something i never thought would happen


two girls find themselves in the world of the tv show supernatural. but one knows nothing and the other is obsessed.

Adventure / Humor
Cole Johnson
Age Rating:

Chapter 1

"okay Sammy. ill tell you one more time. vamps you cut their heads off and they don't sparkle in the sun light!" I explained to Sammy for the 15 hundredth time.
"my names Samantha, and you watch way too much...... whatever that shows called....with.... a tall geek.... and a stupid short guy." said Sammy.
how dare she! i grabbed her by the shoulders "Dean is not stupid! And he's not short! he's 6 foot 1 and 1/4!" I exclaimed quite cross. i let go of her, it was getting dark so went over and lit my pentagram candle.
''ya know, that candles probably for people who worship the devil, not fans of stupid shows,'' said sammy.
i gave her a b*tch face.
"what kinda face is that?" she asked and pushed her glasses up on her nose.
"its called a b*tch face for your information," i said then pushed her hair in her face. she hates it when i do that.
"hey! you jerk!" she exclaimed while pushing her hair out of her face.
"b*tch," i said.
"why'd you call me a b*tch?" she asked confused while brushing her hair that she had grabbed out of her computer bag. her computer bag has every thing! i swear! like yesterday she had freakin' dry shampoo! now ya know why i call her Sammy?
i started cracking up.
''what?'' she asked she stopped brushing her hair.
"you don't realize what you just did, did you?!" i exclaimed through laughs.
"no....'' she said.
"man! you ruin all the fun!'' i punched her in the shoulder.
''ow," she said.
''weakling," i mumbled. ''man i wish you would not be such a weakling and you could experience the amazing show that is supernatural."
then my candle went out. and thats when it got weird, and i mean supernatural weird.

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