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The Doctor's Dialga


The Doctor and Rose are returning from the parallel universe, when the TARDIS is struck by another lord of time in the vortex.

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The Doctor's Dialga

The Doctor was messing with the controls in the TARDIS zipping about to and from, from one console to another. Rose who usually stayed close and smiled at the Doctor’s antics, instead hung back, leaning against the coral supports her eyes on her feet.

"So!" The Doctor said pulling a lever which made a click and the TARDIS shudder once before the ship continued to hum traveling through time and space. "We've left that Parallel universe behind, old girl's feeling much better now. Where to next?" He asked grinning, turning back to look at Rose, his smile faded when the girl failed to look up from her feet. Frowning the Doctor turned from the console and walked over to her.

"Rose?" He asked quietly reaching out a hand to touch her arm, Rose snapped out of her trance and lifted her head to look at him.

"Oh, sorry, what's up?" She asked forcing a smile, although it looked more like a grimace.

The Doctor's expression didn't change. "I know it's hard to leave a friend behind." He began reaching a hand back to rub the back of his head sighing. "But, you have to accept Mickey's decision, besides he's much happier where he's at. " Then he smiled a bit. "He won't feel like a third wheel as much."

The corner of Rose’s lips twitched up in the start of a real smile. "He wasn't a third wheel."

The Doctor chuckled shoving his hands into his pockets. "Well when you've got us on the case not much he can do. We're just awesome that way."

Rose raised an eyebrow. "Awesome?" She echoed with a snicker.

The Doctor held up his hands in a helpless gesture. "What, it's one of those words that the Americans like to use; I thought I'd take it with us back to London." He said grinning as he rocked back on his heels, "So!" He said dashing back over to the console. "Where would you like to go?" He asked messing with the controls once more

Rose opened her mouth to speak, when the TARDIS jolted to the side. Rose gasped losing her balance and tipped backwards. The small of her back slammed into the railing making her grunt, but her hands grabbed at it to get a grip and keep herself from falling. The Doctor was thrown back from the console and into the captain's chair. Frowning the time lord lunged back towards the console, gritting his teeth he grasped the controls and held on tight to keep his balance while he turned a wheel. The TARDIS righted itself and for a moment things were quiet and the Doctor let out the breath he was holding. Only for the TARDIS to then be jolted to the other side, only the Doctor’s tight grip on the controls kept him from going face first into the console.

"What's happening?" Rose asked her knuckles white from maintaining her death grip on the railing behind her, her feet planted on the ground to keep from falling.

The Doctor gritted his teeth keeping his grip on a portion of the console for balance, reaching a hand out for the screen attached to the console. He grabbed it and spun it towards him to look at it, his eyes scanning the image catching a glimpse of one large red eye and a flash of silver and blue moving around the TARDIS. Then it got larger on the screen followed by a bang on the outside.

"We're being attacked," He said pushing back the screen to brace for another harsh jolt that nearly knocked the Doctor off his feet.

Rose paled, that was not good. "Did the Cybermen hitch a ride?" She whispered.

The Doctor frowned but didn't say anything gripping onto the console with one hand as he messed with the controls with the other.

A loud roar shook the TARDIS.

The Doctor glanced up. "That didn't sound like Cybermen." Suddenly the TARDIS console began sparking, the ship shuddering violently as blue and indigo energy flashed from the outside of the TARDIS. Alarms blared as the Doctor frowned pulling levers and flipping switches trying to get the ship back under control.

Another roar sounded and Rose looked desperately to the Doctor.

"Doctor what do we do?" She cried, this was the first time something had attacked the TARDIS, and in the time vortex no less.

The Doctor ran a hand through his hair. "We land. Whatever that thing outside did, it's messing with the TARDIS's controls. There's a planet nearby, we land there and confront our attacker, try to reason with it." He said flipping a few switches and pulling a lever making the console come to life with light. The TARDIS’s systems working to get them to the nearby world.

Rose winced the TARDIS shuddering from another hit, though it wasn’t as hard of a hit. Another roar sounded, then faded away like it’s owner was fading into the distance. Then there was a soft thud and the TARDIS was still. For a moment Rose and the Doctor didn’t move, didn’t say anything just glanced up, waiting to see if anything happened. After a few tense seconds, the Doctor let out a sigh and straightened up.

