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Love needs second chance❤️


It's story about a girl who have low confidence and scared of small things but her life changed when she fallen in love with a person in school....because of her fault she left him but when she meet him after 10years, Will the love again bloom or dead??

Romance / Drama
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It's a two shot story...hope u guys like it😊


A girl pov

Life is full of challenge and races now days. People don't have time for themselves or for their family. Like a machine we all are running behind something. But there was a phase where we are carefree and enjoying our life that is school life which is amazing and memorable part of everyone life. Morning assembly, talking between class, back benches comedy, maths period fear, homework not completion fear, eating friends lunch, bunking classes, etc all are beautiful memories of school. And a person will surely experience the first love or crush in schooldays, surely we can never forget that moments in this lifetime. Like that in my life to love flowering as bloom but it stopped before see the world itself.

Guys crush or love can happen to many people, but we should have the confidence to say your feeling that person you love. People like me who even fear to talk to boys or speak to the boy who is my crush that to one year elder to me, don't you think it's funny. So now, I will say how I meet him and all.

I am an average girl with black skin, slim body and wear glass don't think I am a nerd, I am not that, I too have friends to enjoy but it also not good friendship. People will say friendship shouldn't see the ego, jealousy etc but in my friendship I had seen everything. By seeing a person itself I can understand if they are true or acting with me, but I never complaint to my friends about that. I am wishing for a person to say I will there for any means but I never got a friend like that still.

I was in the tenth grade when I saw him first in play ground as he is a sports secretary. He was so handsome under the sun rays and guess what? shouting at someone, first impression itself angry. I don't know what got into me, I was just starting at him without blinking my eyes. My friends called me, but I didn't hear them my focus was in him only. My hand started shaking and the heartbeat raised which never happened until now. I only scared of attention but now it's new feeling for me.

I started to see him daily here and there in school, my day only start amd end with him, if I didn't see him one day also then it will be the worst. My friends started teasing me with his name and shout my name in front of him. But he never reacted to this and all, he is always serious, secretive person who into studies and sports, he is so good in football. I can see him smiling and his passion when he is playing football. He is totally opposite to me like fearless, love math but I hate, got awesome friends but me haha. But one thing we both match is we are silent.

I so scared to say my feelings to him, what can I do my family always strict when it's come to me. Always be quite, don't talk boys, don't go near them blah blah.....more rules while going out. As a result I created a fear towards boys, so I never had courage to speak to him.

One day I still remember when he himself came to speak to me, haha guys he came there it's sport day as he is sport secretary. I was looking down when he came towards us.

"Girls we have to win, just focus and play well ok" we all nodded while I looked at him in corner of eyes, he glances at me once and said "all the best, do well and win the match". I got some sensation in my stomach and started shivering.

Is butterflies in my stomach??


Ayyappa, I will get mad soon.

"Ok bhai" all shouted except me come on I can't call him bhai. We all play in volleyball match, guess what I was just standing without doing anything, our school was losing. I saw him getting angry and worried, I don't wanted to see that, so I pushed my fear away and step in front to take the lead, by doing my best we won the match. I glanced at him and saw him I am happy seeing him happy. First time he saw me and smiled, I was so happy and jumping inside. After that incident he used to see me and smile sometimes, I used to blush and look down.

My friends scold me and forced me to say to him. They are to right how many days I can hide it?. One day I gain some courage and went to say my feelings to him.

"When are you going to say to him? Don't be cowrd gir?" My friends advice me. In their view, they think I won't say or even be near him this year, but for breaking their hopes, I searched him everywhere but lastly saw him siting with his friends in ground I went near them to call him. But what I heard it's scattered me to core.

"Guys, I don't love anyone yaar, I will never love anyone ok" he said, hearing his words my courage went to trash can. If I say now about my feelings too he will reject me that my heart can't take. I can stay rest of my life with having this feeling but can't with his rejection.

While crying, I ran away from there. I was so dull after that didn't talk to anyone in home or school. I just ignored him too because I thought avoiding him, my mind will change but not feeling for him which only increased more.

It's hurts more when I got to know his late day in his school. God, I totally forgot about that he is 12th,he has leave and me broken. I cried while thinking him leaving me.

I manage seek permission from mom for 12th farewell so that I could see him once last time. I went to school and joined my friends, but my mind and heart is searching for him only. I saw him looking handsome in white shirt and black pant, why he is so handsome man? Surely he will get beautiful and better girlfriend than me. He made me to overcome my all fears but what I wish him was not there for me.

I need person to whom I wanted to say I will be with you forever, but he left me.*crying*

I cried at my fate, why can't I get what I want? Yeah, my friends told right, a girl like me shouldn't love anyone. I cried and went home at least I should fulfill my parents dreams as my dream already broken.

Loving is not mistake but you should say that in time or else you may loss that...


So guys like it or not???I know it will but boring??

So what u think this love will bloom again or its dead?

Do she deserves second change?

Love u all❤️❤️❤️


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