supernatural short stories

dean winchester in high school (part2)

''we have the same dorm???" asked me and dean at the same time. we were looking on the computer in the front office dean was sitting in the chair i was behind him looking over his shoulder. dean smelled like axe body spray.

''jinx, you owe me a pie,'' i said and dean glared at me.

''i don't know you well enough to get you pie if i buy pie its for me,'' said dean very serious then a smile slowly spread across his face. ''im just jokin' sweetheart I'll buy you a pie,'' i blushed like crazy. he chuckled then logged out of the computer with lighting speed like he knew exactly what he was doing. i stepped back. i held on to his shoulder and helped him get up.

he didn't put weight on his right leg when he got up, but then put his leg down. he grimaced a little but tried to hide it with a smile. but i could see right through it.

''ok lets go find dorm 13,'' said dean and limped off i followed. Dean opened the door and was startled to find a boy at the door. this boy had black hair, electric blue eyes..... and was wearing a..... tan trench coat. he looked up at dean,

''hello,'' said the boy in the trench coat. He looked at dean with this look on his face that i cant place. oh God.

''hi.....'' said dean, ''who the h*ll are you?''

''im Castiel,'' said the boy.

''yeah, right.... and im Batman,'' said dean pushed past the boy, and limped away. i followed.

''did you see the way that dude was looking at me?'' asked dean once i caught up.

''yeah,'' i said. ''it was weird,''

dean shuddered ''man! that guys weird,''

''hello,'' i hear from behind me. Me and dean briskly turn around. but apparently dean turned too fast and grimaced clutching his knee. them me and dean look at the boy at the same time. it is the guy claiming to be Castiel. he was standing an inch away from dean. dean stepped back a little stunned still clutching his knee.

''hello,'' said the boy.

''dude! what the h*ll are you doing?'' said dean quite annoyed.

''I need help to find dorm room 13,'' said the boy.

''that's our room! said me and dean at the same time.

''oh..... then you must be...… Dean Michael Winchester,'' said the boy while pointing to dean. He then mumbled something to himself then took a deep breath and said ''you must be Chloe Raina Johnson.''

''yep,'' said dean and bit his lip.

'' I don't remember seeing you on the computer as our roommate.'' I said. i raised one eyebrow, ''what's your name?''

''Castiel Jimmy Novak,'' said the boy.

dean started cracking up.

then the boy said in a very flat tone. ''you have no room to talk, your name is Dean Michael Winchester.''

dean stopped laughing and glared at Castiel. ''got a problem with that?'' asked dean and clenched his fist.

'', of course not...… I was just making a point,'' he looked down. there was an awkward silence for a while then i decided to break the silence:

''okay.....''I said ''i still didn't see you on the computer.'' i said.

''did you refresh the page?'' Castiel asked simply.

i looked over at Dean. dean shrugged, ''I didn't think I needed to,''

''okay, um, where is dorm room 13?'' asked Castiel.

''one minute, i probably should take off this ice off '' he reaches down unties and unwraps the the ascot. then tosses it to me i fumble with it in my hands and almost drop it. but i don't.

dean takes the ice pack off his knee and sticks it in the army green duffle bag that is slung over his left shoulder. dean then gingerly puts his leg down. its hard for me to tell how much he's hurting cause all he does is squeeze his eyes shut for what seems like a millisecond. then says. ''alright lets go,'' he limps away, me and Castiel follow. Castiel looks worried and is following super close behind. im walking next to dean.

'oh god' i thought 'i hope Castiel does not like Dean. because if he does we got a biiiiig problem.'

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