supernatural short stories

dean winchester at high school (part 1)

summery: this girl meets a guy while shes at a boarding school who looks, sounds, and acts like dean Winchester, hes 17 and looks like Jensen Ackles when he was 17!

″boarding school... man! i hope i get good roommates″ i was leaning up against the lockers out side of my home room.

then i hear this thump coming from right beside me. i turn to see a boy about my age holding an ice pack. he then reaches down and presses the ice pack on his right knee. i still haven’t looked at his face yet.

″man! that hurts like a b*tch,″ says the boy. his voice though.... it sounds crazy familiar. i look up. Sh*t. this dude looks just like Jensen Ackles when he was 17! im staring at him and then he finally looks up. i look down quickly not wanting to seem like a creep...…. but, well...….. that back fired. he’s staring at me. wait no.... he’s staring at my shirt. witch ironically says saving people, hunting things, the family business. he drops his composition notebook and tries to bend down and get it. but grimaces and presses the ice pack on his knee again. i reach down pick up the notebook and hand it to him.

''uh... thanks,'' he says. and i realize he has braces. then stands up while holding the ice pack on his knee and grimaces. ''ow... man, that hurts,'' he squeezes his eyes shut.

''dude ya all right?'' i ask nervously.

''yeah,'' said the boy and opens his stunning green eyes. ''im fine,'' he smiles an insecure smile showing off his braces. he runs his fingers through his hair that's parted down the middle, and i notice a scar that runs across his fore head at an angle. just like dean Winchester from the beginning of season two.

then the loud speaker blares ''attention all students go to your dorms, all classes have to be sanitized, if you do not know your dorm, report to the front office.''

''son of a bitch'' says the boy. ''well i gotta go to the office,''

''its ok i have to too,'' i said, ''ill walk you there.''

he smiles this smile that melts my heart and makes me go weak in the knees. ''thanks, sweetheart,''

okay.... now my heart has melted. and my knees go so weak i almost fall over, and all i can stutter out is ''your....... your welcome,''

he laughs and smirks then says ''come on sweetheart'' he starts to limp off and notice his limp is pretty bad. that worries me. i follow him, he then stops to put ice on his knee, ''man i wish there was a way to hold this thing on,''

then i grabbed a red piece of cloth out of my pocket and handed it to him. and he stares at it and says ''is that an ascot?''

and i reply with ''yes, yes it is,''

then he laughs. and grabs the ascot. he reaches down puts, the ice pack on his knee, then starts to tie it around, but i see he's having a little trouble so i ask ''ya need some help?''

he looks up and says ''i need help with a lot of things,'' then starts laughing. ''but yes, do need a little help with this''

i bend down and say ''can you hold the ice pack down?''

he replies with ''yeah,'' then holds the ice pack.

''tell me know if its too tight,'' i say and he nods. i wrap the ascot around and tie it. i stand up, ''how's that feel?''

he bends his knee grimaces a little but says ''fine,'' he starts to limp off and i walk close behind. then a guy who looks like he is twice my age starts walking over. the boy next to me stops walking and says ''sh*t,'' and looks up at the guy. i stop walking.

the big guy that looks like hes twice my age looks down at the boy. and smiles a sinister smile ''well ain't it nice to see ya, Dean. Michael. Winchester. ha. ha. ha. what a stupid name.''

then i walk over to the big guy and kick him in between the legs. he literally falls to his knees. i grab dean and we walk away. after walking for a while i look over at dean he's just looking down and limping, he look embarrassed.

''hey, can i ask you a question?'' i asked.

he shrugs still looking down ''yeah,'' he said.

''is your name really Dean Michael Winchester?'' i asked.

''yeah,'' he said. and shrugged.

''thats AWESOME,'' i say.

he looks up his eyes widen. ''really?''

''yeah! some people would trade there soul for a name like that.'' i said. dean laughed.

''and i mean that literally,'' i said and dean started cracking up.

''man, you are the most awesome chick I've ever known.'' said dean. i blushed like h*ll

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