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New Student

A bell rings, echoing through the hallways. In the first day of school, students rushing to their class, don't want to be late and receive a detention from their teacher.

A group of students chatting and gossiping about something while waiting for their teacher to arrive, Seems like their teacher stuck in the traffic or woke up late, hahaha.

"Okay, Students! Get back to your seat, we have new students and please be nice to her." Students rushing to their place as their teacher arrived.

"Come in and introduce yourself." The teacher gestures her hand to come in. Students were excited to see the new student. They were curious about how she looks like.

A girl came in and some student was disappointed. Another nerdy. The whisper is getting louder. Some were expecting a pretty or handsome student. The new student bowed a bit, seems like a lazy bow.

"Lee Y/N." She gave a fake smile. Some students scanned her from head to toe. She was wearing blue skinny jeans, black converse, and a white long sleeve black T-shirt, not to forgot a nerdy round. She was holding her bag strap.

"That's it? You don't want to share where did you come from and stuff?" The female teacher raised an eyebrow. "There's nothing special about me" Her monotone seems rude and sounds like she wants to get over this quickly.

The female teacher sighs. "You can seat besides-Ah! There, Mr.Jeon please raise up your hand." A boy raises up his hand.

The new student walks quietly to her new seat. She put her bag down and take out some books. She felt eyes on her.

"What do you want?" Her monotone not changing and she was talking to a boy next to her who staring at her as if she some kind of weirdo.

"Hi, I-l'm Jungkook, J-Jeon Jungkook. y-you can ask me if you need anything." The boy cursed in his breath for stuttering. Y/N turn her head looking at the boy with a boring expression.

The boy was wearing big round glasses and his dark eyes sparkle under that big nerdy glasses. He seems shy, his cheeks flustered a bit. She found him cute. His hair looks soft and a bit messy.

"Y/N, Lee Y/N." for the first time, she's interested in a cute shy bunny boy. She lends out a hand for a handshake. The boy smiles and takes her hand for accepting her handshakes.

"Hello, Y-Y/N, nice to meet you. I'm sorry. I'm a bit shy, haha." His cheeks redden more now spreading all over his face until reaching his ears. Cute.

She pushed her fake nerdy glasses up to her nose and eye the flustered boy. "Mind showing me around later?" Her aura screams seductive. Jungkook nodded while his face is burning.


The bell ring means the class is over. All the students packed their stuff and leave. Jungkook put his stuff inside his bag and wait for Y/N. "Where should we go first?" Y/N raises her eyebrows. Jungkook scratches his back neck shyly.

"Cafeteria?" Y/N nodded her head, while Jungkook can't help but blush a bit. "I need to erm, keep my book in my locker." Jungkook bit his bottom lips in nervousness.

"Yea, sure. I'll just follow you then since you're the one who shows me around." She winked. Jungkook blushes again before walks while Y/N follows him from behind, feeling amusement seeing Jungkook flustered by her action.

Jungkook pressed the password while Y/N leans against the locker beside him. "So, are you single?" Jungkook turns his attention to her but his hands move to keep the books inside.

"I have a boyfriend." Jungkook smiles shyly thinking about his boyfriend. "So, you're-" Jungkook cut her off.

"Bi. I'm bi. Yeah." Interesting.

"Then, where's your boyfriend?" Jungkook pursed his lips into a thin line. He opens his mouth to say something but a voice interrupts them.

"Hey, baby." A boy suddenly appears behind Jungkook. He blushes seeing his boyfriend greets him. "Hey, Tae." The boy was attractive.

He got a piercing in his earlobe and his flawless was screaming hot. Y/N checking him out from head to toe. He seems like a playboy. One side of her lips curves a bit. The Tae guy pecks his lips.

"Aren't you gonna eat?" the Tae guy holds Jungkook's shoulder looking into his eyes with concern. "I have to show someone around. I can eat with her."

Taehyung's attention turns to a person who was leaning against the locker. He checks her up and down.

Another nerd? Why she seems familiar?

"She's a new student?" Jungkook nodded his head. "Hey. Have we met before? I guess I have seen you before but I don't remember where and when." Taehyung frown.

Y/N shakes her head, and calmly replied, "Nope, I never seen you before." She popped "p". Her lips smirked telling him otherwise. But he shrugged it off.

"I guess I'll see you later, baby" Jungkook nodded as Taehyung walk away. He waves shyly.

"Your boyfriend seems hot." Jungkook sighs. "He is. I think sometimes if I deserve someone like him. I don't know why he likes me." Jungkook eyes Taehyung's figure until he disappears in the corner.

"How long you guys have been together?" Y/N just checking her nail.

"Hm, just a month." Jungkook zipped up his bag and close the locker. "You guys have done anything?" Jungkook pout and shakes his head.

"We only did a few dates, holding hands, cuddles, and a bit kisses. He tries to have sex with me once but I refused." Jungkook looks sad but he put himself back together.

"Do you know how to kiss properly?" Y/N smirks. Jungkook blush. "Maybe yeah, uh- I don't know." Y/N chuckles seeing him shyly looking down. She starts to walk while Jungkook walks beside her.

"Jungkook, you know what I mean a kiss, not peck. Do you know the difference between kiss and peck?" Jungkook squints his nose makes him look like a cute bunny. Y/N laughed seeing Jungkook getting red.

"Peck is just lips to lips. Then, a kiss means involved with your tongue, Jungkook." Jungkook bit his lips. "You know how to make out?"

Y/N narrow her eyes to Jungkook. Her arms nudge against his stomach. He flinches but still quiet. "Come on, Jungkook. I thought you were smarter than this. You really don't know how to make out?"

