Come on we know what a bts group chat imagine is , right army? My first book on here so hope you enjoy and have fun. bark bark woof- Yeontan

Adventure / Other
Yeontan >:)
Age Rating:

-Meeting- pt.1

Namjoon: hey feels quite different?

Jin: what's different? me being handsome as always was always the same

Namjoon: ........

Namjoon: no Jin.

Hoseok: hm?nothing is different well to me

Jungkook: Jin hyung i'm bored can we play that rp game i was talking about ;-;?

Jin: hyung will come there in a bit jungkook-ah

Jungkook: alright

*Jungkook went offline*

Namjoon: probably just me then...

Hoseok: maybe, well i'll go offline now

Jin: same bye everyone. WWH out.

* Jin went offline*

Hoseok: talk later Namjoon :)

Namjoon: hm, yeah okay, bye

*Namjoon & Hoseok went offline*


Hope you guys will read the following chapters coming soon. Bye and have a good day.

bark bark-Yeontan

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