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The Porcelain

By kaiwai

Horror / Romance

Chapter 1

A/N: I've had this in my mind for a while now. It was partially developed, and I thought it was a little...incomplete, to say the least. But I finally figured out what I wanted, and I've been spewing chapters out in advance to keep the good updates coming. And in the spirit of Halloween, I thought, why not. I reread this thing about a dozen times a week, and if that isn't enough, I have a friend skimming it to make sure everything's accurate. Supposedly in this AU, everyone in the anime showbiz is just an actor (Kaname and Zero are actors, which means that everything that happened in VK, was just acting. Most of it didn't really happen, but there are a few things I'm keeping. To avoid spoilers, I won't mention those things right away(which brings me to warn THERE ARE SPOILERS EVERYWHERE SO BE WARNED.).) so with that said, most events will be unknown or left undecided until it gets to be important. Bloody Cages is, however, technically an orphanage for disadvantaged kids, meaning if certain characters don't have parents in the anime, they won't have parents here, either.

To elaborate my notes, I will also have more notes at the end of the chapters too, so that way, I can talk about things I wasn't able in the notes before the chapter. I know, it'll be a little annoying, but for those who don't quite understand something or have questions, sometimes having my notes in the beginning and the end will help. Other than that, I'm done for now, so enjoy!

Warning: spoilers ahead, violence, language (and character disputes, so if you don't like a certain character, you may like this because of the arguing that happens. I don't take sides.), mild gore, minor sexual situations, boyxboy

Disclaimer: I do not own Vampire Knight, Tokyo Ghoul, Free!, or Noragami. They belong to Matsuri Hino, Ishida Sui, Masahiro Yokotani, and Deko Akao in that order respectively. I do own Bloody Cages, Nayya and Reney.


"Kuran! I know what I was doing and I was the one that changed the procedure to a less invasive technique because the patient has a baby daughter-"

"No. I don't want to hear it. I have had enough of your shenanigans, Dr. Kiryu. You're off my service. Go leech off some other attending for a while."

"Dr. Kuran! Hey-Kaname!"

Zero sighed in frustration as Kaname walked off and the younger threw the charts in hand at the wall, leaving a sizeable dent and sending papers flying.

Kaname bit his lip and turned to the camera. "I'm sorry. I know this is our fourth take but I have to check on her," he said. Still in his scrubs and lab coat, Kaname hurried off the set and started towards the actual hospital across BC campus. Zero caught Kaname's arm before he could, and pulled him close. "Relax, love. She's fine, just like she was when you checked ten minutes ago. You know Lieutenant would rather you be working on this movie over worrying about her and the twins," Zero smiled, trying to soothe the pureblood. Kaname nodded. "You're right. You're right. I'm sorry."


"Stop it."


"Stop it."


"Stop. It."


Lieutenant caught Kaneki's finger. "One more poke, and this finger is coming off and going somewhere you won't like." Kaneki let his hand rest back in his lap as Lieutenant leaned back against her hands. She breathed slowly. The twins were kicking again, and it was making her a bit queasy. Kaneki pulled her to lay back in his lap so she could preoccupy her hands with his.

"Is the nursery ready yet? I'm 34 weeks already. These two are due any minute," she asked, and Kaneki shrugged. "I mean, I could check, but aren't you comfortable?"


"Then relax. Don't worry about it. I'll get on it as soon as I can."

"You mean as soon as I get another of my weird pregnancy cravings and make you go get some random weird snack for me?"


"You're the cutest."

Kaneki blushed furiously and looked away. At that moment, there was a knock on the front doors in the next room, followed by a loud thump and rapid footsteps to the door. "I got it!" Nagisa called, and he pounced on the ebony curtains blocking the glass double doors. Yukine waved softly from the other side of the glass, and Nagisa opened the door to let the quiet blonde inside. Haru trotted down the ebony-marble floating steps, and Lieutenant finally stood, with Kaneki's help.

Yato skipped in behind Yukine, and Lieutenant rubbed her swollen stomach. "What's the occasion, gentlemen?" She asked, and Haru gruffed, "yeah, I was napping."

