, I love interacting with people. Hell, you can tell me about your favourite songs, I wouldn’t mind. I will try to give regular updates on every wednesday or thursday so stay tuned.

A few seconds of your time would be a week worth of inspiration for me!

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