Time is For

Two is for lullabies

His Lord had begun another nightmare, but it was not his butler who comforted him.

His Lord's head rested in her lap as she hummed a tune to him and smoothed his hair back. He had only opened his eyes once, glazed over with exhaustion. This contact would only be a strange, nostalgic dream to him in the morning. Rachel Phantomhive cradled her son gently, a true mother still. When he was at peace, she still kept him in her ungloved arms. Finally, she turned her attention to the silent demon and smiled at him.

" You spoil him too much, he eats so many sweets." her remark was but a laugh.

" I believe he developed that sweet tooth whilst under your parenting."

she only laughed more, the sound soft like the breeze in the curtains, snow falling.

She said nothing for some time, she didn't need presence alone was enough to affect the demon. No one could make him feel ashamed more than she, the mother who had the same eyes as his Young Master.

" This child has seen too much pain."

Her eyes dimmed as sorrow dampened them, but she smiled at the demon. He could not reply, his tongue felt dead in his mouth.

" But he has you. And you have done a marvelous job of caring for him in our absence. With all that happened, all that he has lost, I feared he would never find peace again, never smile again. We left him an impossible life, one that wasn't fair to give him. He could have never have done this alone, no matter how strong he is. I see how he smiles when you've left his presence, always too proud to let you see the true effect you have. You help him to find peace, in little ways."

Never looking away, she read with ease what was heavy on his mind.

" No. I do not hate you. I cannot agree with your plan to take my son's soul, but I have faith that things will work out for the better. You do too, I know it."

Her words were like a blanket wrapping around him, soft, warm, suffocating. The image of his Young Master, always so cruel, cold, dignified - now vulnerable in his mother's arms… That image ruffled the aviary demon's feathers. He bowed respectfully, leaving His Master to be cared for by his mother, the one spectre that never came to see the demon, but to see her son and hold him once more. He could never be in her presence for long.

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