Danny Phantom - Prince Of All Ghosts

Chapter 7 - Determination



Marti sat down on her bed in the room she was to call hers while she was an intern at the GIQ Headquarters and sighed. She cared about Danny, she hated that her father was the one causing him pain. Marti sighed and unplaited her long blonde hair, frowning when her fingers got tangled in the unruly curls. When her hair was finally untangled, she sprayed detangling formula in her hair and proceeded to brush out the knots, her mind elsewhere. She couldn't stop thinking about Danny He was everything her father said ghosts weren't. He was kind, considerate and gentle; he was even humble for a super-popular ghost. Marti sighed and shook her head. He didn't deserve this treatment, it was abusive and inhumane. Why does my father think it's funny to treat ghosts like they're lesser beings? I've learnt more about ghosts in the past few days than I have in my entire life. Marti thought, continuing to brush her thick locks. I wish my father never caught Danny Phantom. She froze. Did I really just think that? Catching Danny Phantom was all her father had talked about in the past two years. Since Danny had been captured, her dad had been happier these past few days than he had been ever since Marti could remember; and Marti hated it. Her father had always been a cruel man, her mother knew it, Marti knew it, but the government appreciated it. Marti's mother, Charlotte, had always told her to be wary of her father. Charlotte loved her husband, but she knew he had problems. Only now was Marti seeing that her father had serious problems. Danny can't stay here, Marti thought. My father will end up killing him. Danny has to leave. Him being here will be his death, and will continue her father's descent into madness. She put down her brush and straightened her back.

"And I'm going to help him."


"Danny has been missing four days now. Are we any closer to finding him? I'm worried and I'm running out of excuses to tell the teachers. They're going to realise that I'm not all our parents soon you know." Sam said desperately, gripping the back of Tucker's chair. Tucker nodded.

"Yes, a few more hours and I should have a one mile radius that will sync with my PDA and I can track him to his exact location." He said. Blaize looked at Sam, a radiant smile on her face.

"We're almost there." She said to Sam, squeezing her hand tightly for comfort. Sam shot her a grateful smile. Blaize let go of her hand to sit at the desk across the room where she was examining the blueprints Technus had supplied.

"I hope he is okay though, I haven't had a dream with Danny since the other night." Sam said, worry tainting her voice. Tucker nodded and took off his red beret, dropping it on the desk in front of him. On the screen he was facing was the image of green land with what looked like a giant radar looking-target over the top of it, constantly moving, searching for their lost friend. "Have you narrowed it down?" She asked her friend. Tucker nodded eagerly.

"He is around the Rockies. That's all I know so far, but he is around that area, about a three mile radius, in a few hours, it'll be one mile then we can save him." Tucker paused. "Although we need a plan." Sam groaned.

"Shit, we were so busy worrying about locating him, that we didn't even think about how we were going to rescue him!" Sam sat down in the chair next to Tucker.

"Make a plan Sam." Blaize called out from across the room.

"Good idea Blaize, you're one of the best planners I know Sam, you can do this. Danny needs us." Tucker said, his eyes never leaving the computer screen. Sam nodded. I have no idea what to do. She thought as she picked up a pencil and a piece of paper. Tapping the pencil against her chin, Sam began to think. She thought of the ghosts in the Ghost Zone, all Danny's friends and enemies and everything he had been through. After a moment Sam took a mental step back and thought about the situation as Danny would. Suddenly, she had an idea.

"I've got it!" She exclaimed, making Tucker and Blaize jump. They turned to look at her with curious expressions.

"What's the idea Sam?" Blaize asked her. Sam beckoned her over. She floated over to hover beside her and Tucker. Leaning in, Sam explained her plan.


I was tired and in so much pain. I didn't sleep a wink that night, but I did get food, as promised. It was a burger (thank God!) and I barely took a breath as I ate. Fries and a coke came with it and those didn't last much longer after I finished the burger. After I ate the food (that didn't do much to sate my God-knows-how-many-days of hunger) I lay down on the bed and tried to sleep. I was exhausted but for some reason I couldn't sleep; I kept thinking about Sam and everyone else I had left behind. No, been taken from, the little voice corrected me gently. I sighed, wishing I could roll over, but I knew better.

