Time is For

One is for sweets

The singular chime finished its echoing course throughout the house as the butler made his way to his next set of tasks. The silence that was undisturbed by his steps, remained unbroken despite the tiny feet that followed behind him. He turned into the kitchen, holding the door open for his next guest. The tiny figure ran past him and took a seat on the marble counter.

" Good evening!" the boy crooked his head with a smile. Seeing the boy always threw the demon back, back to that room, those fools, that tiny hand reaching out and eyes burning with rage. But this boy was not his Young Master. His nearly exact photographic copy, perhaps less frail, and forever frozen at the age of ten. The other impossibly large difference between the two were their personalities.

The child before him was as though his innocence and life had never been stolen. His demeanor was a polar opposite of his raging, cold, haunted Young Master. It was strange to think that his Master had ever been anything like this, and the thought brought an ache to the demon's chest. He shook the feeling away and smiled at the boy.

" I must attend to my chores, Young Lord, but when I am finished would you care for a treat?" The boy's eyes, the same as his father's, twinkled as he nodded.

He took care to speed through his chores this time, finishing quickly and preparing a sorbet from the ingredients previously gathered. The boy kept his spot, kicking his legs to-and-fro. Their conversations were kept to a light banter and that was how the demon preferred it. The conversation was light, far from the topics of murder and royal duties and games and souls that he was used to. He offered the treats to the boy, bowing in full flare with a respectful " Young Lord". The boy giggled, licking enthusiastically at the frozen treat.

" You don't have to call me that! " Dainty teeth bit into the flavored ice.

" I'm not your lord, my brother is!" he smiled. The demon merely smiled, pulling the boy into his lap in a comforting embrace. He never could have done this with his Master. He would have been slapped for even daring to break the master - servant roles, let alone for having done something such as holding him like a child when there was no other need than simply wanting to. The joyful child in his arms seemed to beam like the sun was in his smile, always correcting the demon with a giggle and " I'm not your lord, just call me Peter!" He always enjoyed his time with Peter, who would follow him from task to task and brought a warmth to the manor that only an innocent child could.

But Peter was special to the demon.

For one to summon a demon, and not just happen upon one as how some do, blood needed to be spilled, a sacrifice made. It was his Master's rage and Peter's blood that had summoned the demon that had rescued and protected the surviving brother closed his eyes, remembering.

Who has summoned me?

Not this one.

Or him…

His eyes scanned across the room, searching. The limp body on the altar was so tiny, most certainly a child. The depravity of humans matches our own at times. He walked over to the body, examining it.

Grey hair, brown eyes wide in fear, tears still trailing from them. His pale skin was smeared with ugly bruises, what clothes he had barely covering the signs of the abuse. Ribs showing, starved.





Yes, this young child was sacrificed. Crimson soaked his shirt and ran from his lips, pooling onto the table. The dagger was still lodged in the child's chest.

He felt a slight pull to the boy's body, surely it couldn't have been him who had summoned him?

If he wasn't a demon, he would have startled when the boy's hand stretched out, gripping tightly to the demon despite the weakness.

" Save him!" The boy coughed, bloody spittle spraying out.

It wasn't an offer of a deal, the boy was already fading. It was a plea.

Demons do not answer a child's plea.

He turned to where he felt another pull stirring.

In a mucky cage, there sat the boy. Alive, well, and sobbing with horrified eyes.

Not the boy.

His twin.

The child's grip loosened and the demon stepped over the the cage. Already, he could feel the last traces of the boy's life dissipating.

" Please god, save him!" cried the boy in front of him, reaching out through the bars.

" Save Peter!"

his cries went ignored, but the demon did reply.

" You have given a big sacrifice. Now it's your choice whether to make a contract with a demon and have your wishes granted, or not."

" Anything, as long as you save him!" cried the boy, interrupting the demon.

"The price to cross the river has already been paid." The demon stated, nodding towards the body of the child's twin. He waited for the words to sink in. He watched in delicious anticipation as he saw the boy reach realization, and decision.

The Contract was formed.

" My, what a little Master you are."

His mouth split into a wide grin, not bothering to hide his glistening fangs.

" Destroy them all."

He chuckled, and obeyed his first order. When the massacre was over in all of five seconds and the boy released, the demon waited as his Master approached the body of his twin. Silence hung heavy, and then the sobbing. He stepped forward, but at his bloodied touch the boy swung around wildly.

" Don't touch me!"

He pulled back, waiting another twenty minutes for the child to stop sobbing.

And then he stopped.

" Take us away from here."

The demon obliged, lifting His Master to carry him off. He started kicking and screaming, his little arms bracing themselves against the demon's chest.

" What the devil are you doing? Take him too!"

His Master reached tiny hands out to his brother's corpse, the demon, without complaint, gathered the corpse into his arms as well.

" Yes, My Lord."

" Can… May I see him?" his voice was quiet, expecting rejection. He debated it. Deciding, he lifted the child up and carried him through the manor towards his brother.

Peter lay curled beside his sleeping brother, their difference in size testifying to how much the little Earl had indeed grown.

" When he… When your contract is fulfilled, what will happen?" he asked tenderly, his hand ghosting across his brother's face. The demon stood in the dark and spoke.

" Once the Young Master has his revenge, I will consume his soul." he watched the boy for reactions.

" Why do you want his soul?"

" … I am a demon, and My Lord's soul is exceptionally delicious… I covet every bit of it."

" No… You covet him. I've seen how you are with him. It is how Mother and Father are." he mused, examining how much his brother had grown without him.

" I like you. I would hate to cheat you of a meal… But i know you care more for him than you realise. And if he must die… please, don't take my brother from me."

tears welled up, and he shut his eyes to banish them. the clock began to chime, and peter ran to the side of the other specter that had appeared before waving to the demon and vanishing.

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