Mafia’s Jewel


Park Jimin... works for the toughest Mafia group in Seoul, the Bangtan Boys. He is considered the Mafia’s crown jewel because he is dating the leader of the gang. Min Yoongi or SUGA. Jimin goes through straight hell.. getting kidnapped and jumped constantly.. lets see how this turns out..

Fantasy / Drama
Christian Chim Chim
Age Rating:

The Club

A/n’s POV

“ I got eyes on him Hobi.. but he’s not alone.. at least 5 guards” Jimin says talking to the piece in his ear.

“ That’s okay. All I need you to do is give him a little dance and trick him into giving you the blueprints.”

“ Okay but do I really have to wear this?”

He pulls up his fishnet stockings and pulls down his black shorts.

“ It doesn’t hide anything.. if Yoongi finds out about this it’ll be your head you know that right?”

“Yeah I know now go do your mission Jimin-ah”


He walks over to the guy in the booth. He had tattoos all over his arms, rings on his fingers, black messy hair, and a scar on his cheek.

???: Hello.. what’s your name babyboy?

Jimin: I’m Jimin...

Mark: Hello Jimin. I’m Mark. Come, sit down babyboy.

He pats the spot on the couch next to him signaling Jimin to sit. Jimin takes a deep breath and walks in front of the tattooed man.

Jimin: is this seat taken?

Jimin straddles the mans lap and bites his lip. He wraps his arms around Mark’s neck.

Jimin: Is this okay?..

Mark: It’s perfectly fine babyboy..

He places his hands on Jimin’s slim waist and rubs his thighs. Jimin starts to leave little pecks on the mans neck and trails them to his ear.

Jimin: Do you want me?

Mark: Yes I do babyboy

Mark makes Jimin grind against his growing member making Jimin let out little whimpers in his ear. Jimin pulls away and bites his lip while smirking.

Jimin: Then come and get me..

~Time Skip~

Mark lays Jimin down on the bed and unbuttons his shirt revealing his tattoo on his torso. Mark kisses his way down from Jimin’s neck down to his abs. Jimin lets out little moans then grips Mark’s shoulders.

Mark: What’s wrong baby?

Jimin: I wanna get prepared for you.. daddy

Mark smirks while watching Jimin get up from the bed and walks into the closet. While Mark undresses, Jimin goes through Mark’s jacket looking for the USB.

Jimin: Where is it you imbecile? Hoseok ? I can’t find it-

Mark: everything okay in there?

Jimin: uh yeah I’ll be right there daddy...

Hoseok: Daddy huh? Yoongi is gonna beat your ass..

Jimin: Shut the fuck up Hoseok..

Jimin walks out of the closet and sees Mark holding the USB while glaring at Jimin.

Mark: Looking for this baby boy?

Jimin freezes and his eyes widen in fear as he sees a gun behind Mark.

Mark: You were so adorable, young, and so fucking sexy.. too bad I’ll have to kill you.

He stands up and backslaps Jimin making him fall to the ground. Jimin holds his cheek and looks up to see a gun directed towards his face. He shakes in fear and his lips tremble. He looks around for anything to help him and he spots his heeled shoe. He grabs it and throws it at Mark’s face giving him a chance to escape. He runs for the door until he hears a bang and sees a bullet hole in the wall in front of him.

Mark: You fucking bitch! You aren’t getting away from me! At least not alive!

Mark charges Jimin, cocking the gun. Jimin flinches as he hears a gunshot... then another, he sees Mark fall to the ground and Yoongi appears with his gun in his hand.

Jimin: Y-Yoongi?

Yoongi: Go get in the car.. NOW!

Jimin gets up and nervously walks outside to the car. He gets in the passenger seat and waits for Yoongi. A little while later Yoongi comes back clenching his jaw and drives off, gripping the steering wheel so tight his knuckles turn white.

Jimin: Y-Yoongi? Baby?


Yoongi hits the steering wheel making Jimin flinch and start tearing up.

Jimin: I-I’m sorry... I-I just wanted to help with the mission...since Hoseok was injured I wanted to do his mission..I-I’m sorry..

They pull up to the mansion where the whole gang lives. Jimin runs out of the car and goes into the house.

Yoongi: Jimin..

Yoongi runs inside chasing after Jimin.

Jin: Yoongi.. come eat-

Yoongi: Where did Jimin go?

RM: Upstairs... he was crying, did the mission go okay?

Yoongi runs up the stairs to their shared bedroom. He tries to open the door but it was locked.

Yoongi: Jiminie... open the door please.. I’m sorry I yelled at you..

Jimin: G-go away.. you aren’t sorry.. I always fuck up the mission, you had the right to yell at me..

Yoongi: I did not have the right to yell at my baby.. I love you so much.. I was just so scared to lose you.. I got scared that he would hurt you.. I’m so so so sorry my love..

He rests his head on the door until it opens revealing a teary eyed Jimin. His eyes are puffy and red, his cheeks are wet from his tears, and his hair is messy. Yoongi immediately pulled Jimin in his embrace rubbing his back and raking his fingers through Jimin’s dirty blonde hair as he sobs into his chest.

Yoongi: I’m so sorry my love..I didn’t mean to yell at you like that.

Jimin: I know.. I’m sorry I left without guards..I love you..

Yoongi: I love you more my little mochi..

Yoongi walks Jimin into their room and lays him on the bed.

Yoongi: Let me show you how much I love you.. my dearest love..
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