Danny Phantom - Prince Of All Ghosts

Chapter 3 - A Visit By An Old Friend



Tucker was enjoying the movie, watching it from the seat closest to the TV, although not too close. Even though he didn't believe the whole 'square eyes' thing, it still hurt his neck to be that close to the TV. When the movie ended he turned to his friends, mouth open to ask a question, but completely forgot what he was going to ask when he saw them curled up on the couch together. Sam had her head resting on Danny's shoulder and her legs were up on the couch beside her while her body was curled up against Danny's. Danny's right arm (which Tucker guessed must have been resting on the headrest of the couch) was around her waist, holding her close and his head was resting on hers. Tucker grinned and pulled out his phone and snapped a quick photo.

This will be a great photo to show them in the morning, he thought to himself. Tucker then couldn't help the yawn that came forth.

"Ugh, I'm going to sleep." He glanced at Sam and Danny who looked very comfortable. "I'll just leave those two." He said as he walked upstairs and fell asleep in Danny's now-king-sized bed.


I was floating. I couldn't remember how I got here or even where 'here' was. It looked like the Ghost Zone, but no part of the Ghost Zone I'd ever been in (and that was saying something). Unlike everywhere else in the GZ, there were no purple doors to Ghost Lairs, there were no islands or homes for the ghosts. Here it was just…empty. It was (excuse the pun) a ghost town. I glanced down at my hands and realised I was in my ghost form. Frowning I flew forward, I had to find where I was. Before I knew it a bright blue light appeared in front of me. I shielded my eyes at the sudden brightness. As I lowered my hand the light became a large circle and a rectangle shape appeared. I peered into the light and realised it wasn't a rectangle, it was the hand of a clock. I recognised this; it's not a light, it's a portal, and not just anyone's portal, Clockwork's time portal.

"Time In." I heard a familiar voice say. When the light faded, a figure stood where the portal had been. I smiled at Clockworks familiar face. He was in his middle-aged form now, but I knew he would be shifting to child or old man any second. His purple cloak was rippling slightly in the non-existent breeze and his red eyes looked directly into mine. A large lightning shaped scar was over his left eye and halfway down his cheek. I never had the courage to ask how he got it.

"Hey Clockwork," I said to my old friend (literally, he was now in his old man form). Clockwork smiled at me.

"Danny." He nodded his head as a gesture of respect. I glanced around me.

"Where am I?" I asked him. Clockwork sighed.

"You are in your own mind."

"What? Does that mean I'm dreaming?" I asked. Clockwork nodded.

"Yes and no." At my questioning look he explained. "Right now your body is sleeping." He waved his staff and the air beside him wavered and shifted, revealing a scene that made my cheeks turn red. It was my body right now. I was on the couch where we had watched the movie with Sam was curled up against me and my arm around her waist. Clockwork seemed oblivious to my red face and instead continued talking. I tore my eyes away from the image and looked at him. "But your mind is here."


"Because I asked it to." He said cryptically. I raised my eyebrow at him. "I summoned you here, while you were sleeping I called to you, and you responded, subconsciously obviously."

"How?" I asked, baffled that Clockwork could even do that.

"It takes a lot out of me, and I am usually have to sleep for a day or so afterwards, and I have only successfully done it one other time. I used the power of telepathy. It is too complex to understand; even I can barely comprehend it sometimes." He explained. I nodded in understanding (okay, no I didn't understand, but I respected him for trying to explain it).

"So why'd you do it?" I realised I was asking a lot of questions, then I remembered that's usually how conversations with Clockwork go. Clockwork looked me with eyes filled with emotion.

"I'm here to talk to you about your future Danny." He said. Those simple words sent a chill down my spine. Last time Clockwork had intervened with my future, it had been to do with my Ultimate Enemy, Dan Phantom. Just thinking about him sent chills down my spine.

I'll never turn into you! NEVER! I heard myself yell in my memory.

I'm still here I still exist; which means you still turn into me.

I could hear Dan's smooth, evil voice in my head. I shook myself from my thoughts.

Dan is safely hidden away in Clockwork's inescapable safe in the Fenton Thermos. He's gone, it's okay. I reassured myself. Dan was my biggest fear. The fear that I was going to let down my family, my friends, everyone I cared about. That I was going to lose them all and I was going to lose myself.

