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Moments Behind Closed Doors - Drabble

By Tristan McLucas


Moments Behind Closed Doors

Another night where Masayoshi never wanted to sleep alone, he wanted to sleep beside his partner for once instead of watching him sleep from the closet he specifically called his secret base. Masayoshi climbed out of the closet carefully, trying his hardest not to make a sound, only to approach the other side of Gotou's bed and wiggle himself beneath the duvet. Oh no, not this episode once again.

"I hope you visit me in my dreams tonight, Goto-san..." Whispered the strawberry blonde male, a wide and yet innocent beam along his lips, his back facing the other as his head was buried into the pillow beneath him, sleepily.

At hearing the others request, Gotou's lips parted somewhat, although forming into more of a bitter smile shortly afterwards. This was not the first time Gotou heard Masayoshi say that, hearing such affectionate comments slip from his lips, even spill his heart out to him at times. Masayoshi was in love, and Gotou gradually began to understand that. He knew that. "I... suppose I could visit you in your dreams... perhaps not in the sense you were hoping for, however?"

"...As long as you're there with me, Goto-san, that's all that matters to me."

Slowly turning his gaze towards the male resting beside him, he thought for a moment, as faint specks of crimson dusted his cheekbones at that one sweet response. His bitter smile widened into a beam, smiling with both amusement and joy. Gotou took advantage of this one moment and planted a warm kiss onto Masayoshi's first temple, Masayoshi grinned happily at the feel, a soft and yet quiet hum escaping his lips. A small blush still staining Masayoshi's features, his eyes still fluttered shut and concealing the greyish-blue colour within them. Masayoshi was happy to be with Gotou, to be resting right beside him, just like every other night.

As a few moments pass by smoothly, Masayoshi turned to face Gotou, immediately catching his lips into a rather passionate kiss, all before snuggling up to him sweetly, snuggling up to the warmth of his husband's front. Gotou draped an arm around Masayoshi's torso, his palm resting against his upper back. Even though he often gave Masayoshi the cold shoulder, he was too cold not to admit his love for the little superhero, although deep down he truly enjoyed Masayoshi's cheerful company. Masayoshi promised to protect Gotou, even though it was really Gotou protecting Masayoshi. The boy gave him the same sweet smile each day, the same warm embrace each night, and those were the moments they shared behind closed doors. Gotou loved Masayoshi, even if he could not admit it.

"I love you... Goto-san!" Masayoshi quietly muttered behind Gotou's chest, confessing his love for Gotou once again, like every other day.

Looking down at the younger male somewhat, the same smile still painted along his lips, Gotou simply shook his head lightly in amusement. "You idiot..."

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Ro-Ange Olson: "Loved it and couldn't put it down. I really hope there is a sequel. Well written and the plot really moves forward."