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Cry Baby Luke

Chapter 2

Luke's pov

I wake up around 4am and lay there for a bit as I run my fingers through Calum's hair while he sleeps. I slowly crawl out of bed and slip on one of his shirts that goes past my knees and a pair of shorts.

After looking in the mirror at my face, I walk down the steps into the kitchen and start to make his morning coffee like I usually do at this time.

I sit at the Island and swing my legs back and forth while I color a picture. After his coffee is done I sit it on a warmer and wait for him to get out the shower.

After about ten minutes he comes down the stairs and around the corner wearing only his towel and wet dripping hair, he plants a kiss on my cheek making me blush.

He sits next to me looking at my picture "Are you drawing that for daddy." He smiled at me. "Yes sir." I said looking up smiling at him. "Thank you for my coffee baby." He says as he leans over to kiss the bandaids in my forehead.

After he's done with his coffee he picks me up and I rap my legs around his waist as he carries me up the stairs.

He sits me on the bed and walks into his closet, I fiddle with my hands while I wait for him to come back out. After a while he comes back dressed in his work clothes and gives me another kiss as I hand him his keys.

Calum's pov

When I get in my car I pull out my phone and ask siri to tell me my schedule.

"Today is Monday, it is currently 6:02am the weather will be sunny with a few showers of rain. Cater sent you a message and Boss sent you a message. You had three meetings today but two have been cancelled. Your schedule is clear from 11am forward."

After listening to that I asked Siri to tell me what Carter had texted me

"At 5:35 Carter texted you -Hey babe im on my way to work cant wait to see you 😘😘-"

I smiled the whole way to work as I thought about Carter and his pretty pink lips connecting with mine.

When I got there Carter was waiting for me outside my office just like any other morning, "Such an obedient one aren't you my love." I say to him as I kiss his lips passionately as soon as were safe behind my closed and locked office door.

~30 mins later~

We made out for awhile before actually starting on our work. We talked about the company's sales and profits, but it quickly moved to us talking about the date we were gonna go on around 3pm. It was gonna be our first date so I wanted it to be special.

We talked more before he asked me, "So hows that cry baby of yours?" Annoyed that he brought Luke up I said "Fine."

Carter just laughed and gave me another kiss, "Don't be so grumpy big guy, Its not like you actually love the boy." I rolled my eyes at his remark, "No I don't love him, but he makes one hell of a good stress reliever." He smirks

"Well don't relieve to much stress on him. I still want to be able to see his face when I meet him tonight." I went to say something but Carter was already out of my office before I could speak.

~5 hours later~

I was packing up the rest of my supplies when Carter walked into my office smiling from ear to ear. "So you ready to go Sir?" He said in a low tone. "Most certainly my love." I said smiling back at him.

We rode the elevator down to the lobby and out to the parking lot.

I went around and opened Carter's door then got in on my side.

I checked my phone and It was 11:15 and I had an unread message from Luke.

I opened it and read it -Hey daddy I was just wandering if you wanted anything specific for dinner tonight. Promise im being extra safe around the stove ☺-

I texted him back -No baby I don't, I have to work late so I wont be home.- It didn't take him long to respond with -Ok, no problem 😢, when will you be back?- I heard Carter huff from his chair so I pecked his cheek and started to back out of the parking spot and onto the street forgetting to text Luke back.

Luke's pov

I work on a puzzle at the kitchen Island while the noodles boil on the stove. I was always so lonely when Calum worked late.

I don't have a job or any friends to hangout with, and Calum rarely lets me leave the apartment, so I have to entertain myself while he's gone.

It's not so bad but sometimes I can get myself into trouble and Calum always deals with me for it.

But I was making sesame noodles and orange chicken which was my favorite, and I was determined to make daddy proud by not breaking any rules.

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