Between a bear and a dark place

Chapter 37

There were strange events that people would argue had occurred throughout all of existence, but none were as strange to Kili as the feeling of waking suddenly and inexplicitly from seemingly nowhere and everywhere at the same time.

"That's it lad. You're alright. You're safe."

Slowly Kili's breathing returned to normal, his heart losing that frantic and fast paced beat of panic. A hand brushed over his head, stilling the young dwarf's restless twitching. The brunette let out a small gasp and another and another as he tried to release the pain that had replaced his blood.

"Kili? Can you hear me? Can you understand what I am saying?"

The pain within him seemed to build and fade with every heart beat. It would disappear into something bearable for a fragment of a moment before it returned in full along with the life giving thump of his heart.

"Kili. Kili look at me."

The young brunette whined, fingers bending and then releasing as he tried to find purchase on the slippery material beneath them. His eyes roved around in their sockets, seeing everything and perceiving nothing. It was all colours and shapes. There was nothing familiar to hold onto, nothing that Kili could use to anchor himself to the world in his consciousness.

"Focus on my voice. Listen to it and follow it."

The confusion was almost enough to make Kili want to fade back into sleep, yet he refrained from doing so. Something inside him rebelled at the thought and the young dwarf had the smallest of feelings that should he fall back asleep it would not be entirely natural or good. Still he did not want to remain in a world where he could not understand what was happening around him.

"Kili, focus. Focus on me and only me."

The words seemed to weave their way into the young dwarf's head, attaching themselves to the only part of his brain that could make sense of anything. The voice was familiar, reassuring in the way only something recongisable could be. It continued to speak to the lad, the sound drawing his gaze to the space from which it originated. The blurring colours began to clear and shapes became more prominent and defined. Kili blinked as his uncle's face appeared before him.

"There you go," the blue eyed dwarf said, a small smile of relief dancing upon his lips. Thorin ran one thumb over his nephew's head once before moving aside to let Oin take his place.

Kili looked up at the healer, the ghost of a grimace laid like a mask over his face. The older dwarf smiled sympathetically down at the young lad even as he began to collect up several items of his trade into his hands.

"You gave everyone a bit of a scare there," Oin said conversationally as he went about his work, peering into Kili's brown eyes one at a time. "But now you seem to be able to understand me. Am I right?"

Kili gave a slight nod of his head as he followed the healer's actions. The brunette winced as hands ran over the bandages that did nothing to attempt to blend in with the natural colour of his skin. He pressed deeper into the bed at the pain that still flowed through him, thinking that if he somehow managed to melt into the sheets the pain would be left behind. Still, the agony was not so bad that it sent him scuttling back to the black abyss he had come from.

Not pausing in his movements, Oin spared the youth a glance. "What is your name?"

Kili opened his mouth, closed it and swallowed before opening it a second time. "Kili." His mouth felt as dry as the brittle wood they used for the fireplace in the winter months.

"And where are you?"

Kili's eyes flicked up to the ceiling above him and then to the walls that supported it. "My room." The young dwarf swallowed again, his throat constricting uncomfortably at the lack of relief it received.


A small tug at his hand drew Kili's eyes to where his brother sat, blonde hair falling over the older dwarf's blue eyes. A cup was secured in Fili's hand, the faint sound of liquid sloshing away inside of it the sweetest of music to his younger brother's ears. Kili felt his head being lifted and the wood of the cup being pressed to his lips. The brunette drunk with no small amount of greedy relief, water falling upon the desert that was his throat in a painfully soothing way.

As the miraculous cup was drawn away the young dwarf let out a small puff of air, grateful that at least part of his discomfort had been vanquished. His brown eyes drifted back to the healer that still stood over him finishing up with his assessment of the injured dwarf.

"I take it you are in pain."

It was not a question, but Kili still nodded in answer. Old eyes met young and the former softened in temperament.

"The drink your brother gave you should help to numb it," Oin told the lad. The healer then turned to face where Thorin was hovering near the bed. "He is as fine as he can be, though there is still a way for him to go to recover. I will look at his wounds the next time I come."

"Thank you," Kili's uncle replied, his words sincere. The regal dwarf began to help gather up Oin's equipment, holding the door open for the healer. Shooting his nephew one final glance coupled with a twitch of the lips and a happy gleam in his eye, Thorin departed as well.

"I'm glad to see your eyes open," a feminine voice said as the door drifted shut. Dis stepped forward from where she had been watching in the corner, no longer having the need to hang back and let Oin finish his work.

Kili smiled at his mother, the calm aura that seemed to surround her slowly mingling with his own mind. His fingers fiddled with his brother's as Dis sat beside him, the female dwarf creating a sloping curve in the bed. She reached out a hand to brush against the cheek closest to her, eyes as blue as her eldest son's filled with the kind of love only a mother could possess.

"You will make me age before my time, which would be very unladylike," she told her youngest, ruffling his hair a little.

Kili just stretched one corner of his mouth further up, albeit not that much further for as far as moving went he seemed to be able to do very little. This did not worry him though. The youth was content to just lay there and allow his mother to coddle him as she always did whenever either he or his brother were hurt.

"Between you, your brother and your uncle I'm surprised that I look as young as I do." Dis spared a glance towards the elder brother, the crinkles at the corners of her eyes softening the words.

"I'm not the one that's always getting into trouble," Fili protested, taking up the challenge. "I'm the one that gets Kili out of it."

"Only after you get me into it," Kili responded, the words slow but clear.

His brother stared at him with indignity. "And how do I get you into it?"

"By putting ideas into my head," hummed back the younger dwarf. He was feeling lighter, not as weighed down by the pain. Whatever concoction of Oin's he had been given seemed to be working well.

"I have never done such a thing." Fili's blue eyes sparked with outraged denial. "Mother, tell him I have done no such thing."

Dis only shook her head. "Not intentionally perhaps, but half the wild ideas that got into your brother's head when he was younger were put there by you to begin with."

"What? No. That can't be right." Fili continued to splutter his way through another tide of words while his brother chortled at him from the bed.

The female in the room smiled at her sons' antics. "It is good to see you smiling," she said as she rested her hand on her youngest's forehead one last time.

Dis planted a kiss next to her hand, before leaning to plant another on Fili's cheek. She then stood and excused herself as she vacated the room to where her own brother seemed to be collecting something in the kitchen.

"I'm glad you're awake."

Kili switched his gaze from his mother's back to his brother's head.

"I was so…worried." It was clear Fili was trying to keep a hold of his emotions and not let them spiral out of control. "When you wouldn't wake it was…it was…"

"I'm awake now," Kili said giving his brother's hand a small squeeze. Then he yawned, his weakened state finally deciding enough was enough and that it needed to rest. "Don't leave me."

Fili shook his head. "Never, nadadith. Never."


Nadadith - little/younger brother

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