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Yamiyo Watanabe


In this story Yamiyo Watanabe (my OC) came back to her only home she ever knew after running away from her old friend Katsuki Bakugo after he hurt her with his quirk one day she was abducted and trained by villain's for 11 year's her trainer Yuki or Auntie to her was one of the only people who honestly loved her the other person was the apprentice of All For One Tomura Shiguraki for 11 year's Yamiyo had been abused by the other trainer's and had became suicidal until her friend and Auntie set her free by braking her out now she has come back home as a 15 year old girl who had grown in grace and beauty she only saw a monster in herself though but what happen's when she come's back and meet's a Pro Hero named Eraser Head... reader come join me to find out!💖 @julianbiss1 @lady_constellation_21

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'Yamiyo Watanabe'

I was sitting alone ever since me and my family moved here no one would play with me I was lonely then this kid with green hair came up to me "why are you crying" he asked me "because nobody like's me" I told him he offered me a hand to help me up "well I'll play with you and I'm sure Kacchan will to" he told me I took his hand and got up "thank you I'm Yamiyo, Yamiyo Watanabe" I told him while holding his hand smiling and walking with him "I'm Izuku, Izuku Midoriya- Kacchan!" He shouted and we ran to a ash blond boy with red eye's "what is it Deku?" He asked he seemed mean he was scary then he saw me and yanked Izuku away from me "huh-" "stay away from her Deku!" He yelled at Izuku "why she seems nice and she was lonely" he told him it took some time but soon me and Katsuki became friend's but soon one day he took the trust I gave him and threw it away and hurt me.

Time Skip

"Katsuki stop it" I shouted getting mad at him "or what Shadow!" He yelled he called me that saying how evil I am but I'm not "or else I'll hurt you" I said getting mad my eyes began to glow there purplish dark color but only a little then Izuku got between us "Yamiyo Kacchan stop it" then Katsuki pushed him down and attacked me he scratched my eye and it was very deep it would leave a scar and it was three marks over my left eye it hurt "ah!" I screamed my eyes became a glow with tiny pupils my hand covered my eye my teeth in a snarl tears ran down my face with blood as my what used to be nails were now black claws ready to attack he was scared then Izuku got up and got in front of me "Yamiyo p-please don't hurt him he didn't mean it" he begged "Izuku move this doesn't concern you" I said hate in my voice "Y-Yamiyo I can't do that" he said I lost my temper "Deku! Move" venom laced my voice he was scared Katsuki was scared then shadow's appeared around me darkness became relevant "Yamiyo stop!" I heard Izuku yell that made me stop "I-I'm sorry" I yelled running away from them, I was captured by villains and 'trained' in a word when I escaped I only used my quirk for good it was called 'Queen's Shadow' I could do anything with shadows even become one I could also fuse with people but I didn't really anymore but if I was going to fight then then my eye's would glow and my nails become black claws after that I had one purpose to me to find Izuku and Katsuki.

Present Day

I walked the street's wearing my leather jacket combat boots black skinny jeans and my hood on it was attached to my jacket my gas mask on and scarred eye covered with my long flowing no litteraly defying gravity black hair it would move similar to how shadows on horror movies do I had finally found Izuku and Katsuki I had heard he tried to save Katsuki from a slime like villain 'typical' was all that ran through my mind with a smile I wanted to find him and Katsuki and atleast apologize I had never lived down my guilt I even gave myself nightmares so I could never forgive myself I have to find them I knew that U.A would be excepting soon so I would most likely find them there "so all I can do now is wait" I muttered to myself and kept walking to the beach I wanted to clear my mind when I got there I took my mask off and breathed in the salty air and smiled I removed my hood my hair was clean since I found a stream not to long ago I was fairly simple though men of all ages said I was beautiful but all I ever saw in any mirror was a monster then freaking All Might came up behind me I was never a huge fan but he was cool none the less "hello young miss shouldn't you be at home" he asked oh that hit hard "I uh I don't have a home" I told him with a dry laugh his demeanor changed "oh my deepest apalagies" he told me I laughed a bit "it's okay y'know my friend he looks up to you I think I see why" I said a sad smile present "oh really why" he asked "because you arnt afraid of talking to monster's that and your cool" he seemed puzzled "I can't say I understand" he said I turned around "you might but lets face it not even a pro could understand me" I said and turned into a shadow fading away from sight I went back to the beach but in a different area and laid down and went to sleep.

