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Mutual Need


For a year Stevie James has watched him from the background with a crush on her heart for one lethario Jacob Black. When the principal insists that she tutor the football quarterback, what happens next? And how does Jacob feel about this shy beauty as he starts to know her?

Romance / Drama
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Chapter 1

My family had moved to Forks WA last year. Since then my older brother Liam graduated and is now in college and my mother and I joined my aunt her, twin sister at the bakery that they now owned and operated together.

I was now in my senior year at Forks High School, a TA in my AP History class. I was also on the soccer team and the photography club. Before and after school I was either at the bakery, or helping take care of the wildlife my mother and I were licensed to care for and release most of the time. I did have friends and of course twin cousins who were in the same grade as me Josh and Jordan and their little sister Julia who was sixteen . They also helped at the bakery and were on the football team with my hard crush. Jacob Black.

Not far into my junior year there was a bad storm that took out the La Push high school for the local Quileute tribe. Jacob Black and many others came and ended up staying due to low funds to fix the school. Jacob with his stature and mega hot looks rose in the ranks quickly. He had been a pretty sweet guy at first, but then as he grew and was apart of the football team the more girls noticed him and he took advantage. He now was one of the two La Push letches much to my displeasure.

On a typical Wednesday I got up early and helped my mother with breakfast and caring for all the animals before showering and getting ready for school. My cousins came up in their shared vehicle and parked next to my nineties light blue Ford truck. " Here's that book your wanted to borrow from dad " Josh told me passing it over. " Thank you" I sang as I went ahead of them to trig.

After that awful class was my favorite, history. As the TA I had the pleasure of helping the teacher and listened in fascination and hoping the new tall, blonde, and grey eyed New Orleans charmer would stop looking at me like I was something for him to conquer . Once that was over it was English, definitely not one of my faves. It's only saving grace was Jacob, except for when he's swallowing some skank whole from his seat a row away. I blushed and looked away from their horrid display of PDA. When the teacher cleared his throat uncomfortably they finally stopped. Once Lauren, his flavor of the last several days was seated and taming her tousled bottle blonde hair the teacher began his lesson on the dreaded Beowulf.

I took notes as I always did, that is till I felt a poke on my arm. I ignored it figuring it was some stupid pass the note thing. Whoever it was did it again and I huffed quietly and turned to see that it was Jacob. Keeping my cool while my stomach flipped I arched a dark brow and mouthed what?. He pointed at my pencil and I rolled my eyes pulling out another sharpened one from my pocketed iPad zippered case and passed it over. He smirked and winked at me before beginning to write and letting me pay attention.

After class I dropped off my books and backpack before going to the cafeteria for lunch. I went through the line grabbing a caesar salad, a slice of pizza, a brownie, and a bottle of water. Once I had my food I went to my regular group of friends. Angela and her boyfriend Ben, Mike because he had a crush on Bella, and her Boyfriend Embry Call. He was from the reservation like Jacob and a close friend of his. As we talked I covertly looked over at Jake's table seeing that he once again was all over Lauren. His hands were everywhere as were hers, " How much longer do you s'pose he'll keep her?" Mike wondered pulling me from my longing and sickened watch. I raised a brow " I give it one more day " I figured blushing at being caught. Embry chuckled lightly " your probably right" he said eying me as I fixed my eyes on my food.

Being jealous wasn't going to get me anywhere so with a sigh I pushed my thoughts of Jacob back and focused on my friends and food. I wasn't his type, and frankly I didn't want to be. After lunch was year four French, then government again with Jacob. He sat in front of me, so kudos to me for being able to have any brain function, let alone being able to pay attention at all when I can watch his back muscles and shoulders to his narrow waist from his tight wife beater shirts and long black hair.

After class was over I was going to head over to get ready for soccer practice when I was informed that I needed to go to the principals office. Frowning I made my way there and we nor only greeted by principal Green but also Jacob Black.

" Awe, Miss James, have a seat " the principal asked me. I eyed the two of them and sat before either spoke. " So I'm going to cut right to the chase, Mr Black if your grades do not improve I will be forced to put you on academic probation which means no more football" he said looking sternly at Jacob. " You can't do that!" he cried angrily and looked ticked. Mr Green wasn't fazed and raised a brow " I can and I will Mr Black" he told the steaming man boy. Looking to me he smiled a Cheshire smile " that is where you come in Miss James. I would like for you to tutor Mr Black, your academics speak for themselves" I went to protest as panic set in. " Tutoring would look wonderful on a college application and I could put it to extra credit" Mr Green interrupted. " That sounds very tempting, but -" I began" wonderful! So it's all settled, you two go on and make arrangements " he told us before I could finish what I was saying.

Both Jacob and I left, he more angry than I. I followed trying to keep up with his long stride "wait up!" I asked stopping beside him. He looked at me expectantly " what?" he snapped, "shouldn't we set up a when and where for studying?" I hedged. He looked over at his friends who waited " no way" he said and walked off, " suit yourself" I called after him. I wasn't going to waist my time if he didn't make an effort so adjusting my bag I headed for soccer practice.

On warmer days like today we on the girls team elected to wear sports bras and shorts during practice. Someone whistled from the football team and I rolled my eyes, boys and their hormones right? " Your hurtin my feelins darlin, can't I have a smile" a southern smooth drawl called in our direction. " To whom are you trying to charm?" Jessica Stanley asked eying the football player speculatively and I chuckled as we all stretched.

" Why that little dark haired filly with a tattoo on her shoulder" he hollered and I froze before turning to eye whoever this guy was. " Lefevre, get your head in the game!" the coach yelled saving me. He ran back over to the team and thankfully kept his eyes on practice. I rolled my eyes and did the same continuing with our practice.

