Danny Phantom - Prince Of All Ghosts

Chapter 9 - Make A Move


"I can't believe I have to go to school still!" I exclaimed a couple days later. Sam shrugged.

"Well, we have to show up sometime." She said, shifting the weight of her bag as we walked. I sighed.

"At least it's a Friday." I said, trying to look on the bright side. The rescue mission had happened not yesterday but the day before, and I still didn't look quite myself. Well, in appearance wise I did after a huge meal fit for a king (get it? King? Oh forget it), three showers and a good night's sleep, I looked like myself again; man was it good to be human once more. That was the longest I had ever willingly stayed in my ghost form in all the years I'd had my powers. I reached up and ran my fingers through my black hair and smiled.

"Well none of us have been to school since last week so we might get a bit of attention." Tucker said. I frowned.

"Yeah, speaking of that, what did you tell them?" I asked Sam, knowing she'd be the one to reply. She grinned.

"We had the flu. Caught it from the waterpark" She replied. I laughed.

"Fair enough." I smiled at her. Sooner than I wanted we reached Casper High. I groaned. "I think I preferred fighting the GIW." I grumbled. Sam laughed and bumped my shoulder.

"Come on Danny, you survived being captured by the Guys in White and not being fed for almost the entire time. You can survive one more day of school." I sighed. I hope so.

Of course Dash approached me before the day ended, but I guess I was lucky, he didn't come up to me until it was time for the class before lunch. I was walking down the corridor towards the gym with Sam and Tucker either side of me when I felt someone barge into me from behind. I stumbled forwards a step, caught off balance. I was still jumpy after the whole situation with the Guys in White so my initial reaction was to raise my fists and tense my body. I relaxed a tiny bit when I realised it was Dash.

"Hey Fent-ertainment-Tonight, you better be ready for HPE, cause you're going down. The ball is in my court with this game." He sneered as he and his jock buddies, Shaun, Kwan and David strutted down the hallway, laughing amongst themselves. Sam was right, I had survived worse than this, and I was sick of Dash picking on me.

"Bring it Dash, cause I'm ready to play." I said softly as a mischievous grin spread out across my lips. My eyes glowed green for a moment, lighting up the hallway with their unearthly glow.

Dodgeball was the game that the teacher chose for us to play (although I suspect a certain star quarterback of the school approached her and asked to play this game) and the team captains were Dash and I. Of course Dash was one of the captains, he always is, and he decided to pick me as the opposing team captain. I rolled my eyes and stood in front of the crowd of students, facing their gaze while keeping my face deadpan. Dash chose his teammates first.

"Kwan." He called out. I knew he'd call Kwan first. The two were pretty much inseparable. Now it was my turn to pick someone. There was no hesitation or pondering, I knew who I wanted on my team.

"Sam." I said, causing her to smile. I felt butterflies in my stomach as she walked to stand beside me. I knew she liked me, and she knew I liked her but we weren't dating. We had made out a fair bit, in our shared dreams and outside of the Dreamworld, but I hadn't gotten up the courage to ask her out yet. I shook myself from my thoughts as it became my turn to pick someone again.

"Tucker." I said, knowing he was hopeless at sports, but he was my best friend.

"Shaun." Dash shouted, high fiving his friend. I rolled my eyes. This went on until there was no one left in the crowd in front of us. I, of course, got the nerds, dorks and everyone else that Dash didn't want, although there were a few sporty people on my team, the ones that practically had no choice to be on my team. This went on until there was no one left in the crowd in front of us. Except a few who wanted to be on my team because the genuinely liked me. Huh, who knew? I said in my head.

"Now let's play dodgeball!" Dash shouted. Mrs Tetslaff left the room, probably going to eat her weight in food (hey, she said it helps her immune system while dealing with immature teens, I'm not being mean), leaving us to our own devices. The following game of dodgeball was intense, involving Dash and his bully friends pegging balls at nerds who often caught the ball with their faces. Tucker was out in the first five minutes, but not before being pelted with eight balls from various jocks. I couldn't help my snicker. I knew it wouldn't hurt, but I did find it entertaining. I, on the other hand, was pretty skilled at dodging the flying projectiles. One particular dodge I was proud of was when Dash pegged a ball directly at my face while Shaun threw one at my legs. I jumped, but at the same time I ducked, twisting into a somersault, tucking my legs in tight to my body. I felt the wind from the rubber balls shoot past my feet and my head, slightly tousling my hair. At the last second, just as I landed on my feet, I spun and reached out my arm and caught the ball Shaun had thrown in my hand. Completing my circle, I stopped facing Dash and Shaun who had matching expressions of shock on their faces while gasps of amazement and awe sounded out across the gym.

