Danny Phantom - Prince Of All Ghosts

Chapter 5 - GIW Headquarters



"Goodbye." The wind carried the whisper to her, and the tears she had been trying so hard to conceal, fell from her eyes in a steady stream. Danny. She sobbed. It's all my fault she thought. If I hadn't distracted him he'd be okay, and the GIW wouldn't have him. She shook her head, trying to get rid of the thoughts.

"I have to find his friends." She said aloud, flying back towards the Mall. Danny was counting on her – and his friends. Blaize wiped away the tears that were forming in her eyes. She couldn't show up bawling her eyes out, and Danny would be okay. He'd survived worse. Like Pariah Dark's invasion. She hadn't been there because she had been travelling the world, but she'd heard all about it from her sister. She had to believe Danny would be okay. Believe in me, trust me, I know what I'm doing. Danny's words echoed in her head. She did believe in him and she did trust him. She knew he'd be okay. She saw the Mall up ahead and flew even faster towards the large building. Phasing through the roof she turned invisible and began to look for Danny's friends. Soon she saw them. They were standing in the middle of the food court looking around anxiously. Blaize flew down to them, staying invisible so she didn't freak anyone out.

"Psst!" She whispered next to the dark skinned boy. He shrieked loudly causing the long black haired girl next to him to jump, frown and punch his arm.

"Tucker, chill out." She said to him. The boy – Tucker shook his head.

"No, Sam, I heard someone! They spoke to me!"

"Was it Danny?" Sam asked eagerly, looking around. Tucker shook his head.

"It was female." Blaize rolled her eyes. So don't have time for this.

"Guys, seriously, I need your help." Blaize whispered. They both heard her this time.

"Who are you?" Sam asked, her eyes narrowing as she looked to where the voice had come from.

"Blaize, I'm a friend of Danny's." Blaize replied. Sam's eyes widened.

"Where is he?" She said quickly, her expression worried. "Is he okay?"

"Come with me." She said.

"Uh, you're invisible." Sam said, as if it were obvious. Blaize facepalmed. It was obvious.

"Oops sorry, I'm a bit all over the place here." She said. Blaize reached down and took Tucker's hand. Tucker jumped at the sudden contact. "I'll lead you." She said, dragging Tucker along, Sam following close behind. Blaize led them out the back of the Mall before coming visible. Tucker's eyes widened as he saw the ghost standing before him. Blaize knew she was pretty and she was used to these kind of looks so she simply ignored it. "Danny's in trouble." She said, facing the girl. Sam's eyes widened again.

"What? Are you serious? Where? What happened? Is he okay? Is he alive?" Sam fired questions at Blaize quickly. At the last one Blaize just looked at her.

"Oh." Sam said. "You know what I mean." She waved her hand absently in the air. Blaize nodded. "So what happened to Danny?" Sam asked, stepping closer to Blaize, who told the story of what happened. When she got to the part where Danny was hit with the Annihilator she paused, remembering how he had looked. Danny had looked in so much pain when he went flying back, and when he had finally regained his balance, had been shot again. Watching him be struck again and again and then sent crashing to the ground so hard he made a huge crater had terrified Blaize who had been frozen in fear. When she had seen Danny climb out of the crater she had been relieved, until he had fallen to his knees. Blaize recounted the entire story, but when she got to the part where she kissed Danny she hesitated. I don't really want to tell them that. I mean, I'm pretty sure Sam has a thing for Danny and by the way he talks about her, he feels the same. Blaize thought quickly. I'll leave that out and just say I gave him a little of my power. She finished the story and waited for their reaction. Tucker was frozen while Sam had tears in her eyes.

"Oh my God." Sam whispered as a tear fell down her cheek. Blaize lowered her gaze, feeling tears prick her eyes too. "We have to rescue him."

"I can activate the tracker we placed on him." Tucker said, pulling out a little silver thing from his pocket. "My PDA is still synced with it."

"I knew we'd need that one day." Sam said. She then glanced at Blaize. "Don't tell Danny." She said. Blaize nodded, hiding a smile. She wasn't going to tell them Danny already knew. She was distracted by the beeping coming from the PDA.

"It'll take a while for the PDA to sync up with the tracking device." Tucker said. "But when it does, we'll find him."

"We better. I don't know what I'd do without him." Sam whispered under her breath. Blaize's heightened hearing picked it up, but she pretended she didn't hear it.


