Arranged Marriage


I don’t want to marry him. I thought. He’s the high school bad boy. Why does my dad want me to marry him. There’s nothing bout him that I like. Well. Except his eyes. They’re gorgeous pools of blue. Snap out of it, Tara. He’s not actually yours, it’s just a paper. No feelings involved. Tara Morgan’s father, Harry, has arranged his daughters marriage at 17 years old. Her future husbands name is Nick. Nick is the high school bad boy who loves to pick on Tara. Nobody else but her and her brother. He has a reputation of cheating and dropping the girls after a night of fun. Will Tara and Nick figure out how to get along and maybe even love or hate each other forever.

Romance / Humor
Sarah-Lynn Bowles
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I heard steps behind me and I knew it was my best friend, Tabitha. It’s the end of school and we have all classes together, but two.

I turned and smiled at my strawberry blonde best friend. She threw her arms around me and squeled.

“Do you know who he is yet?” She asked me.

I rolled my eyes and shook my head. “No. Dad said he wanted it to be a surprise.”

She groaned. “Why couldn’t he just tell you so I could search him up on the internet? I wanna see how hot he is.”

I laughed and looked around the hallway.

I saw him.

The high school bad boy, Nick.

I looked at him with an emotionless face. He smiled smugly at me.

I rolled my eyes and grabbed Tabby’s hand and walked outside.

“Promise you’ll call as me soon as you get done?” She asked me.

I laughed and nodded.

We hugged and I got in my car and drove home.

I pulled up and walked in. Dad was in the kitchen cooking dinner. “Hey, Tara, how was school?” He asked me.

I threw my backpack on the floor and shrugged, hopping on a stool and grabbed a banana.

“It was ok. This freshman, I think his name was Billy, fell face first in the cafeteria.”

Dad looked at me and raised an eyebrow. “Is he ok?” I shrugged again. “I guess. I didn’t see him the rest of the day.”

He nodded his head. “Go upstairs and get ready. The guests will be here in about 30 minutes.”

I sighed and walked upstairs. I grabbed clothes and went to me bathroom.

I stripped my clothes off and hopped in the hot refreshing water. I washed my hair and body and stepped out.

I dried off and put on the greenish blue dress dad picked for me. The dress was thigh length and one shoulder strap.

I put on black

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