Jungkook just slowly shakes his head, looking down on the floor as if the floor the most interesting in this world. Y/N chuckles while her arms crossed on her chest. "I can teach you, you know?"

Jungkook turns his attention to her. She was smirking. Her eyes just stare in front of her, and she knows that Jungkook was looking at her, thinking if he should let Y/N teach him.

"W-well. I.. I don't want to disappoint my boyfriend's erm- D-Desire."

"Well, we can start whenever you feel like to learn. You can ask me anytime. I'm free 24/7." She smirks.


Jungkook spends his class with Y/N since they unexpectedly have the same schedule. They spent time together more than usual. Jungkook was comfortable with her now.

He always shy when comes to girls. But Y/N is different. She's not like a clingy girl type. She's a bold type even though she's a nerd, she knows something more than Jungkook.

In the past few weeks, Y/N notices something about Jungkook's boyfriend, Kim Tae Hyung. Jungkook told her that his boyfriend rarely spends time with him for a week.

He rarely replies to his text and stuff. He said he feels a bit down. Without Jungkook being suspicious, Y/N keeps her eyes on his boyfriend.

Eyed his every move.

Y/N walks out from the girl's bathroom and passed by a door. Her stepped freeze in her place. She heard a muffled voice beside a door. She slowly stepped closer to the source of the voice.

It sounds like someone moaning. As if they were fucking inside a storage room. She saw the door is not perfectly closed. Her eyes pecked through the door and saw something.

Taehyung has thrust himself inside a girl's pussy.

Y/N scoffed silently. She takes out her phone and records everything. After a few moments, she walks away without them caught her eavesdropping.

Next day...

"Hey, Y/N!" Y/N turns around and saw Jungkook jog towards her. "Y/N, I-I'm ready for the lesson," Jungkook spoke between his breath as he's panting hard.

Y/N smirks proudly before dragging him into some darkroom. She turns on the light, they realized they in a sports storage room and there's a chair in the corner. Jungkook put down his bag.

Y/N smile in sinister evil and she knows what she should teach him. Jungkook feels the heat rising inside his stomach makes him uncomfortable.

Y/N walks closer to him. Jungkook was nervous about what will happen next. His legs slowly took a step backward, he feels something behind his legs.

Before he knows, his chest was pushed and he falls back, sat down on the chair. He gulps hard seeing Y/N being so close to him. Y/N takes off her glasses and pulls down her hair bent since she put on a ponytail.

Her soft hair falls down. Her long hair reaches until her waist. Jungkook was blessed by the sight in front of him.

Y/N smirks proudly as she got all his attention on her. Y/N straddles his lap but their crotch was untouched as if she was kneeling on top of him. Jungkook gulps hard and his heart races so fast. Y/N just being sexy just in 27638393837seconds.

He founds that Y/N was beautiful without her glasses. Her eyes were dark and sparkles. He could see her eyes properly. He feels something tingling inside his stomach. Y/N lean closer and bite his glasses. She takes it off using her teeth and drops down on the floor.

Y/N smiles seeing that Jungkook was staring at her blushing. She pushes his chest back makes him lean against the chair. Jungkook was practically attractive without his glasses. She can feel his breath fanning against her skin.

"Well, first, I just need you to follow my lips. Move as the same rhythm. I'll test you."

Jungkook snaps back. Wait, they gonna make out now? Y/N connects their lips without waiting for Jungkook's response. He feels like a soft lip on his, he literally responds by the kiss.

Y/N couldn't be more proud and smiles between their lips. Y/N wants him to respond to her body movement. She moves her lips while Jungkook followed her, moving the same rhythm with hers.

Her lips were soft. He feels that he wants more. He unconsciously parts his lips. Y/N takes to take the opportunity to enter her tongue inside his mouth.

Jungkook gasps. He feels her tongue crashes with his, dancing against each other. He could taste her tongue.

Strawberry milk. She is probably drinking milk on her breakfast. He feels foreign but it's good too.

Their tongue was dancing and eager for each other. The sounds of their tongue's wetness echoing through the room. Jungkook whimpered as Y/N suck his tongue.

Her hands travel down to his shirt and unbutton it slowly. His skin starts to shiver after he feels the cold air greets his chest.

Jungkook travels his hand up to her back thigh caressing her tight jeans. His hand still going up to her ass and grab it.

Y/N jerked forward and gasp between their lips. Y/N already expect that Jungkook learns so fast. Her fingers finished unbuttoning.

She pushes his shirt open as her palm eager to touch his wide chest. Her hands travel down to his abs.

She found something that he was hiding for a long time. His muscular body. Jungkook moans as his tongue won against hers, he imitates her action earlier. Sucking her tongue.

Her lips travel down to his neck giving him a dark hickey painted on his neck. Y/N wants to make sure that the hickeys are visible. Jungkook closes his eyes panting hard. He whimpers as Y/N's tongue dancing against his soft skin.

Taehyung cheated on him. He doesn't deserve him. She promised herself that she gonna make him hers. Protect him all of her might. Shower him with her love.

Her lips travel back to his lips and kiss him softly. Jungkook closes his eyes feeling her soft lips on his.

"You learn fast. I'm impressed." Y/N brushes his hair back, exposing his sweaty forehead that makes him look so hot.

Jungkook pushes her hair that covers her face behind her ear. Jungkook noticed that Y/N looks more pretty with this close. Y/N starts to sighs.

"We should go back now. Skip one class won't hurt." Jungkook gave her his cute bunny smiles. Y/N was melted seeing the sight in front of her.

"Get up, baby boy. We are a mess now." Jungkook feels something inside his stomach when she calls him a baby boy. Is he happy?

Well, let's find out.

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