I came to slowly, consciousness coming to me, along with pain that made my breath catch in my throat. I opened my eyes, blinking fast to clear my vision. Above me was a white ceiling with a vent up right above where I was laying. I sat up, groaning in pain as I did so. My body was still hurting, but not as badly as before. My healing had finally kicked in properly and was making me feel better by the second. Soon enough, I could breathe without pain and my head didn't hurt as much. I looked around the room where I was laying. It was white walls, white floors and two white doors. I frowned.

"Where the hell am I?" Then the events that unfolded earlier came flooding back to me. "Shit!" I exclaimed, jumping to my feet. "The Guys in White." I gulped. This is so not good. I darted to one of the doors and tugged on it. It didn't budge. I tried the second door which opened easily, leading me to a bathroom. Once again it was all white (why the hell was everything white!? Do they know how hard that is to clean?!). White toilet, white sink, white shower cubicle white everything. I sighed. Spotting a mirror above the basin I walked over and looked at my reflection. White hair, green eyes, tanned skin (why a ghost had tanned skin is beyond me) stared right back at me. I sighed in relief. I was still Phantom; I hadn't changed back to Fenton thank God. I glared at my reflection as I realised I wasn't getting out of here easily. A slight beeping noise attracted my attention. I left the bathroom and looked around the room I'd woken up in. I don't think they had counted on me having super hearing and sigh, so they didn't expect me to see the tiny little camera just above the door that would watch my every move. I scowled. This is so going to suck I thought as I remembered the GIW's promise of painful experiments and questions. I shuddered at the thought.

"Ugh, I hate needles so this should be interesting." I muttered to myself as I sat back down on the bed and leant against the wall. As soon as I got comfortable (or as comfy as I can get when being held captive under 24/hour surveillance) I heard footsteps outside my door. I leapt to my feet, trying to turn invisible. I gasped as I felt an electric shock run through my body. I hunched over in pain.

"Oh crap, what the hell was that?" I have been asking that question way too much lately. The pain went away as soon as I stopped trying to go invisible. I looked down and saw a metal band around my ankle. "Shit, I can't use my ghost powers. I'm lucky I managed to stay Phantom." I whispered to myself. I heard a key being inserted into the lock and I readied myself for whatever would come through that door. What came through isn't what I expected. A girl walked through the now-open door. Scratch that, a beautiful girl. She looked really young, around my age and that shocked me. What is a 16yr old girl doing with the GIW? I thought as I frowned at her. I was determined not to let my guard drop, even as I looked at her. She had long curly blonde hair that was tied back in a high ponytail and pretty turquoise eyes framed by dark lashes that I could see were tinted (not that I knew what that was…). She was wearing (you guessed it) all white. White singlet, white jeans and white shoes; with that I knew she was definitely working for the GIW. She was carrying a clipboard (which was so cliché) and had a fake smile on her face. When she saw me standing in the middle of the room, glaring at her, she froze, her eyes widening. She looked me up and down, taking in my black and white jumpsuit, white hair and glowing green eyes. I crossed my fingers and reached out with my mind. Oh thank God this one still works. I entered her mind silently, while keeping eye contact. Her thoughts came to me as easily as if she was saying it to my face.

He is way hotter than they said. Her voice was feminine but musical at the same time. Man I wish he was human. I tried not to smile, but I couldn't help myself, that was just so ironic. He has a nice smile…Wait! What am I thinking?! He is a ghost chill out Marti; don't be thinking the Ghost Boy is hot.

"How long was I asleep?" I asked her, before saying anything else. She sighed.

"Two days." I gasped in shock. Mum and Dad will be home any minute now! Oh well, Sam and Tuck will make up an excuse for me.

"Danny Phantom." She said, her voice loud in the silent room. "My name is Marti – I mean Martina. Come with me please."

"Your name sounds a bit like a cocktail drink." I grinned. Martina – or Marti as she so obviously preferred – couldn't help but let loose a snort of laughter. She composed herself quickly before pulling out a glowing object from behind her that had been tucked in a bag I hadn't seen. I took a step back as I realised what they were. They were Anti-Ghost cuffs. I frowned, my smile fading away.

"Please put these on Phantom." She said, holding them out. I took another step back, shaking my head.

"Do you know what they do to ghosts?" I asked her, looking from the handcuffs I sadly knew too well to the blonde haired girl holding them. She hesitated before shaking her head. I sighed. "They cause us immense pain, as if our very molecules are burning up." I explained. Only the GIW handcuffs did that. Every other pair I've been in (which is a lot) do nothing except nullify my powers. The GIW handcuffs are designed to hurt a ghost – believe me, I know. Marti hesitated.