Rose heaved a sigh of relief loosening her grip on the railing. She flexed her hands moving her fingers to ease out the kinks. "Is it gone?" She asked

"For now it seems," The Doctor said studying the screen frowning.

Rose moved over to him. "Where are we?" She inquired.

The Doctor took a deep breath studying the screen before shaking his head and looking up at Rose. "I don't know," He mused tapping the screen then broke out into a grin straightening up. "Right then, let's go out and see!" He said snagging his coat and tossing it on heading for the doors Rose following after him. The young woman wondering what strange world lay beyond the TARDIS doors that even the Doctor was not familiar with.

He opened the door and stepped out glancing around, Rose exiting after him and closing the door behind them.

They looked around finding themselves to be in a clearing in what looked like some woods and Rose shielded her eyes from the sun turning her head to gaze at the trees. Her eyes widened when she spotted a strange creature moving up in the tree branches above their heads. "Look at that!"

"Weed-weedle." A tan colored caterpillar like creature with a nasty looking horn on its head was crawling along the tree branch.

"Pidgey!" A bird cried from another tree making Rose whip around to see it. The tan and brown bird spread its wings and cried its name once more, at the foot of its tree two purple and white colored mice creatures scurried about chasing each other.

"What are they?" Rose gasped looking around catching sight of a pair of what looked like giant butterflies darting through the trees. She whipped around to the Doctor “Doctor do you-” She trailed off, when she saw the Doctor focused on something above them. Curious, Rose lifted her head and followed his gaze, and she gasped.

Floating over their heads was a gigantic beast, it was a noble blue color with lighter blue lines lining its body. It had steel gray spikes, claws and horns, and a glowing blue diamond in its chest.

The huge beast descended to the ground in front of them, its massive claws hitting the ground with a thud. Its red eyes locking with the Doctor's the two staring at each other. The beast seemed to be sizing the Doctor while the Doctor merely studied the beast with a curious eye.

"Doctor, Doctor what is-?" She was cut off as the beast's eyes swiveled away from the Doctor's to fix her with a glare.

The Doctor moved to put himself between her and the beast.

"What are you?" The Doctor whispered, the beast’s sole response being to lift its head and raise its chin as if to signify its superiority.

Not too far off there was sudden explosion, which made Rose jump. Screeches filled the air, several of the birds Rose had noticed earlier taking to the air in alarm in a cacophony of screeches and caws.

More cries of alarm erupted from the other inhabitants causing the Doctor and the beast to turn their heads in the direction from which they were coming from, the beast snarling revealing its sharp fangs.

Then a blue and red colored dragon creature erupted from the tree line and before either the Doctor or Rose could react it opened its maw and fired a orange beam towards them.

Without hesitation, the beast jumped in front of the Doctor and Rose turning its body to the side a blue shield erupting to shield it, the TARDIS and its passengers from the attack. Then before the blue and red dragon could respond the beast flew into the air with a kick of its massive claws. In almost an instant the beast was in front of the red and blue dragon. The dragon’s eyes widened as the beast raised one of its front claw, the claw gaining a silvery sheen then the beast swiped it down on the dragon.

The Doctor winced, the blue and red dragon gave out a cry as the steel claw from the beast sent it flying backwards into the treetops where it disappeared from sight.. "Oh that looked like it hurt," He said.

Rose was gaping looking between the Doctor to the beast that now floated above them snorting at the dragon it had thrown back. "What-what, but that thing attacked us earlier, then it, why?" She looked to the Doctor for explanation.

The Doctor was about to speak when some blue disk things came flying at them encircling their torsos trapping their arms at their sides.

"What in the world?" The Doctor growled as he turned in the direction of where the disks had come from and narrowed his eyes. "Who are you?! Show yourselves."

"We're not here for trouble…" Rose began before a voice erupted from the shadows.

"Prepare for trouble, you got that right!" A male voice called.

"And make it double," A female's voice added.

"'Cause we're here for a fight!" The male voice added again.

"To infect the world with devastation."

"To blight all people in every nation."

"To denounce the goodness of truth and love."

"To extend our wrath to the stars above." Rose raised an eyebrow and looked towards the Doctor, the Doctor shrugging.

"Cassidy!" A blond woman with pigtails and pink earrings stepped out from the shadows, beside her was a green haired man with a bowl haircut. Both of them wore black clothes with a big red 'R' in the center of their shirts.