"Okay, I have to figure out what to do when Sam, Blaize and Tucker get here, and how to get this bloody shard out of my ribs!" I said to myself, my voice filled with anger. I was really beginning to hate the Guys in White. I was sick and tired of their interrogations, sick forms of entertainment and how everything was white! There's only so much white one person could handle – and I ran out of patience with that in the first day. Okay, when my friends get here, I'll know about it. My ghost sense will go off cause I know Blaize will be with them and then I can escape. But now to think of a plan…I thought for a moment in silence. If I could get this stupid band off my anklet then I could go intangible and fly through the walls. I knew there wasn't a ghost shield around the room mainly cause I could touch the walls without being shocked and I walk through the doorway every day. The only thing that was preventing me from escaping was this bloody power-dampener-band-thing on my leg.

That's the whole idea of it genius. The little voice was back

"Seriously? Do you ever stop talking? Jeez, you're worse than Tucker." I grumbled.

No I don't shut up cause I tell you what you need to know dumbass.

"Here we go again with the calling me names, you're a part of me moron." I said aloud.

And you just called yourself a moron, moron. The little voice sounded smug.

"Oh shut up." I muttered. "Great, now I'm talking to myself, what a great way to prove that I'm crazy." I lifted my arms up and tucked them behind my head, ignoring my protesting body. "I wish I had Tuck's help with getting this fashion statement off me." I sighed, closing my eyes. I reopened them quickly when I felt something change. Darkness greeted me.

"Huh, who knew they turned off the lights; must be night-time – or whatever passes for it in this hellhole." I groaned. I closed my eyes again and tried to imagine the constellations that I knew so well but the only image that came to my mind was one of my best friend. I drifted off to sleep, Sam's name on my lips.

"Danny." Someone was whispering my name. "Danny!" They were pretty persistent, I have to admit. The voice was female, and sounded very familiar.

"Sam." I mumbled. Picturing long black hair and sparkling violet eyes, I smiled in happiness, but when I opened my eyes, I found blonde hair and worried turquoise eyes staring into mine. "Marti?" I slurred, my voice thick with sleep. The blonde girl nodded.

"Get up, quick." She said, pulling at my arm. I groaned and pushed myself up, swinging my legs off the edge of the bed.

"What is it Marti? I don't get to sleep often, so I try to take it when I can." I sighed, running my fingers through my messy hair. Man I need shampoo and a hairbrush, I thought as I looked up at her. I frowned. She was fidgeting and looking around like she was afraid she'd be caught. "Uh, Marti? Why are you in here?" I asked her, rising to my feet as I looked at her suspiciously. Marti sighed.

"I can't sit back and watch my father torture you." She said, glancing over her shoulder.

"Marti, that's a bathroom, there isn't anyone in there." I said, raising my eyebrows. She looked back at me and I saw the fear in her eyes. "What's wrong?"

"I can't help but feel worried. I deactivated the cameras for 24 hours, which will be plenty of time, but I couldn't make it any shorter weirdly enough. But when you're purposely sabotaging your father, it's kind of a given to be worried." She untied her hand and retied it in a higher ponytail. I frowned.

"Sabotaging your father?" I was so confused; I had no idea what she was talking about. Marti turned and looked at me.

"I'm going to deactivate your Omega Destabiliser Band." She answered simply. I blinked.

"Uh, come again?" I wasn't sure I'd heard her right. She shot me a half smile.

"I'm going to help you escape." Marti said, twisting her hands together, her face determined. My mouth dropped open.

"Are you serious?" I was dumbfounded. Marti nodded. I took a deep breath. She was willing to risk everything to help me. "How?" I asked after the information sunk in.

"Uh, good question." She chuckled and sat down beside me. "Harrison is okay to trust, but I can't get you out of here, to be honest I don't even know where here is." Marti sighed at my quizzical expression. "Intern's aren't privy to the GIW Headquarters location." I groaned and Marti patted the back of my hand. "I'm going to turn the band around your ankle off, but leave it on so my father and his colleagues think it still works, when in reality it won't and you'll be able to use all your powers." She said, squeezing my hand. I laughed breathlessly.

"Oh my God, Marti you're amazing!" I exclaimed, grabbing her tiny hand in both of mine and smiling widely at her. "When were you thinking of deactivating the band?" I asked. Marti smiled.