Yato smirked. "Oh, well I apologize if some of us are naturally beautiful." Haru narrowed his eyes and Nagisa immediately stood defensively in front of Haru as Kaneki clapped his hands. "Gee, I'm kinda hungry. Lieutenant, are you hungry?"

"I'm always hungry, pregnant or not."

"I thought ghouls couldn't eat human food..." Nagisa chimed.

"Uh, we technically can't. Not without special pills. But I don't feel like watching Yato-chan shove somebody off a building." Yato grinned.

Nagisa shrugged. "Fair enough."

The group gathered at the open mini-bar across from the kitchen, and Lieutenant passed out drinks. Yukine pulled his sleeves over his palms so he could hold the drink without his hands getting cold, and Lieutenant started to cry. Yukine blinked and looked at her with worried eyes. "Lieutenant, what's wrong!?" He asked with honest concern, and the bleach blonde simply shook her head as she wiped her face. "Pregnancy hormones. They're all over the place. It was so cute the way you-God!" She cried harder and Kaneki hid a grin behind his glass.

The front door opened and shut with a gentle click, and immediately Kaname snatched Bloody Rose from Zero's holster on his belt to approach the other presences he sensed with. Zero, not bothered by the fact Kaname had to grope him to get the gun, calmly placed a hand on the pureblood's shoulder. "Kaname," he said, "relax. It's okay. I understand you're scared because it's your first time having a child, but I'm scared too. That doesn't mean I pull an anti-vampire gun on a bunch of humans, a ghoul, and a very pregnant, very much wouldn't-like-it-if-we-got-blood-on-the-carpet Lieutenant." But this didn't reassure Kaname. In fact, when the pureblood turned his gaze on Zero, the hunter noticed a sort of feral look in the brunette's garnet eyes he hadn't seen before.

Zero kissed Kaname softly, worming his gun from the pureblood's grip. They walked into the kitchen, and Zero sat on the white-leather-granite island. He smiled as he watched Lieutenant laugh with the others, and noticed Kaneki was smiling a bit too. This time, Kaname grabbed the glock from the hidden cabinet. Zero caught him and stood to snatch the glock from him, but it was too late. The pureblood was too fast.

Kaneki felt a sharp force slam into his shoulder and pin him to the rock wall, and a familiar warm liquid trickled down his neck and shoulder.

Kaname shoved the glock in the ghoul's face, making him tilt his head uncomfortably into the pureblood's claws, which were currently buried in Kaneki's right shoulder.

"What the hell do you think you're doing!?" Kaname demanded in a low but threatening tone, promising discomfort and pain to the ghoul if he dared say something that would give Kaname reason to tear his head off.

Yato had already taken care to cover the Lieutenant's eyes and keep her calm in his arms as not to scare her and protect her from the ghoul and two vampires there if so needed.

Yukine had instantly shoved Haru and Nagisa behind him, clear of Kaname's way, and was now leading them out of the line of fire as Kaneki's kagune formed in defense to Kaname's attack.

Kaname felt a warm tug at his chest, but quickly shoved it to the back of his mind. Zero flinched, a little hurt that Kaname had so carelessly and effortlessly blocked him from calming the pureblood. It's like Kaname wanted an excuse to hurt the ghoul he so obviously didn't like.

Kaneki's expression remained blank, as it so often did when he went ghoul. "Don't do something to upset Reney. I understand you're trying to protect her, but don't upset her," he said, and Kaname's blood boiled at the ghoul's careless use of Lieutenant's name. He opened his hand, forcing his claws to tear open the shoulder wound. Kaneki clenched his jaw and tried not to make any noise, but the pain was evident in his gaze, and for a horrific second, he was reminded of when Rize tore into his neck and shoulder to devour him.

Kaname's lips curled into a smirk as he saw the fear flash behind Kaneki's eyes. That smirk diminished when Kaname felt the familiar sting of Bloody Rose against his neck. "Please don't make me do something I don't want to, Kaname," Zero whimpered, but the pureblood was beyond reason.