"And Butch of course."

"We're Team Rocket, circling the Earth all day and night!" Cassidy called as more people dressed in similar uniforms surrounded the Doctor and Rose.

"Surrender now or you'll surely lose the fight." Butch finished with a sneer.

For a moment all was silent before the Doctor and Rose burst out laughing.

Butch and Cassidy blinked.

"Hey what're you laughing at!" Butch snapped clenching his fist and glaring at them.

"Do-do you always shout that before attacking?" Rose asked laughing harder.

"It strikes fear in the hearts of our enemies!" Butch defended.

Rose snickered glancing sideways seeing the Doctor struggling to get a hand in his pocket for his sonic screwdriver. "Ohhh I'm so scared." She taunted.

"You should be! We've got you trapped, you and your Dialga!" Cassidy barked.

Rose glanced at the Doctor, who gave her a small nod, he managed to move his hand towards his pocket. Rose focused on Cassidy. "Dialga?"

"Yes! The great lord of time Dialga! We're going to capture it from you and give it to the boss!" Cassidy said grinning broadly. "He'll be sure to give us a raise." Then she pulled out a red and white ball with a button.

Rose glanced sideways at the Doctor but his answer was another shrug, he didn’t know what this ‘Dialga’ was either. "We don't have a Dialga!" She snapped turning back to the Rockets.

Cassidy scoffed. "Sure, so what's that up there?" She said gesturing to the beast that had attacked her and the Doctor earlier. The beast swung its head side to side now surrounded by a group of flying creatures. "Looks like a time lord to me. Now surrender it to me!"

"What makes you think it's ours?" Rose asked seeing the Doctor shoot her a grin as he managed to pull out the sonic screwdriver.

"Enough questions! If you won't surrender we'll force you! Go Raticate! Show that girlie what happens when you don't obey Team Rocket!" Cassidy said hurling her pokeball into the air. The ball popped open and in a flash of light Raticate appeared snarling as it bared its teeth at the Doctor and Rose. With a cry of triumph the Doctor used the sonic screwdriver to free him and Rose from the rings. The blue rings dropped to their feet with a clank as the pair straightened up to face the Rockets. Cassidy and Butch's eyes widened stepping back along with the rest of Team Rocket

"Bit unfair advantage attacking us with that when we have nothing to defend ourselves with," The Doctor said tossing and catching the screwdriver in his hand. Butch and Cassidy's eyes widened in surprise before Cassidy recovered sneering at the Doctor and Rose.

"We're Team Rocket!" Cassidy said with a laugh. "We're not in the fairness business." She said jabbing a finger at them looking down at her creature.. "Raticate tackle the blond bimbo,"

"Raticate!" The rat charged at Rose who backed up against the TARDIS, the Doctor stepping in front of her messing with the sonic before raising it and pointing at the Raticate. The Raticate crouched ready to pounce, when the Doctor pushed the button emitting a frequency that caused the Raticate to stop dead and cry out covering its ears.

"What? What are you doing?!" Cassidy shouted stunned as Raticate staggered back from the Doctor. The pokémon cried out before it scurried back to Cassidy who growled and recalled it.

The Doctor smirked as he turned off his sonic screwdriver. "Sonic screwdriver." He said holding it up for the rockets to see. "Doesn't kill, doesn't maim, but it's a pain on the ears." He said.

Cassidy growled, then the sound of approaching rotors made her look up, the wind picking up around the group. The Doctor followed her gaze and frowned when he saw the helicopters coming into view. One flew at Dialga who was tearing through the flying types that were ganging up on it. Rose moved away from the TARDIS when she saw something silver by the helicopter catch her eye. Shielding her eyes and squinting up at the chopper, her eyes widened as she recognized the muzzle of a gun.

“Dialga, look out!” She cried, but her warning came too late. Dialga’s head jerked towards her when a flash erupted from the muzzle of the helicopters gun and something hit Dialga’s side. Dialga let out a roar of agony when something impacted its side. The beast flopped to its side and then it was falling towards the ground.

The Doctor and Rose drew back a few steps, and the Rockets and their pokemon rushed back to avoid getting crushed under Dialga. Dialga hit the ground with a loud thud, dirt and leaves getting thrown around.

