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Breaking Point

Taming the Snake

“Never before, have I ever seen Snape act like that.” Draco spoke as Harry entered the astronomy tower. Folding his father’s cloak and placing it on the ground Harry nodded in agreement before moving to wrap his arms around his ‘enemy’.

“Personally, I think it was migraine induced madness.” Draco looked down at him in confusion.

“Snape has been more snappish of late since the games started, especially towards the gryffin's.” Snorting Draco held Harry tighter.

“I don’t blame him for that honestly, blimey even the damn twins were accepting bets against you in the dragon event!”

“Really, did you bet against me?” Harry asked nuzzling into Draco’s neck as he scoffed.

“Of course, it is expected of me - although if it means anything I had a ravenclaw bet double what I did for you to win.” Harry couldn’t help but let out a laugh as he leaned up to kiss his boyfriend. Draco smiled into the kiss and started moving Harry back towards the wall.

“Have you been able to figure out what the egg is?” Shaking his head, Harry dragged his hands down Draco's robes.

“Dray, I have Ron and Hermione helping me to figure it out, I came up here though to get away from all this tournament talk.” Harry whined and dropped his head on Draco’s chest. Chuckling, Draco kissed the top of Harry’s head.

“Glad to know the trio is back together, also I thought you came up here to help me tame something.” Harry smiled as his face heated up, until he heard a distinctive hiss come from a corner. Lifting his head Harry stared passed Draco and into the dark room.

“Dray, were you being serious about taming your snake - like an actual snake?” Draco let out a pained groan and lay his head on Harry’s shoulder.

“Sadly, yes. The bloody thing keeps acting up and now he follows me everywhere.” Laughing lightly, Harry moved around Draco and walked slowly towards the dark green boa constrictor.

“Hello, what's your name?” Draco repressed a shudder at Harry’s voice. Though he doesn’t understand what Harry is saying, his voice never sounded so sexy. The boa raised its head before tipping it forward.

“Loki.” Harry raised an eyebrow at Loki before turning back to Draco.


“I had him for a week before I could think of a name, he ended up creating a lot of mischief that my father compared him to Loki - the name seemed to fit.” Harry nodded and turned back to come face to face with Loki. Eyes widening, Harry changed his position from slightly bending down to slowly sitting down.

“So did you have a name before Draco had named you?” Loki nodded and looked to Draco.

“Before the boy, I was kept by a man who called me Demon.” Loki slithered up and around Harry’s shoulders as if about to tell him a secret. Draco watched with tensed muscles, worried his snake might bite Harry. Loki never really seemed fond of strangers.

“I do not hate my new caretaker and I prefer my new name, I just do not like that he is a child still.” Harry let out a conceding ‘hmm’ and moved to pick up the boa. Turning to face Draco, Harry smiled at him.

“He isn’t comfortable knowing his caretaker is still a child when he apparently is an adult, at least in snake years.” Draco let out a sigh of relief and sent an annoyed glance at Loki.

“Honestly, I believe my father had gotten Loki to babysit me since he was an older snake.” Loki quirked his head.

“If that was the parents goal, then that would be an easier task to accomplish.” Harry waited as Loki thought over the new information. Nodding his head, Loki slithered down Harry’s arm and waited for the boy to place him on the floor. Confused Harry stared at the retreating form of the snake.

“Where are you going, Loki?” Without looking back Loki continued on his way as he answered.

“If I am to be taking care of my charge then I should start by allowing him and his mate to finish what was started earlier, I shall be sure to keep away any unwanted visitors.” Harry blushed bright red at Loki’s words. Draco came up to his lover as he tensed.

“What did Loki say.” Clearing his throat, Harry tried to calm his heart.

“Uh, well - he…” Harry trailed off and Draco tried to hide a smirk.

“Harry, what did my snake say?” Ignoring the question and the rising heat, Harry turned to Draco and decided he didn’t like that smirk right now. Moving up to his boyfriend, he made sure Loki was passed the first steps before he grabbed his boyfriend’s collar and slammed their lips together. Draco reacted and pulled Harry towards him, backing up until they hit a wall.

Turning them around Draco let his hands wander down to Harry’s ass, giving the boy a light squeeze. Harry let out a groan and wrapped his arms around Draco’s shoulders. Letting his hands go lower, Draco gripped Harry’s thigh and picked him up, wrapping his legs around his waist. Both boys broke the kiss and let out a groan. Moving to nibble on Harry’s neck, Draco asked his question again.

“So, want to tell me now what Loki said to make you blush so handsomely?” Harry nipped at Draco’s ear.

“Hah, he said that - hnn, he would keep watch.” Harry let out a moan and arched his back when Draco bit into his neck. That was going to leave a mark.

“Well, maybe he isn’t as bad as I thought.” Draco said as he pulled back to admire his work on Harry’s neck. Looking up into bright green eyes and kiss bruised lips, Draco lost himself to the moment.

“Well, I’ll have to thank my father for him then.” He smiled and pulled Harry in for another kiss, losing themselves to each other and the fevered touches.

Gathering their clothes Harry remembered what Loki had called him, a small smile gracing his lips as he glanced at Draco. The blond boy returned the gaze and caught the expression.

“You seem happy.” Smirking the boy walked up to Harry to help with his tie.

“It was just something Loki said.” Curiosity filled Draco in an instant, nothing ever fazed the green eyed boy. Wrapping his arms around the shorter boy Draco just held him as he spoke.

“Come on cutie, tell me what he said.” Harry pulled away and started buttoning Draco’s shirt as he spoke.

“Well, Loki said if he was to take care of you then he should start by letting his charge and mate finish what was started.” Draco stiffened for a moment before relaxing.

“Dray?” Shaking his head, Draco continued to hold onto Harry.

“Promise me something Harry.” Leaning onto his chest Harry nodded his head. “Promise me that whatever challenge you face in the tournament you’ll come back to me.” Draco’s hold on Harry tightened to where he couldn’t move or see his lover’s face. Returning the embrace Harry spoke.

“I can’t promise that nothing bad will happen but I can promise that nothing can keep me away from you.” A hiss sounded behind them by the stairs. Looking behind him, Harry was able to spot Loki’s eyes.

“The cat that wanders the halls just passed.” Looking up Harry gave him a light smile.

“Except Filch, who is on his way up.” Draco’s eyes widened and both boys returned to finding and replacing their clothes. Loki slithered down the steps deciding to wait for the boy outside and make sure to keep the man and his cat away. Pausing for a moment to speak with Harry.

“Mr. Potter.”

“Yes?” Harry answered as he struggled to put on a shoe and his robe.

“Thank you for helping my charge to tame his snake.” Loki slithered away as he heard smothered laughter behind him followed by a resounding thud.

“Harry, bloody hell, what did he say now? Harry, stop laughing and get up - Filch is coming!” Loki chuckled to himself and looked forward to seeing the boys in the morning, for now he had a man and cat to scare away.

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