"Danny, breathe." I heard Clockwork say. He gently rested his hand on my shoulder. I took a deep breath and let it out.

"I'm okay. What is it about my future?" I asked tentatively. Clockwork smiled sympathetically, and I knew he knew I was thinking about Dan Phantom.

"I cannot tell you everything, but I can give you a warning and tell you a little." He said. I waited semi-patiently as Clockwork thought about what he was going to say. Finally he came to a decision. "Danny, do you remember when you fought Pariah Dark?" He asked me. I nodded.

"How could I forget?" I said rhetorically. Pariah Dark was the biggest enemy I had faced, until Dan. There he is again. Now I couldn't stop thinking about Dan and my future. I shook myself again, this time mentally.

"Do you remember the exact words he said once you said you'd fight him?" Clockwork asked me. I shrugged.

"Not really, it was a fair while ago." I confessed. Clockwork nodded like he expected his answer. He waved his staff once more and replaced the image of me and Sam asleep with another, more familiar image. This scene Clockwork was showing me was in a picture in my mansion in the Ghost Zone. I was standing before Pariah Dark in the ExoSkeleton, exhaustion on my face.

"Let's skip the chit-chat and get right to the part where I kick your butt." Past-Me said. Present me smiled at the memory. It was one of my best battle victories.

"I accept your challenge!" I heard Pariah yell, which broke me from my thoughts. The flashback ended as Clockwork waved his staff again. I looked at him.

"Why did you show me that?" I asked him (once again, more questions!). Clockwork sighed.

"Danny, do you know what happens when you challenge a King?" He asked me. I felt a tingling in my core. I had a feeling I knew where this was going.

"Yes." I answered slowly. "Clockwork, what is this about?" He smiled at me, but his smile wasn't very happy, it was more…worry, like he knew what was going to happen to me (which he did) and he was concerned about it (which definitely worried me).

"You challenged a King and won. So by Ghost Law, this, even if you ask Walker, means that you are the rightful King of the Ghost Zone." Clockwork said, watching me closely for my reaction. All I did was blink at him, my mouth hanging open. If I didn't know Clockwork better I'd say he was joking. But Clockwork doesn't joke.

"What? Are you serious?" I asked. Clockwork raised an eyebrow and I shook my head. "Sorry, standard question." I said. "What does that mean Clockwork?" I asked him, glad I was hovering because if I was standing I knew I'd have fallen down.

"It means that once you turn eighteen, you will claim the throne and rule the Ghost Zone. Luckily, not much is in the job description, you can keep your ordinary life, you will just be in charge of defending the Ghost Zone from intruders, welcoming the newly deceased or ghosts who have never been here before (it happens) and solving major disputes. So pretty much exactly what you do now, you will just be recognised for it." Clockwork said reassuringly. It did make sense, but King of the Ghost Zone? That was huge, even if it was only just a title.

"So, me being the King," man that sounds weird. "Means I just have to do what I'm already doing?" I asked him, trying to wrap my head around it. Clockwork nodded.

"Yes. There are some extra things, but they are not major. And most ghosts in the Zone already believe you are their Saviour and King after you defeated Pariah Dark two years ago." He said. "Our friend Frostbite being one of them. The Council of Ghosts agrees with me on this."

"Whoa, wait, the Council of what?" I asked. "I've never heard of them before," which is weird considering how much time I spent here.

"They replaced the Observers Council as most ghosts believed they were biased and cruel."

"Which is true." I agreed. They had wanted to kill me to prevent me from becoming Dan, but they never even thought of alternative solutions. Not to mention countless other times they'd tried to kill me because of my 'unnatural ghostly state'. Clockwork nodded again.

"So we created the Council of Ghosts. It has only been in action for several months now but the improvements have been vast. The Council itself includes Frostbite, Walker, Kitty and myself." He said.

"Whoa, wait. Walker and Kitty are on the Council too?" I said, stunned that they let Kitty, let alone Walker in. I mean Kitty, Johnny and I are friends now, but still, most ghosts still aren't too fond of her and her boyfriend since they are always riding past on his motorcycle, creating noise and havoc.

"Yes, we figured some diversity was needed and Walker and Kitty were the perfect match. Kitty is smart and she is a friend of yours, but is honest and will state her opinion. Walker is abrupt and can be rude, but he speaks the truth also and knows all the official rules – although he is prohibited from creating his own, and he is one of the oldest ghosts around. But he is on Parole. If the Council finds out that he has done anything that is against what we ordered then he is out, no if, what's or buts. No second chances." Clockwork said, his voice hard. I nodded.