For whatever reason, since Kaneki had joined BC, Lieutenant had taken a liking to him, and it angered Kaname. Zero didn't think it was jealousy, but more having to do with attention. Now that Kaneki was in the picture, less and less of Lieutenant's attention went to Kaname. He missed Lieutenant's constant fussing over him, and Zero figured the two had a grudge over her attention. More Kaname than Kaneki, actually, because the ghoul really couldn't care less what the pureblood thought or did, so long as he didn't endanger anybody. He and Zero had even become pretty good friends, especially considering they had a few classes together.

So maybe Kaname was also jealous Zero was giving his attention to Kaneki? But Kaname wasn't the jealous type.

Zero suddenly felt a familiar and intense burning in his gut, and closed his fist around Bloody Rose, except she wasn't there anymore. Kaname had taken her from his grip and used her against her own handler, and Kaneki immediately took that as excuse to react before Kaname hurt anybody else. His kagune sunk deep into Kaname's body, piercing him in serious, but not fatal areas. Kaname turned back to the ghoul as Kaneki knocked Bloody Rose from Kaname's grip. He grabbed Kaname's other hand which was holding the glock. "If you're going to injure me, fine. But don't put others in danger," he warned, and retracted his kagune. Kaname flinched lightly, and let Kaneki walk away as realization of what he had done sunk in. Lieutenant was a trembling, crying mess in Yato's arms at this point, having heard the gunshots but not known what was happening, as Yato refused to let her look up.

Zero kneeled on the tile, holding his wound though it stung terribly. He breathed heavily through the pain, and when Kaname kneeled beside him to offer his blood and heal Zero, Zero snapped.

"Get out, Kaname. Get out. Now."

Kaname thought it best not to argue or respond, and simply walked out of the kitchen. Yato was already on the phone with Nayya, Zero's assigned doctor. In just a minute, she ran into the room, hurrying to assess Zero's wound. Yato finally led Lieutenant out of the room, praying Zero would be fine.

A/N: Okay okay. Breakdown time for Chapter One.

First, I tried to start making my chapters longer and longer to add a bit more to each chapter, and if needed, hopefully pay refuge to late updates in the future. Also, I've worked on adding more detail and extending my writing; getting more creative with some of my ideas. Ideally, the goal is to create more thorough, longer, precise chapters that will hopefully help with the actual story lines. Rather than just telling the story, there has to be some sense to it, right?

Which brings me to this: the characters are very different. In normal retrospect, they all have this persona to keep up with, but like I said earlier, it's all acting.

Now, with that said, I'm moving to the next item on the agenda.

The story begins on Kaname and Zero arguing about a patient's surgery. During filming, he is to storm out, but he comes back, because he's worried about the Lieutenant. So you know how a mama dog is with her puppies? Vampires have that same primal instinct to protect their young. With humans, we have the same, but it's not necessarily as strong. Did you know the only reason babies were found 'cute' is related to a natural survival instinct that protects babies from being devoured by their parents? The love and adoration a parent will feel for their infant is caused by a chemical release in the brain, and the babies' cuteness is the source. Bottom line: if it wasn't for the babies' natural cuteness, our primal ancestors would've eaten them and we would cease to exist.

Off track. Anyway, so now we get a little exposure of the main characters' lives; really, this is just the prologue to explain why Zero was so mad at Kaname. Without this chapter, we would be confused as to what's going on in the beginning to cause this. So this is kind of a prologue.

Soooo...Kaname doesn't like Kaneki. That's painfully obvious. But, one question I had to ask myself was: 'if Kaname is so pissed that he uses Kaneki's inner ghoul as an excuse to attack him, why doesn't he get mad that Yato is holding Lieutenant?' I only just thought of this. He's pissed because Kaneki got too close to Lieutenant, so why isn't he pissed at Yato as well? I just figured he was too 'in the moment' to realize what happened outside of what went on between him and Kaneki. I'm just gonna go with that.

And with that my sweet children, review, follow, favorite, do whatever it is you do. Hell, PM me asking what tf I was thinking with this one. I'd like to know that myself.

Until next time!


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