Breaking Point


Severus cast a quick tempus charm before gathering his things and getting ready to release his charge. Silently opening the door, he noticed his godsons head buried in his arms asleep and piles of parchment scattered on the desk and some scrunched around on the floor. Letting out a sigh, the man entered his classroom and walked up to the sleeping boy. About to wake him, he was stopped by a soft knocking on his door. Detention is done, and to his knowledge he only had one student but if he had had another then that person is in for double detentions.

Grimacing Severus put off waking his godson. Walking briskly to open the door, he is met with the sheepish figure of one Harry Potter. Green eyes widened as the met with obsidian ones.

“Professor Snape.” Arching an eyebrow Severus tried to hide a smirk.

“Mr. Potter, detention is over now. I hope you weren’t absent for it?” Harry looked confused for a moment before realization dawned on him. Shaking his head furiously he started to explain his presence.

“Sorry, no I didn’t have detention - at least not today, I actually came to see if Dra- I mean if Malfoy was still here?” Harry said as he inched a little to right to see into the classroom. Severus tried not to laugh and was amazed he succeeded. Leaning against the door frame he blocked Harry’s view earning him a pout.

‘Bloody hell has the boy always been this transparent?’

“And what may I ask do you need Mr. Malfoy for?” Harry stuttered for a moment until he spouted something of needing to return a book he borrowed. Shaking his head, Severus did chuckle this time.

“Harry, please you’re dating a Slytherin now and I am sure Draco has taught you how to lie better than that.” Harry seemed to have lit up brighter than the Christmas trees Hagrid brings in every year.

“How- who- why- we aren’t - I mean I’m not….” Covering his mouth Severus tried very hard not to laugh outside his classroom or it would ruin his image of being the mean and scary potions professor for anyone else who was wandering around. Running his hand through his hair Harry let out a groan and looked at his teacher in despair.

“Two questions, how did you know and how long have you known?” Looking back to make sure Draco was still asleep, Severus motioned for Harry to enter the classroom and moved them into his private room.

“Draco came to me about a week after you started getting ill and requested some potions from me to alleviate nausea and considering that was four weeks ago I have known about you two for four weeks.” Harry ignored theheat in his cheeks and kept his head down looking intently at the floor.

“Thank you, for the potions.” Severus shrugged.

“You know I care for you both, you more so than my idiot godson.” Harry chuckled at that and raised his head a bit.

“Also thank you for what you did that day.” Severus hummed for moment remembering the day in question. Looking sideways at the boy he gave him a stern look.

“How is the relationship with Weasley, improved?” Harry gave a slight nod. Severus returned it.

“Good, in times like these one needs friends - do they know about this?” He gestured to the door leading back to the classroom. Harry’s face flared and he nodded vigorously.

“Curiosity isn’t a sin but when it come to you Harry, there are times I wish it was banned - how did they find out?” Harry looked away to the side and muttered something. Harry felt the weight of a heated glare and repeated what he said.

“I walked into the common room wearing Draco’s robe and Ron noticed.” Severus could only stare at the boy as they stood. Letting it sink in for a moment, the potions master folded his arms over his chest and leaned back into his desk. The boy could feel the man's gaze wander over him in speculation.

“And why were you wearing Draco’s robe Mr. Potter.” Harry flinched at the suspicious tone in the older man's voice.


“‘Um’ is not an answer, Harry do we have to have a talk about the lion and the lamb.” Harry’s head shot up at that with wide, frightened eyes looking at the man. Shaking his head Harry pleaded with the man to show mercy.

“Oh, Merlin no - please twice was enough! Please no, Ron’s already given me the ‘talk’ and so had Hermione, with pictures!!”

‘Well fifty points to Weasley and 150 to Granger for scaring the boy.’ Severus huffed and stood straight. It’s already been thirty minutes since Harry’s arrival. Brushing off invisible dirt, Severus went to Harry and looked him straight in the eye.

“You know I love you, I love Draco as well but I did not raise him as I have you.” Harry nodded before giving the man he thought of as a father a hug.

“I know, I love you too - though please, please, please don’t give me the talk.” Severus did let out a laugh at that and ruffled the boy’s hair.

“One would think that after living with me and dating a Slytherin you would be better at hiding your emotions.”

“One would think that, yet let us not forget that I am a gryffin.” Moving away from each other and back towards the room that housed a sleeping dragon, Severus glanced sideways at his charge, a wry smirk appearing. Opening the door, Harry heard his adoptive father’s remark.

“Or a hufflepuff.”

“Oi-” Harry’s own response was cut off by another voice.

“Finally someone else sees it!” Both Severus and Harry turn to see a paper free desk and wide awake Draco, who was sitting on the table with a potions book in hand. Smiling he hopped off the table and moved to envelope Harry in a hug.

“I thought I was the only one who saw him as a hufflepuff.” Draco smiled up at his godfather before letting go of his lover.

“I’m still here you know.”

“We know.” Draco and Severus answered at the same time. Severus smiled at the pair as Harry fussed over Draco’s crooked collar. Rolling his eyes Draco simply pulled Harry in closer.

“Well, detention is over and I am assuming well past curfew,” Draco glanced at Harry before laying his head on his shoulder. “Want to sleep over, tomorrows a Saturday.” Severus cleared his throat and glared at his godson.

“Dad, we’re just going to sleep.” Harry huffed out.

“Right, just like your godfather Sirius only wanted to sleep.” Two pairs of eyes widened comically at that.

“Ew, dad that’s my godfather-”

“And my uncle!”

“That you’re talking about!” Severus looked at the pair knowingly.

“Right, nope - you, young man will be staying with me tonight and TOMORROW you both may go to Hogsmeade or wherever your little hearts desire. Until then we shall retire to our SEPARATE rooms.” Severus announced as he ushered both boys through his classroom and towards Slytherin house.

“But dad-”

“Uncle Sev-”

“I will not be made a Pop-pop during my son’s fourth year of school.” Draco’s complaints instantly died down, and now questions arose from Harry of what he means by that. It took a moment for him to realize that there were still certain aspects of wizard life that he had yet to share with his boy.

‘Well, there is no way in hell I am telling him that bit of history - perhaps I should send Sirius an owl?’

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