"Fair enough, that works." I reluctantly agreed.

"But that is not all Danny." Clockwork said. I sighed.

"Should've known that wasn't the end of it." I muttered. "What else?" I said louder.

"You are on this Council as well." He said. I facepalmed.

"Should've seen that coming." I rolled my eyes.

"They elected me to tell you since you are my responsibility, and my friend." He smiled at me. "And we cannot have a King who is not on the Council." Clockwork said as if saying this was usual. I nodded my head.

"That makes sense I suppose." I agreed reluctantly. Now it was Clockwork's turn to nod.

"We have a meeting Monday night, it is our first official meeting with every Council member present, including you." He said to me. I nodded.

"I'll be there." I promised, hating to let people down.

"Now, onto the final topic that I wanted to talk to you about." Clockwork said, his voice even more serious than before. I frowned. This doesn't sound good already, I thought to myself. This must be what he was worried about. "You must be careful Danny. I cannot tell you everything, but I can tell you this." He looked me in the eyes, forcing me to hold his gaze. "You will be in danger, a lot of danger, but you must trust in your friends, they will help you when they are needed. But when the time comes that you are all alone and have no hope, that is when you need to believe in them the most. And you must believe in yourself, or else all is lost." Clockwork said solemnly. I swallowed roughly.

"That doesn't sound good." I said honestly. Clockwork shook his head.

"It won't be. I cannot say anymore, but it is time you return to your dreams and I go and take a nap." He leant back and looked away from me. "A long one." He muttered under his breath. He glanced back at me. "Do not worry Danny Phantom, if you stress over this then it will not get better, only worse. What happens will happen, just remember my advice, but do not let it bring you down." Clockwork said, pressing the button on his staff. "Time Out." The swirling blue light came back and surrounded Clockwork. "Sleep well Danny Phantom. And have fun when you wake up." He winked at me before disappearing.

"Wait, what does that mean?!" I yelled, but he had already disappeared. "He always does that. What is it with ghosts and giving cryptic advice and warnings?" I sighed. "Okay, I'm not going to stress, I'm going to let it go and relax. What happens will happen." I'm now glad I spend all that time relaxing, meditating and working on my stress. Two years ago this information would have caused me to have a panic attack, but now all it did was fade to the back of my mind, waiting for me to need the information. I grinned.

"I'm getting good at this." I said before the green and black meeting place with Clockwork faded into darkness and I dreamt of a black haired Goth girl and a dark castle with a black throne.


