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Between The Moon And The Sun


Fate has brought them together once again. But will a false marriage, money, and pain bring them apart again? Or will their timeless love conquer all obstacles? (Fan fiction of BTS)

Romance / Drama
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1. With You

Crying is all I do. Because it makes me feel alive. I am scared, hungry, tired, and mortified.
My surroundings are dark, I can barely see two feet in front of me. But what is to be expected, in a situation such as mine. I’ve been kidnapped from everything and everyone I know.
I want my dad and my mom. I want to see sunlight and eat kimchi with grandma.
But why am I here?
“Shut up or I will make you!” I hear a sharp voice. A man is standing somewhere near me. I can smell alcohol. He sounds mean and that only makes me want to cry longer.
I scream in terror.
“Have the parents contacted you?” I hear another man.
“The money will be deposited later today, that was the deal”
I kept crying. Where was I? It smelled musty and like fish. I was so scared that my body would not stop shaking.
“I’m glad we got rid of the other kids, now we only have these two.”
I scream louder. Were they going to kill me?
I feel rough hands grab my face squishing my cheeks tightly to the point I scream in pain.
His face comes into view and my body goes cold. His eyes are black, pitch black. Like two holes that have no ending. They stare at me as if to swallow me whole. So cold and empty. No signs of emotions. If I ever drew those eyes, they would be black bottoms. Completely empty.
He flashes his knife in front of me and all I do is shake like a broken machine and cry.
“If I hear another scream I will cut your tongue and make you eat it”
“She is just scared!” I hear a soft voice to my left. A boy. Who until now had remained quiet.
“SHUT UP!” the man smacks the boy with force i hear a thud somewhere next to me and a whimper.
The man grabs my hair and throws me in the direction the voice from the boy came from. my back hit hard concrete and I started coughing on the dust.
“Watch it!” The other man growls. “We said we would return them without a scratch”
“Any type of sound from you and we will return you to your family in pieces” he had to say no more. Fear locked itself in my body and I went stone cold.
I did not want to die. I heard the men walk away from us and I stare to the darkness in mute.
“Hey... you ok?” I hear the boy ask.
I don’t answer. If I speak, I will die.
I hear him get closer, his body bumps against me.
“Its okay, I will protect you” he says, and his words bring tears to my eyes. But I let them fall silently.
Whoever he was, i was thankful he was here with me.
“I have candy” he says cheerfully. I could not hear the men so they must have left us alone.
“I always carry these with me” he adds as I hear him grabbing something from his pant pocket.
“My grandma says the only way I behave is with candy. She she always packs these for me” his voice cracks and I can tell he is as scared as me.
Was be being strong for me?
“Here” he finds my hands in my pockets and presses a lollipop stick to it.
I take the lollipop and start eating it, grateful for the strawberry flavor.
“Its ok, we will be okay” he places a hand around my shoulders and brings me close to him.
I let my head rest on his shoulder. Glad for the warmth and the instant feeling of comfort. Like if he were someone who I already knew.
“By the way, my name is...”


“Wake up” i hear him whisper. It felt long ago when the men found us together. They took the lollipop from me and started to kick the boy when he used his body to block the hits from the man from reaching its target, me.
The boy was so brave. He took each hit while all i could do was cry. I could not make a sound.
But he hugged me afterwards, as if I wefe the one who needed it. He was badly i Jared because of me. But regardless I hugged him back. And cried silently while he stroked my hair. I knew he was in pain, his breathing was uneven. But I fell asleep wishing to have the strength to protect him the same way he did for me.
“This is our chance” he whispers urgently. “Wake up, please”
So I do.
Everything is quiet near us except snoring somewhere in the room. It is so dark. I cannot see except a silver line far ahead of me.
It was the outside.
“They drank themselves to sleep, luckily for us they left an escape”.
He helps me up and I hold on to his hand tightly. We had to be quiet. Any noise and that could have been the end of us.
He led me blindly through the dark, our one goal the crack leading to the outside.
I hear a noise next to me. As if someone were moving and I freeze. Freeze like a statue because our lives depended on it. After a few minutes. He starts to lead the way.
I felt a hand touch my ankle and my heart almost exploded. I stop to see what would come next. But the hand moves away as if the man were lost in sleep.
We keep moving.
When we reach the door we don’t even attempt to open it more to give us room through.
The boy squeezes his body through and i follow through with more ease.
Outside I don’t even stop to take a breath of fresh air. He grabs my hand and we run in the night.
We do not stop. Not for a long time. Not even when we stumbled and heaved for breath. We kept going because freedom was once again ours and we could not loose it again.
Dawn came, I don’t know when exactly. But we were able to see more around us. We were running along the shoreline of a beach. The waves crashing lightly against the shore. It smelled fresh and new.
It smelled like freedom.
My legs gave out and I let go of his hand and fell on the damp sand.
I had lost all my strength. The little I had left.
“I think we can rest now” he said grabbing me by the shoulders. I leaned all my weight on him and eventhough I knew he was more tired than I. He did not complain. Hr simply let himself be the support I needed. Again putting me before his own needs.
We walked towards a large rock that was facing the sea. We hid behind it where it looked towards the water and made us feel like we were inside a small cave.
I sat down on the sand while the boy looked around for any signs of the men.
There were none. We were alone. There were no signs of houses, cars, or people. Just the sea, rocks, and us.
“We must wait. I know someone will find us” he sat next to me and patted my head.
“You are safe now” he said. I was finally able to look at his big eyes, black hair and box smile. He was adorable.
“By the way, I am 8 years old” he said proudly, smiling as if nothing bad had happen. His face was full of cuts and bruises.
“And you?”
I counted with my fingers, 7.
“Than it is my duty to protect you as the oldest” and I smiled. Because he was already my protector.
We sat in silence for i do not know how long. I played with the water and the sand while the boy watched and laughed. Always keeping an eye out for us.
In the sand I found two identical sea shells. They were the same size, two halves. They were the color of cream, pink, and orange.
I hand him one half and show him the other, mine.
“For me?”
I nodd. That was the least I could do for him.
“I will always keep it with me” he smiles down a the sea shell and hides it in his fist which he places against his chest.
I will always keep mine with me too. It would be like always having him with me.
When we were found later that day by a group of police officers we were happy but at the same time sad.
They were pulling us apart.
“Im not letting her go!” The boy yelled as we hugged each other.
“Kid. You are both safe now. Let me take you to your parents”
“Take us together!”
Until the very end he remained with me. When they took him away he was thrashing, kicking and crying. Trying to reach out for me. All i could do was cry silently.
“Oppa!” I scream. Realizing that my fear had made me silent. I never thanked him. And I never saw him again.

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