“Dialga!” Rose moved to help it, but the Doctor stopped her by grabbing her arm. Rose turned to him and the Doctor shook his head.

“Careful, it’s volatile.” The Doctor warned eyeing the downed pokemon.

“It’s hurt!” Rose protested tugging on her arm.

“I know,” The Doctor responded glancing at the Rockets and their helicopters that circled above. “But it is injured, cornered and scared. It might lash out at you just for getting too close to it.”

Rose glanced at the Dialga who was slowly beginning to pick itself up, Rose winced at the sight of the black mark on its side, the injury was still smoking. “We need to do something.”

“I’m working on something.” The Doctor said looking around. “We need to get rid of those helicopters first,” He said, “Then my sonic should keep their creatures at bay.” He glanced at Dialga and then at the TARDIS then his eyes lit up and he smiled, “I have an idea,” He said.

The Rockets began to slowly move back towards the downed legendary. Dialga lifted its head eyeing the helicopters that circled above snarling before it pushed itself to its feet it stamped its foot making the ground shake slightly. The Rockets drew back a little before they slowly advanced once more.

The Doctor frowned stepping up to Dialga's side, Rose noting that the beast tensed slightly at his close proximity to it. But the Doctor took care to avoid touching Dialga. "Call off your helicopters!" He ordered. "You force these creatures to attack each other, attack people, and now you expect me to allow you to seize a fellow lord of time?" He asked, Dialga glancing towards the Doctor an unreadable expression on its face.

Cassidy's eyebrows furrowed at his words while Butch laughed.

"Who do you think you are? You don't have any power, once Dialga's taken you'll be nothing more than a human, and humans are easy to silence." Butch said.

The Doctor laughed coldly. "Oh I'll tell you who I am, I'm the Doctor, and I'm no ordinary human," He said. "So I'll give you one warning, leave now and leave Dialga alone."

The Rockets broke out laughing and began to pull out their pokeballs and the Doctor smirked, Rose glanced worriedly at the Doctor, when the time lord glanced to Dialga, the beast meeting his gaze, then to Rose’s shock it gave the tiniest of nods.

Then the legendary pokémon raised its head and opened its maw gathering blue and purple energy in its maw. Then with a jerk of its head it unleashed a Roar of Time at the helicopters.

Rose gasped at the powerful blast, “That’s the same attack it hit the TARDIS with,”she breathed, and if such an attack could rock the TARDIS then those helicopters didn’t stand a chance. But to her shock rather than be consumed by the powerful attack shields encased the helicopters protecting them from the attack. Then more guns began to drop out of the bottoms of the copters and turn to aim at the Doctor and Dialga.

The Doctor didn't seem to notice as he raised his sonic screwdriver and aimed it back at his TARDIS which began to glow brightly and Dialga's gem glowed even brighter, its spikes extending further out, and the pokemon giving a faint golden aura around it.

Dialga roared as its Roar of Time expanded. The Rockets on the ground staggered back in horror at the sight, Dialga’s Roar of Time was powerful enough, but this new supercharged Roar of Time was insane. The shields protecting the helicopters were already beginning to crack and chip from the power of it.

Up in the helicopters Rockets desperately tried to pull away, some near the edge were able to escape the worst of the blast but they immediately went down in a smoky tail spin, the rockets bailing out before the helicopters crashed to the ground. Most were able to escape, but the one that had shot Dialga was trapped within the blast. The pilot and the crew looked around wildly for an escape when the radio crackled and the boss’s voice filtered through the speaker.

"How goes the capture of Dialga?" His cold voice inquired.

The pilot swallowed as warning lights and alarms begin to ping on his systems. "Sir, our shields integrity is dropping fast, Dialga's power seems to have increased at a massive level!. The-the shields can't take it sir! If we don’t bail we’ll die!”

The boss growled. “Wait it out, Dialga will exhaust itself soon enough.”

The pilot paled as red words began to flash. "Shield overloaded." The pilots swallowed. "I'm sorry sir." He spoke into the radio just as the Roar of Time tore through the shields and hit the helicopters full force. The radio broke off into static and on the other end the boss tightened his grip on the radio gritting his teeth.

Rose watched in awe, Dialga's attack took out almost all the helicopters in the sky sending burning wrecks to crash to the ground below most of the crews escaping out with parachutes or flying pokemon. Well, every helicopter except the one caught in the middle of the blast, that one had been completely consumed in the fight.

