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Cole Johnson
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Dean Winchester short story: not in the mood

summery: after a hunt chloe,(i girl who got stuck in the world of supernatural) and an upset and injured Dean go with sammy to a 5 star motel to make Dean feel better. but only one thing can make Dean feel better.

''im not in the mood sammy, just go away,'' dean was sitting up on a bed in one of the two rooms in the 5 star motel that sammy had paid for. his right ankle propped up on two pillows with ice on it, his right arm in a sling with ice on his shoulder wrist. He had chloes computer on his lap the computer was closed. he was staring at the stickers on the top. one of the stickers said 'driver picks the music shotgun shuts his cake hole. But right below it there was a piece of duct tape that was written on with sharpie that said 'except for when Sammys driving cause he picks horrible music.' dean smirked. then heard chloe crying. and frowned. chloe was saying:
''its MY fault i should have gone with him, not stayed behind with you! Ya know what? im a b*tch! thats what i am! im suprised dean hasnt called me a b*tch yet, cause i am! i know deep down he hates me, im just a stupid fangirl! i should just go back to my world, that stupid orphanage! thats where i belong!''
Dean sighed and cried a little. ''son of a b*tch!'' cried dean. even moving any injuried part of him hurt like hell. ''im useless!'' he looked down at a sticker that said 'mentaly dating Dean Winchester' then there was a piece of duct tape that said i love Dean winchester so deal with it.' a couple of minutes later there is a knock at the door. ''who is it?'' asked dean a little to harshly.
''its Chloe,''
''come in if ya want,'' said dean, he was cradling his arm that was in the sling.
chloe walked in she had a sharpie tucked behind her ear. and she was wearing one of deans flannels. ''hi, dean''
''hi,'' replied dean. he was still cradling his arm in the sling.
''im sorry,'' said chloe.
''for what?'' asked dean.
''i should have gone with you to fight the spirit, and not stayed with sam,'' said chloe. ''then you wouldnt have gotten hurt.'' she started crying again.
''oh sweetheart, it ain't your fault,'' said dean. ''i still would have have gotten hurt I just wasn't paying attention and being an a*s,'' dean moved his wrist ever so slightly but still it hurt like hell. he closed his eyes and mumbled ''son of a b*tch,''
a single tear ran down chloes face. dean opened his eyes, dean had idea and he had finally brought up the courage to do it. ''come here,'' said dean. chloe walked over and sat down on the left side of the bed. ''let me see that sharpie'' chloe awkwardly handed it to dean he grabbed it in his left hand took the lid off with his mouth and then dropped it out of his mouth. chloe watched him intently, not knowing what he was gonna do next. dean went over to the sticker that said 'mentally dating Dean Winchester ' and crossed out 'mentally' so all it said was 'dating Dean Winchester' he was using his left hand so it came out all wavy. dean looked up at chloe.
'' I.... I don't understand,'' said chloe completely perplexed.
''do you want to?'' asked dean and smirked.
'' wait..... are you serious?'' asked chloe and smirked.
''yep,'' said dean and kissed chloe on the fore head.
''yeah,'' said chloe ''h*ll yeah!'' then dean pulled chloe in to a nice long kiss.
authors note: hope you like. also my computer has those same stickers and more!
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