"I was told that you had to have these on when I take you to the Interrogation Room."

"Look, this anklet isn't a fashion statement, it gives me an electric shock whenever I try to use my powers, okay? Believe me, getting electrocuted really does sting. I died by electrocution, it's a pretty sore point for me. So I highly doubt I'll be doing anything that would cause that to happen." Marti gave me a sorrowful look as I mentioned my death (well half-death but she didn't need to ever know that).

"How do you know they shock you?" She asked me. I raised my eyebrows at her. "Oh, never mind." She blushed as she realised that I would have tried to use my powers.

"I'll go along with you, as long as you don't try to put those cuffs on me, okay?"

"How can I trust you? You're a ghost." She said. I frowned.

"Because I'm a ghost I can't be trusted?" I asked her. She paused before nodding.

"We were taught not to trust ghosts." She answered. I sighed, running my fingers through my hair and rubbing the back of my neck.

"I'm trying to not cause myself pain here, if I attack anyone what's gonna cause me pain as I'll then have to wear those awful devices." I said, crossing my arms. "It's self-preservation really." Marti nodded.

"That makes sense" She said. "If you promise not to attack me or anyone you pass, then I won't put these on you." She held up the handcuffs to show me. I nodded.

"I promise, and if I break it, I'll put the cuffs on myself." I said, bowing to her. She laughed again, then cleared her throat.

"Okay, let's go Phantom."

"Call me Danny." I said automatically. Marti paused then smiled.

"Okay, Danny." She said, knocking once on the door behind her. Barely a second passed before the door opened, revealing a man the size of Skulker. I raised my eyebrows. "Let's go." She said, leading the way out of the door. I followed her slowly. Outside the room was a long, white hallway, with cameras every few meters all pointed towards the spot that I was standing in. I looked at the giant man who was guarding the room.

"Hey. You must be the giant on duty. My name's Danny Phantom." I said, smiling up at him. He looked down at me, his face stern, but I could see in his eyes that he was terrified.

"Phantom – I mean, Danny." Marti's voice caused me to turn away from the guard and look at her. "Come along now." I nodded and followed her, wishing with all my heart that I was back home with my friends. I wondered what they were doing now. How long did it take for the tracking device to activate properly? I thought as I followed the blonde girl around the corner, the guard from the door right behind me – so close I could feel his breath on my neck. I glanced over my shoulder at him.

"Can you take a step back? I can feel your breath on my neck dude." I said to him casually. He scowled at me, but still didn't say anything and didn't move either. "Strong and silent are you?" He just scowled even more (seriously, I didn't even think that was possible for this guy to frown even more than he already was!). I rolled my eyes as we turned another corner and I saw we were finally at an end to this accursed hallway. Marti pulled a small plastic card from her pocket and waved it in front of the keypad next to the door handle. With a beep the door opened – revealing another hallway. I sighed. "How many hallways does this place have?" I muttered to myself as we walked into the next hallway. This one was different though, it had doors lining the sides and each one had either a name of an Operative or the name of a room such as 'Training Room Alpha Beta' and other ridiculous names like that. I rolled my eyes. They probably thought this was impressive, but Phantom Mansion was totally better. I walked along the hallway, still trailing after Marti's long blonde ponytail. She came to a stop outside a white door that looked identical as all the others we passed, except this door was named 'Interrogation Room 1'. Marti scanned the access card again, causing the door to open. Inside were Agent K and Agent L who were sitting on one side of the interrogation tables you see in the movies, except this interrogation table was different. Where I guessed I was supposed to sit was a black chair that looked like a torture device. On the seat there was no cushions and the backrest looked uncomfortable. There were arm rests on the chair that had two cuffs that resembled the ghost cuffs that Marti had in her bag. I did not look forward to sitting in that chair. Not to mention that it had straps that would tie my feet and my waist to the back and legs of the chair. I glared at the two GIW Agents who were sitting at the table staring at me.

"Martina, why isn't the prisoner in cuffs?" Agent L asked, staring at the young blonde girl. As I looked between Agent L and Martina, I began to notice similarities. Agent L had let his hair grow so he was no longer bald with a thin layer of blonde hair covering his head, the same shade of Marti's blonde curls. His eyes looked similar to Marti's, just a darker shade. My suspicion was confirmed when Marti spoke.