"Now." She answered. I blinked.

"Now?" I wasn't expecting it to be so soon. "How long does it take?"

"If you know how to work it, a few minutes; luckily for you, I know how to." She said, reaching into her pocket and pulling out a bunch of little tools and what looked like a tiny phone. She slid off the bed and sat on the ground in front of my feet, her legs tucked under her. Marti gently touched the skin around the band, a curious expression on her face.

"What is it?" I asked her. She shrugged.

"Nothing, it just seems to be on very tightly, so it might be a little painful to deactivate." She said, her turquoise eyes meeting mine. I nodded.

"Can't be as bad as the pain in my ribs." I replied. Marti paused.

"Oh Danny! I'm so sorry, I completely forgot about that!" She said, her face sympathetic. I shook my head.

"Don't worry, just get this band deactivated please, I can handle the 'escaping' part." I said as she got to work on the band.

"What do you mean?" She asked me, not once taking her eyes off what she was doing.

"My friends are coming to get me." I said, knowing I could trust her enough to tell her.

"How do you know?"

"Because I believe in them." I said automatically. I paused as I realised that's exactly what Clockwork had told me. You will be in danger, a lot of danger, but you must trust in your friends, they will help you when they are needed. But when the time comes that you are all alone and have no hope, that is when you need to believe in them the most. And you must believe in yourself, or else all is lost. I shook my head and laughed.

"That's a nice opinion of them. But what's so funny?" She asked curiously.

"I received advice from an old friend of mine who can see the future. He told me that when I feel alone and like I have no hope that I should believe in my friends and in myself or else all is lost." I replied.

"Huh…that's good advice." Marti said after a moment.

"Yeah, and he's never been wrong before so I know he isn't mistaken. And my friends have never failed me before, and I know they won't now." I smiled as I thought of them.

"When I came in, while you were sleeping, you were saying someone's name." Marti began. "Sam, I believe the name was." I felt my cheeks become hot.

"Sam's my best friend." I said, willing my cheeks to cool down. Marti looked up at the strange tone in my voice.

"You like her don't you?" Now it was her turn to have a strange tone in her voice. I found myself nodding.

"Yeah, I do." I said quietly. I hissed as I felt a burning in my ankle.

"Sorry." She muttered.

"It's okay." I said. "Anyway." I ran my fingers through my hair again and rubbed the back of my neck. "I'll handle the 'getting out of here' part because only I will know when it's possible." Marti looked confused and I laughed. "I can sense when ghosts are nearby, and I know for certain that one of the people coming to rescue me will be a ghost."

"I'd like to be that certain about my friends." She said. "But I don't really have many because my father is pretty strict and I'm always busy." Marti sighed. I felt another pinprick of pain. "Oops, sorry Danny." She said as I grunted in pain, instinctively hunching over then gasping as pain erupted from my side.

"S'okay." I groaned as I straightened up.

"It's almost done." She said.

"Cool, it'll feel great to have my powers back, permanently this time." I said looking forward to when Marti gets this band off my leg.

"And then you'll be free and my father can finally stop being…crazy." Marti said, diligently working on the task at hand.

"I'm sorry about your father." I said after a moment of silence.

"I know, but it's not your fault Danny, it's his. My mum thinks he has a mental issue, and I believe she's right." Marti sounded sad, and I understood why. Thinking your father has a mental issue and seeing him become crazy and unstable was intense to say the least. I winced as I felt a stab of pain through my ankle. Marti leant back and smiled.

"Done." She said, looking up at me and putting her tools away. I looked down at my leg and saw the band looked no different; the only difference was that I felt so much better. I could feel my powers again. I glanced at her and grinned.

"It doesn't look any different." I said. Marti nodded.

"That's the beauty of it. And that's why it hurt a bit, cause I deactivated it while it was on your leg. But it'll fool my father and all the other government employees, cause they'll believe it's still working" She stood up and crossed her arms, a smug smile on her face.

"You're amazing Marti." I said happily. "I'd hug you if it didn't hurt." I paused and stood up, slightly wincing as my side throbbed. "On second thoughts, it's worth it." I smiled and wrapped my arms around Marti's tiny waist. She froze for a moment before sliding her arms around my neck, being as gentle as she could. I snickered.