Sam woke up in the middle of the night, for no reason at all, her mind just told her to wake. She had the strongest feeling of happiness and comfort right now, and she didn't know why. Goth's aren't supposed to feel this happy. But she didn't care. She yawned and rubbed her head against her warm pillow and curled up tighter into her mattress. Except her mattress was warm and soft and smelt like sandalwood soap and the familiar spicy smell of boys' deodorant. Specifically one certain boy's deodorant. No matter what deodorant Danny tried he always smelt amazing. To Sam he smelt like home and happy times (although she'd never tell him that). Sam smiled, still half asleep before she realised what she was laying on. What she'd nuzzled into wasn't her pillow at all, it was Danny's chest. And what she'd curled into wasn't her mattress, but instead Danny's warm body (which was extremely warm when he was a human, maybe compensating for how cold his skin felt in his ghost form-not that Sam was noticing that). She didn't dare move in case she woke him up; his chest was rising and falling, his breaths deep and his eyelids fluttering slightly. Sam then realised that they were laying on the couch, but she remembered falling asleep while sitting up. Somewhere through the night, Danny must have fallen to the left, taking Sam with him. She was now curled up against his right side while his arm was wrapped around her waist, his hand on the small stretch of bare midriff. His warm skin on hers sent a pleasant shiver down her spine. She would never confess this but she was crazy about Danny Fenton, even before he got ghost powers. She remembered the first day she had seen him. He was sitting by himself in the back of class, she couldn't remember what class it was, because she hadn't paid attention at all, she was too busy talking and laughing with the raven haired, blue eyed boy next to her. He was funny and smart and cute, Sam immediately assumed he had a girlfriend and was slightly jealous of this fact. Although after a day with him, she realised he was very single, and that he was at the bottom of the social groups. Not that she minded, all it meant was that he was like her – different. Then she'd found out what his parents did for a living and was intrigued by the possibility of real ghosts, though she didn't push it or become obsessed much to her relief. Sam had fallen for Danny about a year later. They were in year eight, and they had been sitting in his room waiting for Tucker and she had said something funny, causing him to laugh loudly. In that moment, Sam fell for him – hard. The look of utter joy on his face and the way he moved caused something to shift inside of her, making her heart beat faster. She had hidden it from him for years, not wanting to ruin their friendship, and in those years they had both dated other people, and yet none of those other guys ever made her feel half as happy as Danny did. Sam brought herself out of her memories and looked at the Danny Fenton who was laying asleep on the couch next to her. His dark hair was long hanging just past his ears, and even though he got it cut every few months, it still managed to hang in his face, framing his beautiful blue eyes. Sam had no idea why Danny didn't have a girlfriend yet, although she was secretly glad he didn't. His cheekbones were perfectly defined and his eyelashes were long and dark, giving his eyes a more mysterious appearance, which suited the way people at school saw him. He was the mysterious loser, the kid who was average in class and yet was bullied by the most popular guy in school. No one knew anything about Danny Fenton except his two best friends. And he liked it that way. Sam smiled as she looked at Danny. When he was asleep he looked so peaceful, like he had not a care in the world. Suddenly, he made a slight noise, almost like a sigh and shifted his weight, turning more towards her. His arm that was around her tensed, pulling her closer to him while his other arm came over and slid around her waist. Sam's breath caught in her throat as Danny held her tight against him. She looked up at his face; he was still asleep. Sam couldn't help the fiery blush that stained her cheeks red. So glad he isn't awake right now. She thought with relief. With that thought, Sam let loose a huge yawn. She figured she might as well make the most of the situation and so she nuzzled in closer to Danny, feeling the warmth he gave off. As she drifted off to sleep, she smiled.


Consciousness came to me slowly. The first thing I was aware of was the smell of lavender. I love that smell, not that I'd tell anyone that. The second thing I was aware of was the feel of a slight weight on my chest. It wasn't much; more like a pillow was resting on me. Except the pillow was warm and soft, and I had my arms wrapped around it. I opened one eye and looked down, ignoring the butterflies as I recognised the lavender smell. Sam lay with her head on my chest and her hands resting on my stomach. This time I couldn't ignore the butterflies that erupted in my stomach. She looked beautiful while she slept, not that she didn't look beautiful everyday though. Sam always looked amazing to me, with her violet eyes and thick black hair, a shade lighter than mine. Looking at her now, I couldn't help but think of the first time I saw her. It was years back, but it had been a memory I had remembered. She looked out of place with her short dark hair, lavender eyes and her purple shirt with black jeans. I had smiled at her when she walked down the aisle to sit in the seat next to me. I didn't know when I realised my feelings for her. I think it was in eighth grade after school. All three of us were at the park messing around as usual, except this time it was a waterfight. Sam was dressed in her usual ripped black jeans and dark purple midriff shirt. She was chasing after Tucker with a water gun and laughing. The way her hair had shone in the sunlight and the way she looked so carefree and happy made my heart clench. And in that exact moment, I knew I had fallen for my best friend. I didn't tell anyone though, but people continued to tell me that I liked her; I kept denying it, hoping no one would find out because I didn't know what to do about my feelings. When Sam got a boyfriend I would get jealous, but I'd write it off as protecting my best friend. Over the years people had called us lovebirds and boyfriend and girlfriend, but we always denied it. I always hoped that she felt the same as I did, and I had begun to suspect that she did but I didn't make a move. I didn't want to ruin the comfortable way we were with each other and the friendship we shared. In her sleep Sam smiled and nuzzled into my chest. I couldn't help but smile as I looked at her. When she had grown her hair out I was amazed - it looked even better than when she had short hair. Her long hair framed her face and fell down her back in a shimmery curtain of darkness. My hands rested on the bare skin her midriff-exposing shirt revealed. Her skin was soft and warm and smooth. My super-hearing picked up a slight change in her breathing, telling me she was waking up. As her eyes flickered open I yawned, feigning that I'd just woken up. Sam looked up at me, her eyes bleary.

