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The sounds behind the door


Three kids got a little too curious about the janitors door and started plotting a plan to get behind the mysterious door.

Rasheed Markland
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First day of school

Judith's POV

"Why is it so dark"I thought to myself. "Judith Judith" I heard the voice of someone calling. "Who goes there?" I asked. "Mom it's 8:00 I don't want to be late for the first day back to school" she said. "Ok ok am up" I told her. "Go take Shower am going to make you breakfast" I said. "Mom I already ate took, a shower and got ready for school" Julia said. "Then why did you wake me up?" I asked. "I woke you up because you have work in 30 minutes and I didn't get my lunch money" she said. "Ok hun go downstairs I'll be there in 5" I told her. I brushed my teeth, grab my purse and went downstairs. "Mom the bus is here!" Julia shouted. "Here's your lunch money have fun" I said while kissing her on the forehead.

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