"What?" She asked, her voice slightly muffled by my shoulder.

"I'm not going to break Marti; you don't have to act like I'm made of glass." I chuckled. Marti snorted and hugged me properly.

"That was weird." She said as I let her go. I tilted my head in confusion. "I've never really touched a ghost before, let alone hugged one." I snickered.

"I don't hug many people, and neither do other ghosts so I don't blame you for finding it a little strange." I grinned at her. Marti smiled and nodded. After a second her smile faded and she sighed.

"I better go. It's getting late – well early and I don't want to be caught out of bed." She said, moving to the door. I nodded in understanding.

"Marti?" I called out just as she knocked on the door. Before it opened, she glanced over her shoulder at me. "Thanks." I said kindly. Marti smiled before slipping out the door. I sighed as I heard the doors lock click shut. I felt so much lighter. Pushing off the ground, I floated into the air, laughing giddily as I shifted into a horizontal position and lay back, staring at the ceiling, imagining a black sky and little blinking lights shining down on me, a sky in which all my worries faded away like stars at dawn.

The first thing I noticed was that I was standing by a giant bed. I blinked and as my vision cleared I recognised where I was.

"This is my house in the Ghost Zone." I said aloud. A giant king sized bed complete with a canopy sat in front of me, the black blanket that covered it inscribed with my insignia (as were the pillows – Blaize's idea, I just went along with it— I found out long ago not to argue with a Fire Core ghost, they're pretty determined). The thin white curtain above the bed was tied up against the posts, giving it a medieval appearance. There were two wooden tables on either side of the bed, one had a lamp, the other had a book. Ghosts and the History of the Ghost Zone was the title. I had been reading it while we were finishing the house. Clockwork had given it to me, advising me that it'd be best to read it; I understood now that it was preparation for me becoming King. I let my gaze wander around the room, I saw the large window, complete with a window seat, that revealed the green and black sky of the Ghost Zone. In the corner sat a desk adorned with a lamp and a cute little ice statue of Cujo that I had made with a new cryokinetic ability I discovered. Turns out I can mix ice and my ghost rays together to create a blue-white ice sculpture that glowed green in my presence and in the dark (at least that's what people tell me, since it glows an emerald green or bright blue whenever I'm here, although I've noticed it changes with my mood). I frowned, pleased but confused.

"Why am I dreaming about this place?" I murmured to myself. The room was just as I left it, starcharts on the desk, books stacked up neatly in the bookshelf and the comfy beanbag in the corner.

"Because it's where I was hoping you'd be." A familiar voice said from behind me. I spun with a giant smile already on my face.

"Sam!" I exclaimed. There, standing in the doorway in purple shorts and a black singlet, her dark hair tumbling down her back in messy waves, was Sam. She grinned as she ran across the room and threw herself into my arms. I grunted as I caught her, wrapping my arms tightly around her waist, ignoring the pangs of pain in my side. I buried my face in her hair, feeling the soft silky strands on my cheek and inhaling her sweet lavender scent.

"Danny, oh my God, I had no idea if I'd be able to see you in a dream again! It's been almost a week since you disappeared, it's awful being here without you." She said into my shoulder, her arms tightening around my neck.

"It's awful being away from you too Sam." I said quietly. "The band on my ankle that was stopping my powers is deactivated, Marti stopped it from working tonight." I said as we released each other. Sam frowned at me.

"Marti stopped it from working tonight?" She restated, suspicion in her voice. I smiled.

"Yes, she did Sam, deactivated it then left." I snickered. "Jealous?" Sam's cheeks flushed red.

"No!" She said quickly. I hid a grin and she wacked my arm causing it to bump against my side. I hissed in pain. It was only a second before I recomposed myself, but it was too late, Sam knew something was wrong.

"Danny, what is it?" She asked me, taking my hand. I sighed.

"In one of the…demonstrations of my powers I shattered some rockets that were flying towards me and the debris fell to the ground. Then bloody Agent L, I swear he is crazy, fired a weapon at me, I fell and landed on the rocket remains." I said. Sam looked at me sympathetically and squeezed my hand.

"At least you're okay now." She said, attempting to comfort me. I shook my head.