"I didn't put Danny in cuffs because he promised to behave Dad." Marti replied.

"He is a ghost Martina, he doesn't keep promises, and don't call him 'Danny'. He is a ghost and therefore shouldn't be trusted. Calling him by his first name encourages compassion for the ectoplasmic entity. And Martina, what did I tell you about calling me Dad while we are at work?" Agent L said sternly. Marti hesitated before nodding her head.

"I'm sorry Da– I mean Agent L." She said quietly. I felt sympathy for her. Agent L didn't appear to be that caring towards his daughter.

"Remember, you're an intern here Martina, behave, learn and you will someday be able to join us in the field." Agent L said proudly. Martina sighed softly, so quietly that only I heard her. She nodded once more and stepped to the side so I had free entry into the room. I didn't move until the guard pushed me into the room. I glared at him over my shoulder, my eyes glowing brightly.

"Don't touch me." I growled. I heard the man's heartbeat increase dramatically and I saw sweat bead on his forehead as my unwavering glare held his fear-filled brown eyes. He gestured for me to move forward but didn't touch me again. I smiled to myself as I moved towards the Agents sitting at the table. I didn't sit down in the chair until Marti gestured subtly for me to sit. I sighed, knowing I had no choice. I sat down in the chair. It was as uncomfortable as it looked.

"Strap him in." Agent K said, motioning for Marti to tie me in. I went along with it, letting her strap my arms and legs in. When she got to the strap for my chest, her cheeks were faintly pink as she slid her hands around me to grab the straps from behind my back. Her ponytail slid over her shoulder and fell against my neck. Her heartbeat increased and I smirked as she leant back. Her cheeks became even pinker as she tied the strap around me. When she had finished she glanced up and her gaze met mine. She smiled faintly at me before stepping away and returning to the doorway. Agent L nodded at her and she left the room, the guard trailing along behind her, leaving me alone with the GIW Agents. I leant back into the chair, pretending I was comfortable and grinned confidently at them.

"Get rid of that cocky smile Ghost." Agent L glared at me and I knew he had seen his daughter's pink cheeks before she left. Obviously the protective-father role included protecting her from crushes on dead boys. I didn't change my face, but continued to stare directly at them. Agent K cleared his throat.

"We have some questions Phantom." He said. I rolled my eyes.

"Duh, that's why you brought me to a room called the 'Interrogation Room'." I snickered. Agent K scowled at me.

"No sarcastic answers Ghost Boy." He said. I shrugged, well as much as I could while being strapped to a chair.

"It wasn't sarcastic, it was honest." I said with a grin. Agent L growled but covered it with a cough.

"Where are the Portal's for the Ghost Zone? We know about the Fenton Portal, but where are the others? There must be more." Agent K said, leaning forward. I shrugged again (more like twitched my shoulder – man these restraints were tight!).

"I don't know." I said honestly. I wasn't going to tell them about Vlad's Portal, Vlad would for sure tell them my secret – and besides, he'd moved it so I actually didn't know where it was.

"You're lying!" Agent L said.

"I am not lying." I said. Agent L lifted his hand and showed me a remote he was holding. He pressed the red button that was in the middle (why is it always a red button?!) and pain shot through my body, starting from the restraints that were now glowing. I screamed as the bonds began to burn my skin and my core became cold as it tried to prevent further injury. Agent L took his finger off the button and the pain stopped immediately, leaving me gasping for air. I slumped in my chair, unable to move forward much due to these ridiculous restraints.

"What are you complaining about Ghost, you don't need to breathe!" Agent K said. I shook my head. I can survive without air but still, it helps. I thought to myself.

"Why'd you do that?" I asked roughly as I felt my body begin to heal the burns on my legs, waist and arms.

"Because you lied." Agent K replied. I shook my head, causing my white locks to flick across my eyes.

"No I wasn't, Portals to the Ghost Zone appear at random in different places across the world." I said, leaning back in my chair, resuming my 'relaxed' posture. "No one can, or ever will, be able to control it. The Ghost Zone has a mind of its own we believe."

"We?" Agent L inquired.

"Me and the other ghosts, duh." I responded. That was a ridiculous question. I thought. If it's questions that will endanger the GZ or my friends – even enemies – I won't tell them anything. I said to myself in my head. I wouldn't put anyone in danger, it was my job even before I discovered I was going to be King.

"Who is the most powerful ghost in the Ghost Zone?" They asked. I couldn't help but laugh.