"Good morning." I said quietly, my voice thick from sleep. Her eyes widened a little at hearing my voice but she didn't say anything about it. Instead she said,

"Good morning." And yawned. I smiled. "Ugh, what time is it?" She asked me. I shrugged.

"You're the one with the watch." I grinned. She glanced down at her hands and realised they were still on my chest. She lifted them quickly and looked at her purple watch.

"9am." She replied. I then realised my arms were still wrapped around her and I moved them, letting her go. As she sat up, I immediately felt the absence of her body, even though I don't get cold; I still felt a difference in heat. I heard footsteps on the stairs and sat up right as Tucker walked into the room. He smiled knowingly at us.

"Sleep well?" He snickered. Sam shot him a filthy look while I glared at him, my eyes flashing green. "Don't mind me; I'm just going to get food." He laughed as he walked into the kitchen. I rolled my eyes and stood up, holding out my hand to help Sam up. She smiled at me as she grabbed my hand. I pulled her up, taking care not to be too strong with her; with my strength I could break every bone in her body if I wasn't careful. She stood up beside me and I had to remind myself to let go of her hand. I smiled at her as we walked into the kitchen. I didn't tell her that that was the best night's sleep I'd ever had.

I had to tell my friends about what Clockwork had told me, but I didn't know how to start the topic. So I went with a simple one.

"Clockwork came to me in a dream last night, except it wasn't a dream, it was real." I said to my friends.

"That was random." Tucker said, glancing at Sam before taking a massive bite of his bacon and egg sandwich. I sighed.

"He told me that I am the rightful king of the Ghost Zone." I said simply. Tucker and Sam froze, Sam's vegie sandwich paused hallway to her mouth.

"Are you serious?" She whispered. I nodded my head.

"Yeah I am." I replied. "When I fought Pariah Dark it turns out I challenged him for the throne. And I won." I ran my fingers through my hair and rubbed the back of my neck.

"Whoa dude, so you're the King of the Ghost Zone?!" Tucker said. I nodded again. "That's so cool!"

"What do you have to do as King Danny?" Sam asked me, taking a bite of her breakfast. I shrugged.

"Nothing much different than what I do now." I answered. "I solve major disputes between ghosts, stop wars or anything that could become a war, like Pariah Dark, and keep the peace, protect the Ghost Zone from humans, like what I did with the Guys in White last year. I meet the newly deceased or other ghosts who have never been here before. Stuff like that." I said, finishing my last bite of breakfast before shoving the empty fruitloops bowl away from me and resting my elbows on the table. "It's actually not much more than what I already do in the Ghost Zone."

"Wow Danny that's huge." Sam said, finishing the last bite of her sandwich. "You being the King of all ghosts? That's a big responsibility."

"Nothing that I don't already do Sam," I reminded her. She nodded.


"And besides, being a King will be awesome!" Tucker said. "When do you get crowned?"

"Tuck, you make it sound so medieval. I don't think I get crowned."

"Of course you will Danny, remember, most of the ghosts are medieval." Sam said, and I remembered the time we were in Aragon and Dorathea's kingdom for the first time, a place stuck in the middle ages.

"Well I won't become King until I turn 18." I said. "But that wasn't all Clockwork wanted to talk to me about."

"What else was it?" Sam asked, leaning forward in her chair.

"He gave me a warning. That I'll be in great danger, practically life-threatening. He told me to trust in my friends and believe in myself, that you will save me." I said, my voice quiet. Sam and Tucker were silent for a moment.

"That could mean anything dude." Tucker said, eating the last of his bacon and eggs. I nodded.

"Sure." I said. "Anything." My first thought when Clockwork said that was Dan Phantom. It made sense. But he was gone and Tucker was right, it could be anything. "Anyway, what do you guys want to do today?" I asked. They shrugged.

"Anything." Sam said.

"How abut we go see a movie then grab lunch at Nasty Burger?" Tucker suggested. I looked at Sam.

"I'm cool with that." I said. She nodded in agreement.

When the movie was finished we all headed over to Nasty Burger for lunch. Tucker, as usual, was starving, whereas Sam and I had eaten half the popcorn so we weren't as hungry as Tuck. We walked into Nasty Burger and Tucker immediately ran to the line for food. Sam and I laughed as we watched him bounce on his feet while waiting to be served. We knew Tucker would order for us so we took our seats at our usual booth in the corner. I slid into the seat next to Sam, leaving Tucker the other seat opposite us so he could have more room for the feast he was sure to order (and I wanted to sit next to Sam too). Tucker arrived soon after with our drinks and our food.

