Time is For

Four is for a way out

In life, the demon had only found the detective annoying at first, and then a threat to His Master's fortitude in his choices. That was a different time, so long ago. Indeed, time seemed to pass so quickly for the demon and his Master, and with time comes change.

Now, the demon could not help that tug inside of him, wishing that the detective's words were not wasted on him, but offered to His Master in hope of change.

Abberline set to work helping the demon with his chores, despite the demon's refusal at assistance. He could not resist the surfacing memory of the detective's life, and his lasting moments. The pawn that had chosen to be on his Master's side when no one else wanted or was able to, the one person who saw Ciel as the child he was, and wanted to protect him.

Who had protected him, even when the Butler couldn't.

" You fool, damn you!"

The tip of the blade stuck unnaturally through the back of the detective as he stood, shielding the boy.

" Get away, Ciel."

" You're in my way, Inspector." Lau did not blink an eye at the dying man before him, pulling his sword out and letting the body fall.

Rising to strike again, he was met by the demon's hands stopping him. In two swift movements, he had been struck and retreated.

" Magnificent, My Lord. You win by virtue.. of your.. vice." The chinese drug dealer barely held his stance on his knees.

" Why Lau? Tell me!"

" The match is over. You've won quite handly as expected. I never had what it takes to play the game, I suppose."

Lau took his leave, Ran Mao in tow.

In the midst of such violence, a violence that had followed his Master for years, the demon had never seen His Lord concerned over any of his pawns' lives. And yet...

" Hang on Abberline! Just, hang on…"

" I'm glad… Ciel. I'm glad that… you're alright. I was just… like you. I lost my loved ones, and I thought... I would never get my family back. I - I thought that nothing would ever be the same… but I was so wrong. You can have your family."

" No I can't, what are you saying?"

" You do have a chance, Ciel. To move forward, and build a brand new future for yourself. Don't ever forget that. Promise… You won't..." The detective's hand came away from the boy's face, his eyepatch coming away with it, revealing the mark of his own damnation to the dying man.

And the boy did not notice.

" But there is no future for me, because… I gave it away."

The demon saw the look in his Young Master's eyes, and decided it was time to interrupt before the doubt in his choice took hold of the young boy.

His interruption had earned him a lecture, but it was more than that. His Master was yelling at him for consciously and willingly sacrificing a life that was not his to sacrifice, that of Detective Fred Abberline's.

" You do have a chance, Ciel. To move forward, and build a brand new future for yourself. Don't ever forget that. Promise… You won't..."

The demon at the time could only feel anger at Abberline for shaking his Master's resolve. Now, he could only wish that the man was around still to show his Master the way out.

Abberline worked merrily alongside the demon,too good of character to hold a grudge against the demon for what he knew he had done. No doubt, had he lived, he would have been a father figure to the lost child, would have reminded his Master of his own humanity.

He wiped his brow when the work was done, an unneeded habit from his living days.

" Work well done, eh Phantomhive Butler?" he laughed.

" Yes, sir."

" Well, my time here is almost done for now. If you could, please give him my regards, and please -"

" I know your message for him."

Abberline smiled at him, and left with the beginning chimes.

The demon remembered.

His Master's word was unbreakable.

His Master had given his word to the dying detective, to remember, without words.

The demon had seen.

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