"What's so funny Ghost?" Agent L growled. My laughed faded and I grinned at them.

"You're looking at him." I smirked. Agent K picked up a pen and wrote something down on the clipboard that I hadn't noticed was sitting in front of him.

"Now, we have heard rumours about a ghost becoming King of the Ghost Zone. Who is it?" They asked. I sat up straight.

"Who told you that?" I asked immediately. Agent L frowned.

"That's classified." I frowned, as if I was thinking and leant back in my chair again.

"Hmm. Nope, sorry doesn't ring a bell." I said to them. Agent K glared at me. I felt the burning pain shoot through my body once more, causing me to gasp in pain, but I had been expecting it. The first time they'd caught me off guard. I wasn't going to scream again – or at least I'd try not to. They left it on longer than before so when they finally stopped my body was shaking.

"Tell us the truth!" Agent L shouted.

"I did." I lied, hanging my head so they wouldn't see me smiling faintly. Even in this 'interrogation' I still retained my cockiness.

"Fine, onto the next question." Agent K said to his partner.

"What powers do you possess?" Agent L asked me. I lifted my head.

"Why would I tell you that?" I said, my voice low. Agent L frowned.

"Because I will not hesitate to press this button again if you don't tell us the truth. Under the authority of-"

"Oh shut up, I'll tell you, just stop talking. Ugh." I said, relaxing in the incredibly uncomfortable chair and rolling my eyes. "I can turn intangible, fly, turn invisible and shoot ectorays." I said, stating the basics. There was no way I was going to tell them about my Ghostly Wail, shields, telekinesis, telepathy, cryokinesis and everything else I could do.

"Is that all?" Agent K asked me, writing down everything I said.

"Yep," I nodded. He hesitated, looking me in the eyes, trying to see if I was lying. I kept eye contact until he nodded slowly and looked back down. I sighed internally in relief. They kept asking me questions and I answered them vaguely or I lied. They pressed the button sometimes and after reaching out with my mind, I knew Agent L was just doing it because he wanted to see me in pain. The sadist. After two hours of being burned, electrocuted, and interrogated, they finally said it was over and that I was to go back to the room. I couldn't move. The last time they had turned on the electrocuting chair, Agent L had left it on for over fifteen minutes. I had screamed the entire time until my throat was raw. I had tried not to seem weak, but they had turned the power level up to ten. I had passed out for a few seconds and when I came to, the machine was off and they were calling in Marti and the stone-faced guard. My head was drooping and my chin was resting on my chest, my hair covering my eyes. I felt soft hands on my wrists and opened my eyes to see Marti untying the restraints around my arms, her face pale and her hands shaky. She looked up at me, her eyes relaying her shock. I blinked blearily at her, my eyes feeling dry. As she untied my waist I couldn't hold myself up and I fell. Marti caught me before I could crash to the ground.

"Oh!" She exclaimed as she tried to set me upright again, but my legs wouldn't hold me up and I slumped over in her arms. "Da – Agent L, shall I carry him back to his room?" Marti asked, her voice strained as she tried to hold my weight.

"Drag him for all I care." Agent L replied as he and his partner walked past us, leaving the room. I heard Marti sigh.

"Harrison, can you give me a hand?" Marti asked. Ah, so that's his name, I thought blearily. I felt another pair of arms under my back and under my legs, lifting me up. My head lolled backwards, my hair falling off my forehead, the white roof being all I could see. I felt my arm drop from where it had been resting on my stomach and hang down beside Harrison's legs as he walked, carrying me down the hallway. My eyesight was growing fuzzy as we passed through a second doorway and Marti said her first words since I was carried from the room.

"Put him on the bed Harrison. Gently!" She said as I felt Harrison move, laying me down on the soft mattress, my arm dangling off the edge of the bed. My head rolled to the side, causing my hair to fall across my face, covering my eyes. "Can you give me a moment please Harrison?" Marti asked him gently, and it was then that I understood they knew each other. I heard footsteps then the door closed, leaving me alone with Agent L's daughter. Hearing her faint footsteps coming towards me I tried to move but I couldn't bring myself to even twitch a finger. Through the thick strands of my hair I saw a shape kneel beside me, then suddenly, my hair was brushed away from my eyes. I blinked slowly up at Marti. She smiled sadly at me before lifting my arm so it wasn't hanging off the bed anymore but was instead resting beside me.