Time Skip

I woke up to someone shaking me I looked up to see a boy with green hair, Izuku '...shit...' I thought he gave me a sad look "hello Yamiyo" he said "hey Izuku" I said, and then I woke up and saw I was still on the beach and 'shadow telaported' I was aware my mother was dead and my father was now a villain I reappeared in a suburban neighborhood hood my old neighborhood and walked to Katsuki's house I went up to the door but I couldn't do it I couldn't knock on the door so I turned around and went back to the front gate entrance and sat down it started to rain so I just sat in fetal position to stay warm I let a few silent tears run down my face then Katsuki came out and saw me and unfortunately he came up "hey, no homeless around here, so get" he told me I looked up "and where would I go Katsuki? After all I'm homeless, basically orphaned and lonely" his eye's widened when I finished talking "Shadow?" He asked as he bent down and moved my hair "yeah, I-I am so sorry you shouldn't forgive me in fact y-you should h-hate m-me a-and I don't expect you to want me here but I-I can't go not without knowing you got a-an apology a-and I know I'm nothing but a monster-" he put his hand's to my mouth and wiped away my tears "your rambling Shadow and I will forgive but I won't help you now go find somewhere dry for the night and day it's gonna rain all day" he told me my whole world fell apart hearing that but I deserved it "okay" I faded into a shadow and went to our old park and went under a slide and fell asleep again I woke up to being hit with rock's "huh?- ouch! Stop" I said I saw it was two boy's one with a stretch quirk and the other I couldn't tell they kept throwing stones and rocks "stop. I don't want to hurt anyone" I told them catching a rock they left in a mater of seconds after seeing my glowing eye's I sighed and got up "might need to find a new place to sleep for a while" I muttered to myself and faded away into a shadow then it stopped I fell to the ground "ow..." I said I pulled up my mask and reached down to my boot for my wolf dagger it's handle had a carving of a wolf howling and a Celtic knot it was very beautiful but I never used it unless I had to but since my quirk faltered I went for it just in case I tried to use my quirk again to leave but it didn't work I looked around and saw a hero with black hair and goggles I spun my dagger around "I'd rather not harm you" I told him "then simply explain you circumstance" he told me "I'm a homeless basically orphaned unenroled in a school 15 year old girl whom escaped from villains at age 11 and came back to the only home she ever knew" I told him truthfully his hair dropped and I tested my quirk with a small shadow in my palm "what's your name?" He asked me I thought for a moment "first yours" I said putting my dagger away "Eraserhead" he told me "well if were doing that then I'm Shadow" I let out a small laugh, he chuckled "touché, Shota is my name, Shota Aizawa" he said "alright then my name is Yamiyo, Yamiyo Watanabe" I told him we talked for some time and he offered me the chance to go to school and live with him and his family "you'd do that for me?" I asked him he nodded "of course I don't do this for everyone" I swiped up the deal and apparently him and his husband Hizoshi Yamada have a son named Hitoshi Shinso and a little girl named Eri "everyone meet Yamiyo Watanabe she'll be staying here" he told them "Hi! Pleasure to meat ya!" Hizoshi praticaly screamed at me "um hello to you as well Mr, Yamada" I said holding my ear's "Hey" Hitoshi said simply "Hey there" I said waving shortly with one hand then I felt a pair of tiny hand's on my jeans "ooohh" I heard I turned around and saw little Eri "Hello to you to" I said floating her into my arm's using shadow's she was a bit nervous "is something wrong Eri?" I asked her "you have a curse too" she said moving my hair before I could react "yeah, it's really is a curse for us, huh?" I asked her she nodded a small smile "but your lucky dad and papa are great at helping people with curses" she said enthusiastically I smiled "phew~ what a relief I was scared at first they couldn't help me" I told her smiling she looked at me and noticed blood on my well everything "ah! Y-your all bloody!" She screamed 'Fucking shit!' I mentally screamed "oh yeah I just got a little hurt" before anything Hizoshi had grabbed me away from everyone and started to treat my wounds then he moved down to my arms they were scarred for two reasons his eyes widened and his hands went over his mouth with a pained expression "oh my god, SHOTA!" he screeched then Aizawa came in "what 'zoshi?" He asked "look at her wrists" he said Aizawa looked at them and shock covered his face "don't worry there 4 years old" I clarified they calmed down and wrapped them up and finished treating my wounds when suddenly Hitoshi appeared no I swear he appeared out of no ware and gave me a heart attack "so I know we'll go to the same school but dose this make you my sister?" He asked I looked to Yamada and Aizawa "ask them" I said they looked at each other and nodded "welcome to the family Yamiyo" Hizoshi smiled my blank expression changed into one of shock and amusement "family huh? Been a long time since I had one of those" I said with dry laugh the faces around changed into ones of pain and pity when suddenly I felt someone hugging me "uh" my eyes were wide and my shadow like hair stopped moving and slumped over my shoulders as my muscles tensed I didn't know what to do I forgot what this was like "well now you do" I heard Aizawa mumble as Yamada hugged me then I snapped and tears rushed down my face as I smiled hugging back "yeah I do" I muttered and wiped away the tears rushing down I spent every waking moment training with Aizawa, singing with Yamada, playing with Eri, and talking and joking with Shinsou I finally have a family it was very nice and perfect and I found out a few things one was I had bipolar depression and I was put on medication but I don't go to the therapy I was suggested and I am a cat person I mean how can you not love these sweet cuddly creature's I also apparently suck a yatzy.

Word count: 2176

AN: I made this as a back ground story for my newest OC and I'm actually a full supporter for this idea in the fandom where Eraser Head and Present Mic are wed and Shinsou and Eri are there children so if you aren't a fan you might wanna avoid most of my Fan Fic's on here. Also please don't forget I have dyslexia and auto correct is a bitch also in my fanfic Eri will be present the whole time and won't be found with overhaul like in the T.V. series! Well that's all. Bye! °w°

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