"No, I'm not actually." I replied. Sam frowned. "One of the metal shards stabbed me in the side." I said, causing Sam to gasp.

"Holy shit!" She exclaimed. "That would have hurt."

"It still does." I sighed, letting go of her hand and turning away, my back facing her. I winced in pain and grabbed at my side.

"How do you mean?" Sam asked, walking around me so she could look at my face. I raised my eyes to hers.

"The shard is still inside me." I said. Sam gasped, her eyes dropping to where my hands were clamped against my side.

"Oh my God." She whispered as I lifted my hand away from my side and she saw the shimmering red blood coating my hand (for some reason my human blood seems to shimmer slightly and was slightly flecked with green – but you only saw it if you looked closely). As we watched the cut skin healed over, halting the blood flow. I sighed.

"It's really annoying. I can barely move and when I do, it breaks the skin from the inside, but then the broken skin heals." I reached down and pulled a tissue out of the box that was sitting on the bedside table, wiping the blood off my hand. "And I have no idea how to get it out." I grumbled as I opened my hand and let the stained tissue sit there as I looked at it. Half a second later it burst into flames. I let the ashes fall from my hand and disappear as they fell to the floor. "I don't dare turn into Fenton cause if it's this bad in ghost form, imagine human." I shuddered at the thought. "And I don't want the GIW to find out about my alter-ego. Besides, who knows if I actually can with the thing on my foot."

"Have you tried cutting the skin and reaching inside?" She asked me. "That felt weird to say." She half smiled as I chuckled.

"Yeah, but I don't know how to break the skin without using the glass. I think I might just move a hell of a lot until it cuts the skin pretty bad then try reach in."

"Telekinesis might be handy." Sam suggested, entwining her fingers with mine. I glanced down at our joined hands and smiled. Sam's violet eyes twinkled in pleasure.

"It would be. Good idea Sam. I'll try that when I wake up." I sat down on the bed, tugging Sam down onto the mattress next to me. Sam smiled and squeezed my hand.

"I'm full of good ideas." She said smugly. I laughed.

"Oh, I know." I said. "I've been the victim in several of them." I chuckled to show her I meant no insult. She rolled her eyes and laughed. "But I have good ideas too." I smirked cheekily at her. She frowned suspiciously at me.

"What good ideas?" She asked cautiously. I smiled slowly.

"This idea." I leaned forward and pressed my lips softly against hers. She froze in shock but then immediately leant into me, responding to my kiss eagerly. I pulled back and smiled at her.

"That was a good idea." She murmured breathlessly. I chuckled.

"Told you s—" I was cut off my Sam's kiss. I closed my eyes and lifted my left hand to her face, lightly placing my palm against her soft cheek. I opened her lips with my own, my tongue gently grazing her teeth. She made a noise in the back of her throat and her arms twisting around my neck, her fingers sinking into my thick white locks. I slipped my arm around her waist, my left hand sliding from her face, down her shoulder, and down to her hip. Sam pulled me closer and leant back, falling softly back on the cushions and taking me with her, never once breaking lip contact. I braced my elbows on either side of her, pushing the ache from my waist from my mind and deepening the kiss. I pulled back to catch my breath (who knew a ghost had to catch their breath?) and she smiled up at me.

"I'll never get tired of this." She murmured to me, her violet eyes sparkling as she looked at me.

"Neither will I." I whispered. "You have no idea how long I've dreamed of kissing you." I grinned. "The Fake-Out Make-Out's don't count." I said, causing her to laugh.

"I can't believe you wanted this too." She said quietly after she stopped laughing. "I thought it was only me." She chuckled nervously. I shook my head and placed my forehead against hers.

"No you weren't the only one who felt that way." I whispered to her. I felt her shiver as my breath tickled her neck. I gently kissed her cheek, trailing tiny kisses down her neck to her collarbone, causing her breath to catch in her throat and her heartbeat increase. I made my way back up to her lips; this kiss was more passionate than the last, which had been softer and gentle. I felt Sam's leg lift and curl around my own, pulling my body tight against hers. Her hands slid from my neck, and moved down my chest, her nails gently grazing my skin that sent shivers down my spine. I broke off the kiss, gasping in pain as her nails scratched the skin where the shard of metal was. Sam gasped and ripped her hands away from me, flattening then on the pillow by her head.

