Time is For

Three is for winning

" Well, well, well, Mr. Perfect-Butler."

Her attitude towards him had never changed, even in death. She sat proudly, her legs crossed and a chess game laid out before her.

" Madame Red."

He bowed to the crimson woman. She winked at him, and began to move the chess pieces. It seemed she would let him work tonight, and as he did he could almost hear her and Ciel arguing over a game in the back of his mind.

" Damn it!"

The chessboard went flying, pieces scattering. Before all of them had even hit the floor, he had gone to work setting them to rights.

" Even against myself, I lose…"

She let her words sink into the air around them.

" I should have known what you are, even from the beginning. You were always too perfect."

She ran her hands through his hair as he bent by her to retrieve the last piece.

" Why did you make a contract with my nephew? Why did you not just accept the sacrifice, grant him one wish and leave him be?" She stared him down, she had always been more bold than the others in a way.

" I made a contract with him because it would not have been proper to leave my Master in such a state without setting things right."

He set the board up again as she began laughing.

" Putting things right?" she scoffed.

" That was never your responsibility! And your Master? He wasn't that yet, you owed him nothing."

He returned to his chores, not wanting to continue the conversation.

Her time slipped away as it had for the others.

Finally, he took the opposing seat and joined her game, moving his pieces.

" Madame Red, please understand that your surviving nephew was My Master from the moment I had been summoned."


" I've lost again."

The venom went from her eyes and voice as the clock began its tolling.

" I understand you were his from the start."

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