Time is For


Brilliant light spilled into the room, burning red into the back of the boy's mind as he stirred awake.

What a strange dream….

Not only could he remember the flowery scent of his mother's perfume and her lullaby, but he had also felt warmth, a soft body to curl into, one he had not felt for a long time.

Doll… No, Freckles...

What had been her real name? He had never learned.

Determined not to let such sad things weigh upon him so early in his day, he wiped at his eyes and moved to get up.

He was restrained.

Squirming until he made a full turn onto his side, he nearly yelped with surprise, immediately on edge.

" What the hell, demon?" he exclaimed, trying to push himself away from the fiend beside him.

He opened his burgundy eyes, holding the softest expression as he looked upon his young lord.

" You grew cold, I am keeping you warm."

The boy only managed a muttering of incoherent syllables.

" Good Morning, Ciel."

His name, spoken by his own death, felt so foreign. Yes it had been spoken before, though very rarely and never so softly. Hearing it come from his own butler's lips was so much more… personal.

The demon considered discussing the change in the terms of the contract with the boy, and decided against it. Ciel was so convinced of his own inhumanity that he would quickly have rejected the change in terms. The butler simply had to change things over time, and let the boy realise the truth on his own.

" You've grown quite frigid, allow me to keep you warm, please Ciel."

There it was again, his name. So soft, so very soft and so were his eyes, his touch. Ungloved, Ciel could feel his demon's fingers as they brushed through his hair.

" … Alright, Sebastian."

Sebastian smiled as Ciel surrendered into his embrace, burying his face into the his chest. He planted a small, lighter-than-air kiss upon the boy's hair. Ciel smiled into the jacket of Sebastian's butler uniform. His tea grew cold beside a manila file on the silver tray also containing two pocket watches, one silver and one blacker than black. The black one was open, in the shell of it's cover was a photograph of the two, soul and demon, master and death, Ciel and Sebastian.

The hands of the watch spun insanely, never stopping like an erratic heart beat.

Infinity in years.

Infinity in days.

Infinity in hours.

Infinity in minutes.

Infinity in seconds.

Infinity is for the two of them.

Keep me warm, Sebastian.

Yes, Ciel.


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