"Oh my God, oh my God, I'm so sorry Danny, are you okay?!" She said, her voice filled with worry. I squeezed my tear-filled eyes shut and breathed through the pain. After a moment the pain subsided and I opened my now-clear blue eyes.

"I'm okay." I said to her. She didn't look convinced. "Sam, I'm serious. It's fine." I traced the outline of her face gently with the tip of my finger. She closed her eyes and smiled faintly. "I heal fast remember?" I whispered as I kissed her forehead.

"I know, I'm still sorry." She reached up and pressed her hand against my cheek. "You're gonna have to get rid of that shard soon, or else when we come to rescue you, you won't be able to fight." She paused at my look. "Well, you'll be able to fight, but you'll be in pain." She said. I nodded.

"That's better." I grinned and she rolled her eyes. My smile faded as my gazed travelled from her eyes to her lips, which parted in anticipation. I leaned down and pressed my lips against hers again, my hands running up and down her bare arms, revelling in the softness of her skin. Having ghost powers is a plus – I can hover above her instead of having to lean on the mattress. I gently nibbled on Sam's lower lip, causing her to giggle. We broke apart and I reached up, brushing a strand of hair off her face and caressing her face, my thumb stroking her cheek. She smiled up at me.

"Danny, I have something to tell you." Sam said to me a while later. We were laying on the bed together, well she was laying, I was floating beside her, our hands entwined.

"What is it Sam?" I asked her, shifting so I was on my side. Lucky flying means no weight and no weight means no pain in my side, I thought happily.

"We've narrowed down your location. We're leaving tomorrow morning to find you. You're somewhere in the Rockies and we're going to be using the Boo-merang to track you and we are bringing reinforcements." She smirked.

"Uh, reinforcements?" I frowned. "Care to explain?"

"Nope" She chuckled and I rolled my eyes. "You'll see." Sam smiled and squeezed my hand.

"Sam." I said after a moment of silence. She looked at me. I took a deep breath, lowered myself so I was sitting on the bed and opened my mouth, but I was interrupted by a tug in my chest. I groaned.

"What is it?" She asked, sitting up.

"I'm waking up." I said, looking at her. She sighed.

"I wish this could last longer." She said.

"Me too." I confessed. "I don't want it to end. When you guys find me, and I'm back home and human again, man I miss being human, anyway. I rarely have time to spend in my human form. When I'm back home, I am going to—" I broke off as I was physically tugged backwards, my hand almost slipping out of hers. "Okay, I gotta go, I'll see you tomorrow Sam!" I exclaimed, lunging forward and kissing her cheek before everything started turning black.

"Wait- I want to know what you're going to do! Oh, never mind, I'll see you then!"

I woke up suddenly, my eyes flashing open. For a moment I was disoriented, the first thing I realised was that I was still floating, but I was facing the ground, meaning that I had rolled over in my sleep. The second thing was that the ankle band was still not working.

"Marti did her job well." I smiled as I floated back to the ground. When my feet touched the floor I yawned and stretched. I cried out in pain and hunched over, my hands clamping on my side. "Oh mother of God, shit balls I completely forgot." I groaned as pain raced up and down my body. "Jesus Christ, I really need to figure out how to get this bloody thing out of me." I stood up, breathing as deeply as I could without causing myself too much pain. Once the pain dulled to a dull throbbing I tried to make a plan. Okay, Tucker, Sam and Blaize will be coming for me any moment now I thought. How am I going to get out of here? I walked around the room, trying to figure out a way to get out of this room and the building. My friends would supply a distraction, but the actual escaping would be up to me. With my powers back in action I'd be able to turn intangible and invisible, but I still had to worry about the heat sensors, guards and all the weapons I know they had set up all over the place to stop ghosts from getting in.

"But not from getting out." I said aloud, smiling to myself. According to Marti, they'd never had any other ghost prisoners in this place; it was Headquarters, not their Containment Unit. I was a special case, to be closely monitored and interrogated. I know what to do. I smiled to myself as I made my plan.