The Doctor watched this with a closed off expression his eyes stormy. Rose glanced towards him opening her mouth then she closed it and turned to look at the gaping Rockets that still stood before them. Rose glared at them.

“He warned you what would happen if you didn’t give up,” Rose said stepping up by the Doctor. “Now will you leave Dialga be?” She asked narrowing her eyes.

The Rockets paid her no mind focused on the Doctor looking from him and Dialga to the TARDIS, trying to figure out how that could have happened.

"Wh-what was that? That power?" Butch whispered completely stunned, his mouth hanging open.

"The power of a god." Cassidy whispered grinning. "Come on men! While it recharges attack!"

The rockets hurled their pokeballs, and a Tauros, Golbat, Graveler, Houndour and Primeape appeared in a semicircle in front of the Doctor and Dialga.

The Doctor frowned and looked to Rose. "Rose, get back in the TARDIS." He said as Dialga got to its feet and stood beside the Doctor snarling at its opponents. Rose hesitated as the Rocket's pokémon charged at Dialga and the Doctor. The Doctor glanced back at her. "Now Rose!" Before he turned back and used his sonic screwdriver on Butch's Primeape who staggered back from the effects. Rose scowled but drew back retreating towards the TARDIS but left the door open to watch the battle.

Butch scowled. "Come on Primeape! Shake it off!" He ordered, and the Primeape staggered further back from the Doctor who grinned broadly.

Dialga snarled rearing and slammed its feet into the ground the ground shaking and power erupting beneath the nearest pokémon, the Graveler, as Dialga used Earth Power. The Doctor found himself thrown off balance by the ground shaking, his sonic screwdriver falling from his grip.

The Graveler slumped to the ground swirly eyed its trainer cursing before recalling it; the other pokémon stumbled trying to stay on their feet. Primeape fell on its backside and rubbed its head trying to recover from the sonic screwdriver's onslaught on its ears.

But Golbat was unaffected circling around behind Dialga and flying straight at the Doctor who was struggling to stay on his feet.

Rose gasped darting forwards, “Doctor look out!” She cried.

The Doctor turned just as a Rocket shouted. "Golbat Supersonic!" The bat unleashed a burst of sound waves at the Doctor that left him reeling clutching at his head, dropping to his knees.

The Doctor groaned trying to focus but his vision swam and his head pounded, then the next thing he was aware of was a black shape swimming into his vision and something grasping the collar of his coat.

Rose rushed to get to the Doctor but she wasn’t fast enough. Horrified, she watched the Rocket who owned the Golbat stride up to the Doctor and grabbed him by the collar, lifting him up the Doctor shivering and struggling to focus. His Golbat picked up the sonic screwdriver and deposited it in the Rockets free hand. Rose narrowed her eyes and quickly scanned around for something to use as a weapon. Dialga was busy fighting off the other pokemon, she couldn’t call to it for help. She glanced for one of the other pokemon that she had seen living in the woods. Maybe the little critters could help her? But to her disappointment the only pokemon she spotted was the pair of Rattatta huddling together in a gap between the roots of a tree. She scowled and shook her head before focusing back on the Doctor and the Rocket.

‘I’m going to have to get the Sonic Screwdriver back,” She thought and crept towards them.

The Rocket paid Rose no mind, he and his Golbat were too busy taunting the dazed Doctor. "Not so tough are you without your little toy here eh?" The Rocket sneered waving the sonic screwdriver in the confused Doctor's face. The Doctor struggled to speak but his mind couldn't seem to be able put words together. The man chuckled. "Confusion, oh so useful in pokémon battles, now you're going to surrender and give us Dialga or my Golbats going to reduce your brain to jelly!" He failed to see Rose's approach until the girl made to snatch the sonic screwdriver from his hand. The man laughed as he pulled it out of her reach but Rose spotted one of the pokeballs on his belt and grasped it yanking it free while ducking under the Golbat who had tried to tackle her.

A roar from Dialga made her glance towards it while, drawing back from the Rocket who had the Doctor. Dialga faced Tauros, with a snarl it raised its right claw the steel claws seemed to extend and gain a silvery sheen before it brought it down on the Tauros. The bull giving a cry before dropping to the ground swirly eyed. Dialga snarled as it glared over its shoulder to see Houndour and Primeape trying to get a grip on its back.

