My black prince||J'JK


What faces Aari's in her ways to jungkook heart? Short story English is not my first language

Romance / Other
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Chapter 01

As usual..

He is sitting on the bus, listening to his loud music coming out of his earphones while he is quietly looking through the window ..

He looks very handsome in his black shirt with a drawing of a boy wearing headphones just like him, as if he is wearing a picture of himself

He does not differentiate to others with that black shirt, but as for me, he differs a lot, he always wears black

The truth is everything about it is black, its trousers are black, its purse is black, its coats are black, its earphones are colored black, like that.

How do I know all of this ?!

Simply, I am chasing after this Jungkook.

I love him since we were in elementary school, but I was transparent in front of him

He never sees or notices me

I've tried to speak with him thousands of times, but it ends with him going before I say one letter.

The bus has stopped and he went off without looking even though me, I was in the chair across from him, I swallowed my chills trying to hide my grief

Damn! Why am i so transparent for him!

I felt a hand pressing on mine, she was my best friend johee, she knows about my love for Jungkook and always encourages me to talk with him.

Politely, i smiled at her, then gave a long sigh, so that it might get my chest out of distress

The bus stopped a few moments later, to go down, waving with a faint smile to johee, and then I turned back home

I helped my mother prepare dinner and then went up to my room and sat at the office table. I was doing my homework so that a notice on my phone interrupts me.

It was a message from my soul johee

Angel, prepare yourself tomorrow for a date with your own Jungkook.


Sorry for mistakes, & thank you for reading my story💜

See you in next chapter..


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