I was left alone the entire day, no one came to see me or take my away for interrogations or tests or other crap and I was thankful. I had to save my strength. Sam and Tucker will be here with Blaize any moment, and I have to be ready, I thought as I paced the room for the twentieth time in the past few minutes. I turned and cringed in pain, looking down at my ribs I glared in irritation.

"Okay, no more putting it off, I'm getting this out of me – now." I had been dreading it since my cut first healed. I knew I had to get it out, but I also knew it was going to be immensely painful. But now I couldn't put it off any longer, I had to be at my best to escape here. Opening the door to the bathroom, I walked into the shower cubicle, wanting to be able to easily clean up the blood I knew was going to come. I sat down on the ground, leaning against the wall and took a deep breath. Holding out my hand, I raised one finger and let a miniature ghost ray burst to life on the tip of my index finger, except this time something was different. Instead of being just a simple line of green energy, it looked more like a flame. I frowned.

"I can't make flames, I'm Ice, not Fire." I muttered to myself. "Oh well, no time to think about that now." I said. I let the flame die and lowered my hand to my side. Taking a deep breath, I turned my torso abruptly, causing pain to reverberate up my body. I bit my tongue to stop from shrieking as my skin broke and blood flowed from my side. Quickly, before my body could heal itself, I stretched out and stuck my fingers inside the open wound, whimpering in pain. I felt the tips of my fingers touch the shard of metal and I couldn't help the cry of agony that burst from my throat. Too late to turn back, I thought. I took one last, painful breath and extended my fingers, feeling them curl around the sharp tip of the shard. I felt tears stream down my face as I began to move my hand. I imagined the shard moving towards my hand and as I did, I used my telekinesis to move it. As I started to pull the shard from my side, I let loose a bloodcurdling scream of agony that I swear could be heard all the way in Florida. Gathering what little strength I had left, I yanked my hand out of my side, taking with it the metal shard and half a gallon of green ectoplasmic blood. I felt the metal cut through muscle, fat and tissue, only just scraping my rib bone as I pulled it from my side. I screamed again, my voice becoming hoarse as a grey haze covered my vision. When the fog disappeared I found myself laying on the cold tiles in the shower cubicle, green blood covering my hands. I rolled onto my back, my chest heaving as I took air into my lungs. I pushed myself up into a sitting position, my arms shaky. I looked down in time to see the cut on my side heal over. Standing up, I felt a twinge as my body healed on the inside. I straightened my back and took the first pain-free breath I'd had in days. I looked down in my palm and saw the thing that had caused me so much trouble. It was about the length of my palm and razor sharp. I cringed as I remembered that that thing had been inside my body for over a day. Reaching out with my other hand I turned on the shower, loving the feeling of hot water rushing over my body that washed away all the blood.

"Thank God it's out." I muttered aloud, my voice hoarse from screaming. I glared at the now-clean shard in my hand before throwing it across the room. I threw it with such strength that when it hit the wall opposite me, it shattered into tiny little pieces. I turned my face up so it was directly under the showerhead, letting the hot water run down my face. I washed all the blood off my clothes and my hands before turning off the shower and stepping out. I glanced down at myself before turning intangible, letting all the water run off my body, leaving me completely dry.

"Yay for having ghost powers." I said happily to myself. I floated off the ground, stretching out my muscles and smiling in relief. It was such a good feeling to be able to move with no pain. I hovered above the ground, crossed my legs and closed my eyes. I took deep breaths and relaxed my entire body, from the tips of my toes to the ends of my fingers. Meditation was something Clockwork had advised to help control my powers – and to focus my inner energy. It was something Sam and I did together, just the two of us; Tucker wouldn't be interested and would just laugh – and I didn't really want him to join. I liked it being just Sam and I, even if that sounds selfish. In. I inhaled deeply and held it. Out. I exhaled, imagining all my negative energy flowing out with it. My body immediately relaxed, years of habit taking over. In…Out…In…Out. My every muscle was one-by-one, relaxing, all the tension leaking from my body. I was deep into the meditation when a shiver burst out across my skin and I felt a puff of mist come out my mouth. It tasted faintly of roses and sunshine. Blaize. Although this time the specific scent I got from the ghost sense was…different. I pushed the thought from my mind. My eyes flashed open, glowing so bright I could see it reflecting off the walls in the room.

"They're here."

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