The Golbat flying past her head, brought Rose back to her present problems. She turned back to the Rocket and raised the pokeball she held threateningly. "You-you put him down or I'll let out whatever creatures in here and have it demolish you!"

The Rocket laughed. "Sorry girlie that pokeballs empty. We wear extra pokeballs in case we spot a rare pokémon we need to catch." Rose paled. "Now, time for you to join your friend in la la land. Golbat supersonic." Rose covered her ears as the bat perched on the man's head unleashed a barrage of sonic waves at her. Rose ducked down with her ears still covered and braced herself, but nothing happened. Her eyes widened and she grinned, the man cursing when he saw that the supersonic had missed.

He was about to order his Golbat to attack again when he was slugged across the jaw; the Doctor having managed to snap out of confusion. He grabbed ahold of his sonic screwdriver and yanked it from the man's hand before letting the Rocket drop to the ground.

The Golbat turned and tried to use supersonic on him again, but the doctor merely raised the sonic screwdriver at it. The screwdriver emitted a soft sound bouncing the attack back at Golbat leaving it flying around in circles bumping into trees nearby.

The Doctor turned to Rose. "I thought I told you to stay in the TARDIS!" He said frowning.

Rose folded her arms across her chest. "I just saved your life again," She told him.

The Doctor opened his mouth to say something when Dialga let out a pained roar. The Doctor and Rose looked up to see a convoy of what looked like hummers and trucks approaching, and the sound of approaching rotors warned of the incoming of new helicopters.

"Reinforcements." The Doctor said gravely as Dialga threw off the Houndour who had fired a fire blast. But despite Dialga taking out the Rocket's pokémon they were grinning as their reinforcements neared. "We've got to get out of here," He said pushing her towards the TARDIS.

Rose hesitated looking towards Dialga, who despite looking no worse for wear was panting slightly. "But what about Dialga?" She asked him.

The Doctor looked towards it then back to Rose. "It'll follow us into the vortex, but we need to get there in order for it to follow us so let's go!" He said grabbing her arm and pulling her into the TARDIS the doors snapping shut and locking behind them as the Doctor hurried to the console. "Come on, come on." He said pulling on the levers and rapidly flipping switches.

Outside Rose could hear Dialga's roaring starting up again as well as the sound of many voices. "They're here Doctor." She said glancing towards him the Doctor grabbing hold of a lever and yanking it down with a flourish.

"And we're off." He told her grabbing onto the console; Rose bracing herself on the railing once again.

Dialga was in pain, the Rockets had changed strategies and now strong steel cables crisscrossed over Dialga's body delivering painful shocks to it every few seconds.

Then it sensed the TARDIS beginning to take off from the pokémon world and into the vortex, the Time Lord was abandoning it?!

Anger coursed through the legendary pokémon as it reared roaring loudly. It pulled against the cables, then it raised its head and unleashed a Roar of Time into the cluster of rockets forcing them back. Then, it came free with a snap just as the TARDIS began to fade away from the face of the pokémon world.

Dialga bellowed taking to the air with a kick of its feet, zipping into a portal just as the TARDIS vanished entirely. The Time Lord would pay for abandoning it!

The Doctor had just heaved a sigh of relief at finally making it into the time vortex when the TARDIS jolted violently to the side again. Rose looked at the Doctor eyes wide in shock and tightening her grip on the railing.

"Why's Dialga attacking us?" She cried the legendary pokemon continuing to batter the TARDIS repeatedly shaking the TARDIS and its passengers. "And why so violently?"

"Oh, well…." The Doctor grasped the console grunting when another hit slammed him face first into it. "Ow! It must think we left it to the Rockets, while we ran away." Another jolt that nearly turned the TARDIS sideways. "Oi! Stop hitting my ship!" The Doctor shouted though Rose doubted Dialga had heard as a loud echoing roar sounded from outside before the windows were filled with the indigo and blue light of Dialga's Roar of Time.

The Doctor winced when another jolt sent him tumbling to the grating. "Gah! At this rate it'll rip the TARDIS apart!" He said grasping at the railing trying to get his footing.

"Can we stop it?" Rose said.

The Doctor shook his head. "I'd have to either, send it back and doom it to suffer at the hands of the rockets, or trap it somehow. If only I had one of those-those ball things those people had." He muttered tightening his grip on the railing as another hit rocked the TARDIS.

