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Chapter 2-I Will Not Bow

The young 17-year old trailed contentedly behind his much older master, curiously eyeing the area in which they were walking. There had obviously been a special kind of fair set up for the hunters in honor of the recent victory between the hunters and vampires, and an estate by an especially well-renowned hunter had been opened every year for this sort of affair. There were always hundreds of hunters from around the world as well as vendors selling everything from food to goods to weapons, and even a few treasures found here and there.

They weren't there for food, or weapons, or any kind of treasure, however. What they truly came for(and of which the 17 year old had no idea) was kept secret, entrusted into the Association's most trusted and most practical hunters. What they truly came for, was a vampire.

After the hunters had won the war and the Association had taken most of the nobles and purebloods captive, they had been sold as slaves of some sort, to make money, or for personal use like testing, slavery, or just to keep and resell.

That's why they were here, and since Zero was a starting hunter with a powerful, cursed hunter's gun(and he wasn't a terrible shot, either) he was coming to find a vampire to use for his own purposes.

The two headed into the luxurious modern-day Japanese style home with extreme caution for Zero's sake for hunters' traps, and when it was determined clean, they entered the house, wary of every detailed prospect of the inside.

The house was filled with abstract objects, entirely coated with marble jade for pillars to hold up the ceiling, as well as for serving as a beautifully slated floor. The indoor balcony in the upper third level floor overlooked the entire livingroom, which was mostly empty save for a few lit incense stiucks near a tall, open cut window.

Once they reached the grand hallway, it opened into a lounge room, where a teal-haired teenager a year Zero's junior sat recklined on a white couch, a pure silk white down adoring her delicate figure. Zero snorted.

"This child is supposed to be one of the best hunters to have ever existed? She's younger than me, " he scoffed.

"Now, Zero," his master insisted, "don't underestimate her power. A sixteen year old teenage girl is the most lethal weapon on the field."

The teal haired girl giggled as if pleased by the elder hunter's observation, and she stood, gesturing towards an open white leather couch in front of her, the grand white silk curtains leaving a shadowy form over it.

She smiled. "I assure you, Kiryu, the sunlight cannot hurt you. The windows have sensitive ultraviolet protection that make the window tint darken with the more intense beams," she said, coaxing Zero to sit.

Zero growled. "that's not the only thing fishy here," he retorted, earning himself a sharp cuff upside the head from his master. Zero glared at his master, unconsciously rubbing where he'd been hit, and the girl giggled. All three sat at the couches as the girl spoke. "Alice, at your service. Six term vampire hunter. Nine term elite. Five term Providence leader." Instinctually, Zero leaned into his master, signaling to the elder hunter his confusion. "Six years vampire hunter, nine years elite assassin-hunter, five years leader of Providence,"he clarified, and Alice continued.

"So, I'm the one you see leading the hunters in missions and assigning proper rehabilitation for the noble, aristocratic, and pureblooded vampires. Purebloods of which you don't see very much anymore, since most of them were so overconfident in their own ability to survive, they were killed."

"By who..? Surely not even the most elite of hunters-"

"Oh, no, dear. In exchange for the freedom of some of the smarter, more cooperative purebloods, they'd assassinate their own kind."

"Did you keep your word?"

"Of course. They'd never make it very long or very far, however, because most of them were found and killed later by rebel groups, and by then they'd be too weak to defend themselves from the rebels. There was only one family we kept here, but under the head's request."

"Which family was it..?"


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