supernatural short stories

a little bit more than friends with dean winchester(teeagers) part 2

i stare at dean ''did you just call me 'sweetheart'?'' i ask

''yeah,'' said dean then limps away to his room. i walked in to deans room, the door was wide open. he was searching though his duffel he then cursed a few times.

''dean?'' i ask

''hu,'' says dean and turns around slowly. he raises one eyebrow.

''what-ch looking for?'' i ask.

''nothin', '' says dean then flops down on the bed.

''yeah, sure,'' i say.

he puts a pillow on his face.

''whats wrong?'' i ask worried and sit down next to him.

''nothing,'' says dean a little faster than usual.

i take a deep breath and say ''then why you covering that sexy face of yours?''

dean slowly takes the pillow off his face. ''did you just say what i thought you just said?'' dean smirks.

''yeah....'' i say partly regretting what i just said.

''can you hand me my glasses? there on the night stand.'' says dean rubbing his eyes.

''yeah sure,'' i say, grab them, and hand them to him. he slips them on. i look down at the pillow and see that it has wet spots on it. i looked up at dean. i noticed his eyes were a little red.

''dean...were you crying?'' i asked.

''uhhhh....what makes you think that?'' asked dean he was now staring at his phone.

''well... the pillow that you had on your face is wet, and your eyes are a little red.'' i said.

he looked up from his phone. ''ya know you should be a detective,'' he pointed to me. then looked back at his phone. also the thing is dean is usually always fidgeting in one way or another. but now i notice that his right ankle is propped up on a bunched up blanket ant the bottom of the bed, his leg unmoving. his other leg however, is as far away from his right leg as possible.

''dean?'' i ask.

''hm,'' replies dean and looks up from his phone.

''hows your ankle doing?'' i ask.

he raises one eyebrow from behind his large black think frame glasses.

''the ankle you twisted this morning,'' i said.

''oh.'' says dean. ''fine,'' then looks back at his phone. he bites his lip.

''dean? what the h*ll are you looking at?'' i ask.

''nothing.'' says dean quickly and turns off his phone.

''dean please tell me what's wrong'' i said.

''okay fine! my ankle hurts like h*ll! ya happy?'' asked dean.

''no,'' i said

''why? i mean im such a d*ck!'' he said.

''because i love you dean,'' i said.

dean looks at me ''yeah sure, like a brother,'' he said.

''no,'' i said, ''i love you in a romantic way,'' i said.

dean pushes up his glasses ''wait? what?'' deans eyes widened.

''i love you,'' i said.

dean smirked. then chuckled.

authors note: who wants a part 3?

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