"What you mean one of these things?" Rose said pulling out the red and white pokeball she'd taken off the Rocket.

The Doctor's eyes widened. "Yes! Yes! Oh Rose you are fantas-" He was cut off when the TARDIS was pushed sideways making the Doctor and Rose clutch onto the railing for dear life before the TARDIS managed to right itself sending the two crashing to the floor the Doctor still clutching the pokeball.

Then the Doctor frowned. "But how do these things work…" He muttered, before he hurried towards the console and began to search around for something underneath it. "Aha!" He said pulling out some wires and attaching them to the pokeball while Rose clung to the railing for dear life..

"Doctor, now isn't a good time to geek out over how they work! We need to get Dialga in that thing now!" Rose shouted as another hit sent the TARDIS spinning violently.

The Doctor frowned studying the readout that came up on the screen before grasping his hair groaning. "No! That's why they didn't just throw these things at Dialga, they'd have never caught it with this." He muttered scowling, looking the pokeball over. "This is a capsule used for catching those creatures-pokémon-as those Rockets called them, and it has the lowest capture rate of 1X, meaning there is little to no chance of me successfully capturing Dialga with this." He said frowning. "And once I throw it, I lose it. There would be no way for me to get it to try again it'd be lost in the vortex."

Rose frowned. "Surely there is something you can do? Enhance it or something?"

"The only way I could ensure Dialga's capture would be if I made the ball super enticing to it, like it draws it in… Like the TARDIS!" The Doctor's eyes lit up as he began to mess with the controls more banging on the outside jolted the Doctor but he grasped the console for support. "Oi! Pipe down! We'll be there in a minute!"

Rose watched as the Doctor flipped a switch and sparks erupted from the console causing the Doctor to raise his arm to shield his face before he continued working, the pokeball beginning to glow with a golden light.

"What are you doing?" Rose inquired.

The Doctor examined the read outs before glancing at her as Dialga continued to rage outside. "I'm powering up the ball with energy from the TARDIS's heart, the same thing that lured Dialga to us in the first place and if I'm right, which I usually am, with the ball powered up with it, catch rate won't matter, Dialga will be drawn right in." The Doctor said grinning.

"And what if you're wrong? What if Dialga is angry enough that it breaks free?" Rose said eyeing the glowing pokeball.

"Well then we're going to have to hope we can land somewhere away from those Rockets when we crash land back on the pokémon world… If we survive that crash landing of course." The Doctor said as he pulled the pokeball free from the wires and examined it smiling. "There."

The poke ball was light blue on the top while still white on the bottom, with 12 notches in TARDIS blue encircling the center button making it look like the lines on a clock face.

"I call it the TARDIS ball." The Doctor said.

"That's lame." Rose said. "First of all, no one but us would understand it, couldn't you call it something awesomer like say: Time Ball?" She suggested as another roar sounded from outside.

"But I like TARDIS ball…" The Doctor whined before another jolt from outside threw him into the captain's chair again. He looked at Rose and then at the ceiling. "This debate isn't over." He told her. "But if you'll excuse me I have an enraged Pokémon Lord of Time trying to destroy my ship, now allons-y!" He said heading to the door frowning thoughtfully considering his words, "Huh, 'allons-y' I like that. I should use that more often." He said before he threw open the doors and found Dialga glaring right at him its red eyes ablaze with anger.

"TRAITOR!" The words burned through the Doctor and Rose's mind causing the Doctor to raise an eyebrow and Rose to gasp in pain.

"You can talk?" The Doctor said in disbelief. "With telepathy?"

Dialga ignored him and opened its maw indigo energy beginning to gather.

"Doctor! Now!" Rose cried.

"Sorry Dialga, but I think it's time you had a time out." He said raising the enhanced poke ball. "Time ball go!" He cried hurling the pokeball directly at Dialga's head. The pokeball collided with Dialga's forehead and popped open, swallowing Dialga up in a flash of red light. The pokeball snapped shut and went back to the Doctor's waiting hand.

The Doctor winced as the pokeball shuddered violently in his hand.

"Quick hold it closed!" Rose cried running over to him and placing her hands over his to hold it closed.

The pokeball continued to jerk violently in their hands.