"Tofu smelt for our resident vegetarian with a coke zero sugar." He said as he placed Sam's food in front of her. "And for our Ghost-Boy, a double crunch Nasty Burger with fries and coke." He said giving me my burger. I rolled my eyes.

"Tuck, what did I tell you about calling me that in public?" I said to him, unwrapping my burger. Tucker smiled apologetically at me.

"Sorry Danny, can't help it at times, especially when you're going to be a king." He said.

"Yeah, king of Loserville." I heard a voice sneer from behind me. I groaned. I didn't want to have to deal with Dash again today. "What do you think you're going to be king of Fenturd?" He asked in a snide voice, coming around to stand beside our table. I rolled my eyes.

"None of your business Dash." I replied. "Now go away and let us eat in peace."

"Yeah, your presence is a bit of a turn off Dash." Sam said with a smirk. I snickered as Dash's face turned red.

"What did you say?" He asked. "Fenturd, your girlfriend is being disrespectful." Dash said.

"Wow, didn't know you knew a word larger than 'football'." I said, before thinking it though once again. "And she can say whatever she wants, it's her opinion, not our fault if it's true." I said, not correcting him on the 'girlfriend' comment. I didn't know what to say to that.

"Well, I can't hit a girl, but I can hit you." Dash said before grabbing my shoulder and pulling me from the booth.

"Danny!" My friends yelled. Dash shoved me to the ground and my head hit the hard tile floor. If I was human that would have broken something, or knocked me out, I thought as white spots danced in front of my vision, blinding me for a moment. But I'd taken worse this than that. I blinked away the white spots and pushed myself to my feet. I stood facing my friends for a moment and I knew my eyes had flashed green.

"Danny, be careful." I heard Sam whisper under her breath, knowing I'd hear it. I nodded almost unnoticeably at her before turning back to Dash who was looking at me with a smug smile on his face.

"Now what did your girlfriend say to me runt?"

"You can't really call me runt since I'm taller than you Dash. If I'm a runt, what does that make you?" I smirked at him. He knew he was stuck; if he called me a runt, all the people watching would know he was a runt too. But if he didn't, he'd be admitting I was taller, not a runt and that he was wrong. Dash growled and lunged forward, his fist raised in a punch trying to catch me off guard. I kept the smirk on my face as I brought up my hand, palm out and caught Dash's fist. His hand stopped dead (look! Another 'dead' pun) as if it had hit a brick wall. Man I have made a habit of this, I thought to myself. Dash should be getting used to this, second time in two days I'd stopped him from hitting me. Once again, Dash's eyes widened in shock; obviously not used to anyone being able to stop his punches. Dash looked into my eyes and as he made direct eye contact, I looked into his mind.

Holy crap, Fenton managed to do it again! So much for being beginners luck. The look in his eyes…he isn't scared of me at all/ he looks like he's seen the darkest parts of himself and lived. Oh man, that was deep, I spend too much time with Valerie. Dash thought. When I felt Sam's mind it had been full and bright, but Dash's was darker, emptier – and filled with hundreds of stuffed teddies and letterman jackets. I hid a smile.

He's trying not to smile! Man I look weak! How do I fix this? Fenton could knock me out with one punch! Dash's mental voice was becoming louder in my head, almost as if he was yelling at me. All of this happened in a matter of seconds. I released Dash's fist and took a step back. Now I was beginning to hear other people's thoughts.

Kwan's muscles look great in his shirt was Star's thoughts, I tried not to gag. As soon as I listened to one more person, it was like the floodgates had opened. Suddenly I could hear everyone's thoughts.

Why is they standing there, not saying anything? Paulina's unmistakable mental voice said.

I hope Dash doesn't tell anyone about us! I heard Valerie think. A picture of Valerie making out with Dash in the back of his new car appeared in my head. I pulled myself from her mind as fast as humanly (or ghostly) possible. Hundreds of other thoughts flew into my mind, making me feel as if I was standing in the middle of a screaming crowd of teenage girls at a One Direction concert. I flinched as thought after thought went through my head and I had to resist the temptation to cover my ears, knowing I'd make me look like a moron. Suddenly, when it felt like I was about to scream, a familiar pleasant voice entered my head, and as soon as I thought of her, everything went quiet.

