Time is For

Five is for a promise






" Hello Black."

She was perched on the window sill, silhouetted against the barely lightening sky. She swung her legs to-and-fro, giving him a lopsided grin. Her light auburn hair falling across the space where an eye should have been.

" Hello, Doll."

He was done with his preparation work, and this hour was often the one he took for himself, to do whatever he pleased. For now, he was stationed in his Master's bedroom once again. The tight-rope performer stretched, lopping down from ledge and skipping over to him. He sat on the very edge of his Master's bed, just far enough away that should his Master move, he wouldn't feel his presence. Doll was less careful, dropping heavily onto the mattress.

" Black, I told you, don't call me that. I was never Doll."

Her smile thinned a bit.

" I was Freckles, for him."

She nodded to his sleeping form.

" But you know my name already."

She glanced back at him with her one good eye, a washed out shade of his Master's.

" ...Did he ever know my real name?"

The demon never took his eyes off of his Master's sleeping form.

" I located and compiled a file on you after the incident. Moira Ruth Ayre."

" So I take it you never told him then. Probably doesn't even know you have a file."

They sat in silence, listening to the boy's peaceful sleeping.

Doll moved, crawling on all fours to his Master's side. She stopped beside him, looking over his young face before resting her body down next to him. Her bad eye was revealed, burned by fire.

" He's so tiny. And warm, like a cuddly little kid. I liked sleeping with him, it was so comforting. Haha, in his sleep sometimes he would cuddle up to me and it was just so cute."

She brushed his hair out of his face, running her thumb under the shut contracted eye.

" I don't understand how someone so young… could become so hateful. Like that night… How much has he lost? But you know what, I know he wasn't always lying to me."

His Master seemed to sense her presence despite her lack of life. He shifted in his sleep, curling into her arms with a soft smile blooming onto his face. She held him to her tightly, even though she could no longer perceive his warmth nor could he perceive the chill of her body - the veil of death denied them that simple human comfort.

" See? So cute." she nuzzled her face into his hair, unable to feel its softness.

" Do you ever do this, eh Black?" she grinned at him, teasing knowledge gleaming in her eye.

" That would be i most inappropriate action between Master and Servant." He did not budge.

" Ah yes, Master and Servant... I wondered why you two seemed so very chummy. Always taking care of him like you did."

" I was simply fulfilling my duty."

" Oh it was more than that, Black. Even I can see that, and I'm half blind and dead."

Her words held little to no malice, yet he still felt a pain in his chest that made him flinch. Her death had been one order of his Master's that he had come to regret following. Her death, the death of one of the only friends his Master had ever had…. Yet another thread of his own humanity having snapped, letting him fall ever farther into the abyss of their contract.

" You know, I wanted him to be part of our family…"

She was smoothing her hand across his face again, the look in her eye moist with sadness.

" Really truly. But now… I see that he has a family. With those other servants, and you. I guess it's good that he didn't become part of my family. And… I'm sad. Sad that I can't feel him in my arms anymore. I'm sad that Joker and all of them, my family, didn't have the life of ease, but we had each other, and we couldn't have gone on like we did with the circus. So, thank you for stopping our horrible deeds. But I am sad it had to be final." her voice was quiet, drifting to a silent stop.

" What do you think would have happened if I hadn't…"

He waited to respond, thinking over it carefully.

" My Young Master was far gone at that time, his own trauma resurfacing. Distant though he may have been, I do not believe he would have Ordered me to end you. Given time, I am certain he would have tracked you down or released you depending your fate, and would have taken you to be part of our work force, or ' family', as you put it. Just as we have done for Snake."

She smiled, thanking him for taking care of Snake in their absence. Her eye closed, as if asleep. He let her be in silence, watching the sky as it lightened.

The sky shifted from dark midnight's hues to a semblance of blue, or grey. Her time would be over soon, as the sun would rise. She stirred from her place beside his Young Master, propping herself up on her elbows to look at the demon whose eyes were on the clock, watching the last minutes tick away.

" Time's almost done here, for now." She twisted herself to look over the boy beside her, leaning down and placing a kiss upon his brow before getting up. She crawled back to the edge and sat with the demon, staring down at her feet.

" You know…."

He watched her profile in the dim light, her sad smile gently growing hopeful.

" Your contract is to help him get the best possible revenge on those who tried to destroy him right?"

He nodded.

" You know, some people…."

She stretched, standing up on her toes and bounced halfway to the window.

" Some people say that the best possible revenge on those who tried to destroy you, is to show them that they didn't. Live the fullest life you can live, rebuild, and show them that they failed."

Abberline's message, all of their hopes, had been echoed back to him.

She craned her neck to look at his Master again.

" He's gonna be cold without me to keep him warm. Keep him warm for me, eh Black?"

Her smile said everything that was hidden in that request.

Keep him alive.

Keep him happy.

Keep his humanity.

Keep him warm.

The sun's first rays peaked over the treeline, blasting with slow elegance through the window panes. Her figure was silhouetted against the brightness, and in the brilliance flashed herself in her old costume, for a very brief moment before returning to her old self.

" Keep him smiling for me, okay? Promise me, Sebastian."

His name left her lips with a heavy force, fluttering its way to the demon as its source faded into the dawn's light.


Not demon, not butler, not devil, hell-fiend or any other name.



A human's name placed upon a demon, a heavier burden than he had been prepared for.


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