Inside the pokeball Dialga continued to fight, before in the corner of its eye something golden began to appear. Curious the pokémon lord of time twisted its head to study the light. Suddenly Dialga's anger began to evaporate and warmth and understanding took its place. The Doctor hadn't abandoned it, he had retreated to the Time Vortex to enable Dialga to follow and escape Team Rocket.

The Doctor cared about it, not because of its massive power, but because he cared about it as a fellow living creature.

Dialga relaxed and settled down as the world within the pokeball began to shift to match its preferences. The Doctor was good; he protected Dialga, and cared. It wasn't like Dialga had anything better to do back home, except be hunted by evil pokémon thieves. So, spending a little time in this pokeball with the Doctor couldn't really hurt. Yeah, staying was nice, staying was good. Dialga would stay.

After the first 5 violent jerks which made the Doctor worry, he wasn’t sure what he’d do if the beast burst free in the center of his TARDIS. Then the pokeball began to rock gently, once, twice, the Doctor and Rose hardly dared breathe, thrice, and then the little light went out and the pokeball was still.

The Doctor's face broke out into a huge grin. "Yes! Success!" He said holding the pokeball proudly over his head. "Isn't it beautiful Rose!" He said holding the Time ball that held Dialga in front of her, a smile stretching across her face. "A one of a kind Time ball, pumped up by the TARDIS and able to catch all your time related pokémon. Got a nasty pokémon that keeps running off into different time lines on you, just toss a Time ball at it, and the pokémon will go right in! Angry man eating steel dragon thing after you? The Time ball will catch it and calm it right down for you! Haha!" The Doctor said spinning around with the pokeball in his grip.

Rose chuckled. "You're happy." She said smiling broadly. Before she frowned and pointed at the pokeball. "But what will happen to Dialga?"

The Doctor smiled. "Oh it'll calm down, the part of the TARDIS in there will heal it up, and it can rest."

"But, what will we do with it?" Rose asked and the Doctor's smile faded as he looked at the ball in his grip. "Are you going to keep it locked up forever?"

The Doctor's face fell. "No, of course not. I'll hold onto it until it heals enough and then the next time I can find the Pokémon world, I'll return it and make sure that none of those nasty Rockets get their grimy little paws on it." He smirked as he placed the pokeball in a machine under the console. "There, with it in closer proximity to the heart, Dialga will get its strength back much quicker." He closed the machine and turned to Rose. "So, where to next. Wait!" He said snapping his fingers heading over to the console and pulling some switches. "How does the '50's sound? Elvis Presley? The queen's coronation?" He raised his head and grinned at her.

Rose beamed. "Sounds good to me." She said and the Doctor smiled as he pulled the lever and the TARDIS took off to Earth in the 1950's.

Giovanni frowned as he looked over the images Cassidy had provided of the man and his mysterious blue box. He grunted and tossed the images back onto the table before looking up at Butch and Cassidy. "Tell me how someone who you say had no other pokémon besides Dialga managed to evade capture and completely disappear without a trace!" He said voice icy cold.

"We heard his companion call him the Doctor sir." Cassidy told him. "And he wasn't normal,"

Butch quickly jumped in. "Yeah he had this weird sonic device that he just pointed at our pokémon and he had them backing away from him, they couldn't stand it!" He gestured to the picture that depicted the Doctor pointing the sonic screwdriver at Butch's primeape and the pokémon covering its ears and backing away.

"That's not all sir." Cassidy said. "Before we attacked. He told us that he wouldn't let us 'seize a fellow lord of time'." She swallowed.

Butch groaned when Cassidy said that. “Cassidy I’m pretty sure that was just him being nuts,”

“I’m just not leaving anything out!” Cassidy shot back, “After all, there’s the fact that his strange blue box disappeared without a trace, and even trying to track teleportation frequencies we come up with nothing. Whatever they did, they did not use teleport.”

“Yeah, but-”

“Enough,” Giovanni said harshly, the two Rockets falling silent immediately. “Cease your squabbling, I have better things to do than listen to that. You’re dismissed.”

The duo nodded and bowed respectfully low before they hurried out of there before the Boss could lash out at them.

Giovanni sighed and considered the pictures as he stroked his Persian. He picked up the image of the Doctor and his companion fleeing into the blue box, scowling at it.

"Next time Doctor, you and your Dialga won't escape so easily."

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