When it was over I put my hair up and showered with the others in the locker room. "So, do you think you'll go out with him when he asks?" Jessica asked me raising a brow as we did our makeup. "I don't think I'll have the time" I told her as I did my eyes. Stopping I lifted a brow and smirked at her, " why, does he give you the vapors?" I asked in a fake southern drawl and fanned myself. We both giggled a bit before calming " not really, you know I'm into Mike " she told me. Setting down her mascara, she faced me " got to make you curious though. I thought your weekends were free in the evenings after your shifts at the bakery " she asked frowning. I rolled my eyes setting my lipstick down " yeah about that, the principal asked me to tutor Jacob Black so he can stay on the football team and looking through the information he's given me,I'll have my work cut out for me " I told her and finished my lipstick. Her eyes brightened " well this is good right, you get your chance to get him to see you. Lord knows you've liked him since you moved here " she said brightly.

" He's not the same guy that he was last year Jess. I may still like him, but I'm not his type. I don't walk around dressed like slut and drape myself over him like curtains or any one else. I don't want to be like that, and I don't see the point " I told her and fixed my hair. She touched my shoulder " you never know. They say you can't change a man, but a man can change if he has the motivation. What better motivation than a man in love" she told me gently. I looked at her incredulously " love, Jess I'm all for true love and all that, but I don't see it. I'd love for it to happen, but... I just don't know " I said dejectedly.

As I was leaving my cousins caught up with me and steered me towards the other end of the school parking lot. " Hey, what're you doing, let me go you big oafs" I grouched as they pulled me along. " What's wrong with you two? I have to go to work " I huffed putting my hands on my hips when they let me go and blew a few stands of my dark brown and foiled honey /caramel bayalage highlighted hair. The twins pointed behind me with matching awed expressions. Frowning I turned around to see what they were staring at.

" Is that, is that what I think it is " I choked restraining myself from touching it. " Yep, Stevie this is the two sixty five point six MPH Hennessey Venom GT Spyder" Jordan said in a dreamy voice as he draped his arm across my shoulders. " A twin-turbo 7.0L V8 engine" I breathed staring at the candy apple red beauty in awe, " and 1,287 lb-ft of torque capable of 0-60 mph in less than 2.4 seconds and has been tested from 0-200 mph in less than 13 seconds" Josh finished in the same tone casually resting his arm on my shoulder so it draped down my front. "And isn't it just a beauty, wouldn't you just love to get under the hood of this thing " Jordan whispered. I nodded staring at it " I'd love to stare at it longer, but I have to go " I told them giving the Spyder a final look.

Turning around I almost ran into the southern charmer. He steadied me holding my arms gently as I caught my balance. I blushed hotly " sorry, I was just leaving " I said hastily." You surprise me darlin, I wouldn't have guessed you were a fan of the automotive industry. I'd love to take you for a spin, and you could look over it to your hearts content " he told me giving a crooked smile and rubbed my shoulders. I shrugged from under his hands " I have to go to work " I told him hastily and went for my truck.

I sighed in relief once I was in the cab, there was something about that guy I didn't trust. Putting Jacob, the charmer, and his gorgeous car behind me I drove to the bakery. Parking in the back I grabbed my iPhone X in its dark turquoise otterbox case and left my backpack before going inside. I hung up my jacket on the hook and donned my Masters of Treats bakery apron with Stevie my nickname embroidered on the upper corner above the logo. " Hey momma, aunt Danny" I greeted tying my shoulder blade length hair into a sloppy pony tail.

"Hey you!" mom greeted warmly and pressed a kiss to my forehead over my hair. Aunt Danny kissed my cheek " I could use your help making the danishes, then your the best at the Almond Cream Puff Pastry Braids. I need you to do at least three, then an assorted set of scones. Your mother made your coffee " she told me. After finding my twenty four oz white coffee, white chocolate peppermint mocha I started working. A half hour later the front doors bell jingled, " Stevie can you get that?" mom asked.

I nodded and went to the front immediately blushing, it was Jacob and Lauren with Em and Bella. Clearing my throat I wiped my hands on my apron "hey, what can I get you guys, your usuals?" I asked. Embry and Bella grinned " you know us to well, yes that sounds perfect " She agreed. I nodded and chuckled " six white chocolate macadamia nut cookies, and two sixteen oz hazelnut latte's coming up. How about you two, your usual Jacob?" I asked starting to makeup Em and Bells order. " Right, thanks" he said distractedly. I turned and raised a brow at Lauren " and you, what would you like " I asked her. She looked me up and down with distain " a non fat sixteen oz london fog and a vanilla poppy seed muffin " she said with her nasally voice and clung to Jacob's muscly arm " sure thing" I told her through a tight smile. When her and Jacob turned away I stuck out my tongue like a five year old making Bella chuckle. I got all their orders and brought them out passing them out and saying the order as I usually do to make sure I have the right order.

" So are you gonna go out with Brad?" Embry asked as I passed Jacob his order. I frowned "who's he?" I asked." He means the new guy" Lauren said snotily. " Awe" I nodded knowingly and rolled my eyes, " you mean that southern charmer trying to give me the vapors " I said faking a southern drawl and fanning myself that had even Jacob trying not to chuckle. " I just love his car, but I don't know about him" I said honestly and shrugged a shoulder. " Anyway, can I get you guys anything else?" I wondered. They all shook their heads so I passed both bills over " enjoy" I told them and went back behind the counter and set out replacements from their orders. When they were finished Embry and Jacob came up to the register to pay.

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