"I'm so sorry Danny." She whispered. "I had no idea they'd do that. I was outside the door the entire time. It was awful to hear." She shuddered. "My father can be very cruel, but I never thought he would go as far to torture someone for information."

"Fun," I whispered faintly.

"What?" Marti leaned in to hear me better. I coughed to clear my throat. It still hurt to speak from all the screaming.

"They were having fun." I replied to her question, my voice getting stronger as my healing kicked in. "He left it on for ages. I ended up passing out for a little while." I groaned as I felt the burns on my body heal. They had gotten really bad, never having enough time to heal during the 'interrogation'. More like a torture session. "I hate to tell you, but your father is a douchebag sadist." I said, my voice finally sounding normal again. I tried to sit up, but grumbled as my still-recovering burns protested. I pushed through it, knowing that they were almost healed completely. I turned slightly and leaned against the wall. Marti stood up and took a step back as my legs swung off the edge of the bed. I patted the mattress beside me. She sat down hesitantly, her body tense and her heartbeat fast.

"Thank you." I said seriously. She looked at me, shocked.

"What did you say?" She whispered. I blinked at her.

"Thank you, for helping me, for being kind." I said, smiling at her. She paused before smiling back.

"You're welcome. I never thought a ghost could show gratitude." She confessed. "I was always taught that ghosts had no feelings or desires besides attacking humans and being cruel." I snorted.

"Yeah, that's usually what Ghost Hunter's think. But in fact, ghosts actually do have feelings and desires and most of us don't actually like attacking humans. Some do it cause they're bored, but don't actually hurt anyone." I said. "Have you ever heard of anyone being killed by a ghost? Or dangerously injured – not counting fighting in self-defence?" I challenged her. She didn't answer for a moment. I rolled my shoulders as the last of the burns healed along my side.

"No, I haven't actually." She confessed. I looked at her. "Oh, don't give me that look." She said with a grin.

"What look?" I asked innocently. She laughed.

"That 'I told you so' look." She snickered. Now it was my turn to laugh.

"Well I did tell you." I smiled at her. She smiled back, then a change came over her face and she looked down. "What's wrong?" I asked her, genuinely concerned about her.

"I can't be talking to you Danny, my father will kill me." She said, looking up at me with turquoise eyes. I sighed. "It's against the rules to be talking to a ghost, let alone Danny Phantom, Public Enemy #1." I groaned.

"Seriously? That was two years ago! Everyone knows that I didn't do any of that stuff, I was set up, including all those robberies and stuff. I was being controlled by an evil ringleader." I saw Marti's confused look and shook my head. "Don't ask; long story. Anyway, people should really let it go. I was proved innocent, especially when I saved Amity Park from Pariah Dark." I grumbled, crossing my arms. No resistance resulted from moving so I knew I was completely healed, except I felt dead tired (hey look, more dead puns).

"Pariah Dark?" Marti asked confused. I nodded.

"He was the King of all ghosts, he ruled the Ghost Zone many, many years ago, before most ghosts were even born." I said.

"Ghosts can be born?" She sounded amazed. I nodded again. Man this is like giving a lesson to a child, I thought amusedly.

"Yeah, most ghosts actually are believe it or not. You do not want to hear about Box Lunch." I shuddered. "Ew." I muttered, remembering the daughter of the Box Ghost and the Lunch Lady. Marti looked shocked.

"Wow…I had no idea." She whispered. I sighed.

"Yeah, most people never actually take the time to ask us where we came from – or ask us anything really. They usually just shoot us and try to tear me apart 'molecule by molecule'." I rolled my eyes as I thought of my parents.

"Well, I'm glad I got to talk to you." Marti said with a smile. "Even if I could lose my internship and have my father hate me." Her smile faded. I reached out a hand to comfort her, but stopped. She wouldn't feel comfortable having a ghost touch her. I went to pull my hand away but she reached up and took my hand in hers. "Thank you." She said. I looked at her puzzled.

"Why are you thanking me?" I asked, still amazed that she was willing to touch me. She shrugged.

"Because you actually had a decent conversation with me." She cracked a grin. I chuckled and squeezed her hand.

"Anytime Marti." I said, letting go of her hand. She smiled at me before standing and walking to the door.

"I'll see you tomorrow Danny, but remember, we don't know each other, 'kay?" She said to me. I nodded, winking at her. She knocked once on the door and as soon as Harrison opened the door she slid out and he shut it, locking me inside with nothing but white walls and my thoughts.

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