supernatural short stories

a little bit more than friends with dean winchester (teenagers)

authors note: dean has horrible vision and wears glasses. this whole story takes place in and alternate universe where dean was born in 2005, Sammy is still 4 years younger.

Dean:19 Sammy:15 Chloe:18

one minute I’m asleep and the next I’m hit with a pillow.

″dude! what was that for?!″ I exclaimed knowing it was dean. it was my birthday today. dean always does stuff like this on special days. i pulled the pillow off my face and looked up to see dean in black boxers and a light grey t-shirt. he wasn’t wearing his glasses though.

″happy birthday,″ said dean and smiled.

″where’s your glasses?″ i asked.

he shrugged ″i dont know sammy probably took them,″

he walked off his hands out in front of him, he looked like a zombie ″sssaaammmmmmy???!! where are my glasses?″

i hear Sammy yell ″dude, i don’t know″

″son of a b*tch!″ yells dean then accidently runs in to the door frame ″ooooowwww,″ exclaims dean. then trips on one of sammys shoes in the hall way and falls to the ground. ″ow!! son of a b*tch!!″

″dean?!″ i exclaim, get off the bed clumsily and walk over to him. ″ya okay?″ he’s sitting up at least

″yeah,″ said dean embarrassed. ″i twisted my ankle.″

″which one?″ i ask.

″my right one,″ he says embarrassed.

″oh man you always hurt that one,″ i say.

i reached my hand out to help dean up, he grabbed it and i pulled him up. he put his right leg down but winced and lifted it up again. he put his arm on my shoulder, then slowly put his leg down again. then he put a little more weight on his leg, ″okay, im good,″ he then pushed me away.

i walk over and grab his prescription sunglasses. ″put these on,″

he stared at them for a moment then said ″i ain’t blind and im not a douche bag, i ain’t wearing sun glasses in side,″

″your basically blind without them. they have your prescription in them. put them on till we find your glasses.″ i said.

″fine.″ said dean grumpily. he puts them on then limps away and yells ″Sammy!! i swear to god if you stole my glasses, i will kill you and then sell my soul to bring you back.″

″dean! i told you i don’t know where they are!″ yelled Sammy.

dean went in to the bathroom then exclaims ″who put my glasses in the tub?″

I hear Sam start cracking up. then dean yell ″SAMMY!″ then storms out of the bathroom with his glasses on. ″im gonna tear you apart!!″

oh God i should break this up. i get up and walk in to Bobby’s kitchen. i come in just in time to see dean approach Sammy. I step in between them i almost get hit by dean, but he stops in time. ″guys please don’t kill each other,″

″yes ma’am,″ says dean very sarcastically. i roll my eyes.

″okay, try not to kill each other while i get dressed.″ i say and slowly walk away.

″im gonna go get dressed too,″ said dean limping away.

″dean?″ asked Sammy concerned, ″why are you limping?″

″none of your d*mn business″ says dean and went to his room.

Sammy turned towards me with a look that meant ‘what happened?’

″what makes you think im gonna tell you?″ i said raising both eyebrows then i walked away.


i have to pick the perfect outfit. something dean will like. okay i know dean probably doesn’t like me the way i like him but..... i still want to impress him. i put on my special out fit for my birthday. i put on a led zeppelin crop top, dark grey majoirly distressed skinny jeans, and a pair of black and white knee high converse shoes. i grab one of my many flannels and tie it around my waist. this flannel is red and dark grey. i turn and look at my self in the long mirror. then i decide im done and proceed to open the door. but, its...… stuck.

″son of a b*tch!!″ i exclaim. that is something i adopted from dean. i told him i used to say it all the time even before i met him. but in reality..... i didn’t. honestly, i didn’t say many curse words until i met dean. maybe subconsciously i thought it would impress him. I don’t know! now it has become natural to curse, like a second nature...... maybe hes a bad influence.......Nah! i kick the door and once again say son of a b*tch.

″ya need some help?″ i hear deans deep voice coming from behind me. i turn around to see dean coming out of the bathroom.

was he in there the whole time? i mean at least the door was closed. dean was wearing a black fitted tee- shirt(and when i say fitted i mean fitted, like the shirt showed off every single muscle on his torso!) distressed jeans and black biker boots. the top of his jeans were pushed up above his boots so that they were draped over top them and showed off the buckles on the sides of the boots.

″uh yeah,″ i said embarrassed. while looking down

dean chuckled and said ″its ok this door gets stuck all the time,″ dean walks over and rams his shoulder in to the door, the door pops right open.

″thanks″ i say

″no problem,″ says dean and looks at me and smiles. ″sweetheart,″

oh my god. did he just call me sweetheart? he only does that to girls hes flirting with. is dean flirting with me?

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