Danny? Are you okay? Sam asked me in her thoughts. I couldn't see her face as I was facing Dash but I knew her worried look. I saw it every time I went to fight.

I am now. I responded in her mind. I felt her happiness in her head increase as I turned my attention back to Dash. Once again, only seconds had passed since I'd had my momentary lack of telepathic control.

"Next time, make sure your girlfriend keeps her mouth shut." Dash was saying.

"She can say whatever she wants Dash, it's a free country and no one should have to keep their mouths shut if they speak the truth or want to voice an opinion." I said, crossing my arms.

"Sounds pretty smart for you ru-"Dash broke off before calling me a 'runt' again. This time I didn't try to hide my smile.

"Really? I thought I might have to shorten it to suit your D- GPA." I replied. The people around us said "Oooooohhhhhhhh!" as I told off Dash, whose face was turning red again as he grew more and more embarrassed.

"I'll get you Fenton. One day, you'll make a mistake and I'll get you – and your bitch of a girlfriend too!" Dash sneered, shooting Sam a filthy look. Anger spread through my body, and it took everything in me not to beat Dash's head in right then and there. I turned to Dash and spoke low enough so only he would hear.

"She is not a bitch and she is a hundred times better person than you could ever even dream to be. So never, EVER insult her again. And if I find out that you have insulted her, or anyone else I am friends with I swear to you that I will make you regret you ever learnt to talk." I said, my voice low and deadly. I saw Dash's face pale. And so it should, that tone of voice had even freaked out Skulker, Ghost Zone's greatest hunter (or so he says, I for one had never seen him successfully catch anything). Skulker had shot a weapon at me and it had nearly hit my friends, if not for my super quick reflexes giving me the time to construct an ecto-shield around them, protecting them from the rockets. One hit above them seconds before I constructed the shield, and the other crashed right into the shield. They were safe, although they still had been hit with a little debris. Sam had been injured, a flying rock hit her in the head, causing her to bleed. I had then turned to Skulker and glared at him. I still remember the look in his eyes as I had told him to back off. Skulker had actually fled, leaving me to take care of an unconscious Sam. Whenever it came to my friends even the ghosts knew to back off. I held Dash's gaze, my unwavering ice blue eyes staring coldly into his. After a few seconds, Dash looked away and I could feel that he felt intimidated by me. Great, now I'm getting more of a status as the mysterious bad boy now, I thought wryly to myself. Dash sneered at me and turned away.

"See you at school Fenturd!" He laughed as he walked off with his friends, acting as if he had won a battle instead of losing to a loser. I turned away and sat back down at my table next to Sam with a triumphant grin on my face.

"Dude, that was awesome!" Tucker said, holding up his hand for a fist bump. I smiled and bumped my fist with his. Reaching for my burger, I felt it was cold. I frowned. I glanced around to make sure no one was looking. Luckily for me they were all eating or talking, and not paying attention to the invisible Danny Fenton. I looked back to my burger and felt my eyes flash green.

"Danny what are you-" Tucker began to ask me when he saw my eyes change colour. Two beams of green energy shot out from my eyes and hit my burger. I kept the stream of energy up until my burger was hot in my hands, which only less than took three seconds.

"Gotta love having powers," I said with a grin as I took a bite of my now-hot burger. Tucker and Sam laughed.

"That's pretty ingenious Danny." Tucker said as he shoved a handful of fries into his mouth. I looked at Sam and saw she was already looking at me, the biggest smile on her face.

"What?" I asked her. "Do I have food on my face?" I reached for a napkin. She laughed and shook her head.

"No. I'm just thinking about how glad I am to have you as my best friend." She smiled sweetly at me. I felt my cheeks warm up and I was glad that she didn't notice.

"And why is that?" I asked her, taking a sip of my coke.

"Because you're always there for me, fighting for me and helping me," She replied. I felt my heart skip a beat as she tucked a loose strand of dark hair behind her ear.

"That's what I'm here for Sam." I said, smiling at her. "And I'll always be here for you." Our moment was interrupted by Tucker slurping his drink. We turned to look at him in unison. He paused. I glared at him, letting my eyes glow intimidatingly.

"Sorry, is this disturbing you?"

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