"You're out." I said, smirking at Shaun and holding up the ball so he could see although I had no doubt that he knew I had caught it on the full. He stalked off the court, grumbling about how I had cheated. I rolled my eyes and grinned. Soon enough it was only Dash and Kwan on one team, and Sam and I on the other.

"You're going down Fenturd!" Dash shouted at me, lifting up another dodgeball and tilting his arm back, ready to throw. I narrowed my eyes, knowing that I had to beat Dash. Dash glared at me as sweat dripped down his forehead. How is he not sweating? I heard Dash think. I pulled myself from his mind. If I'm going to win this, I'm going to win it without using my telepathy. I thought to myself as Dash brought his shoulder forward and threw the ball. But he didn't aim towards me as I originally thought he would – instead he threw the ball towards the only person left on my team.

"Sam!" I shouted. She hadn't been looking at Dash and had instead been watching Kwan. She spun but it was too late. The ball hit her directly in the chest and knocked her over. Her head hit the ground with a noise only my sensitive hearing picked up. "Sam!" I shouted, running over to her. I fell to my knees beside her and took her hand in mine. She groaned slightly and moved her head. I sighed in relief as I saw she was alright – well sort of. I saw a drop of blood fall from the back of her head and I froze. That kind of injury wouldn't be too good for her – namely, if she falls asleep she might never wake up, and the fact that I cared too much about her to let her have a broken fingernail let alone anything like a fractured skull. I held her hand tightly in mine and concentrated. Wake up Sam, I can help you, but only if you WAKE UP! I shouted in my head. I imagined the wound on the back of her head healing and closing over, the blood that I knew was about to start flowing, stop immediately. Suddenly, I felt my chest get warm. The heat travelled down my arms and to my hands. Sam's hand twitched and she frowned for a moment. I knew out classmates were walking over and I was terrified they'd see what I was doing. I had no idea how I was doing it, but I was healing her. A few seconds passed and Sam sighed deeply and opened her violet eyes. She frowned at me.

"Danny?" She said, her voice sounding as if nothing had happened. I grinned and pulled her to her feet. Tell them you're okay, that you just feel sore. Sam repeated what I said and several people (including the teacher) visibly relaxed knowing she was alright. There were a few curious stares as some students remembered how hard her head had hit the ground. Sadly, that meant Sam was out. She walked to the side and shot me a curious look.

I know I hit the ground hard. You did something didn't you? Sam said, projecting her thoughts to me. I nodded without looking at her, still facing Dash and Kwan.

I healed you. I replied.

Danny that's awesome! That means you have a new power! She said, her mental voice happy. I grinned and turned my attention back to the game. A few minutes passed and Kwan was out, then it was just Dash and I. Dash's eyes narrowed at me, sweat dripping down his face and I accidentally peered into his mind (hey! It happens… not to ordinary people, but it happens…). How is Fenton not sweating? I feel like I'm going to slip out of my shoes. I pulled myself from his mind, determined to win this without using my telepathy to predict his movements. Dash's arm moved back and I knew he was going to peg it as hard as he could at me. I readied myself, shifting my stance and staring intently at Dash's eyes. Most people would look at his hands, but I knew from experience that the enemies (or your opponents) eyes would always drift to wherever they were about to aim at; their intent is always in their eyes. I saw Dash's eyes shift slightly to my left, knowing that I was right handed. But what he didn't know was that over the years I had trained myself to be ambidextrous, letting me use my left hand equally as much as my right. With a grunt he brought the ball over his shoulder and threw it with all his strength at me. It shot through the air, appearing to my classmates (who were all holding their breath) as if it was fast, but to me, I felt like I had all the time in the world to catch that ball. At the last possible second, I stepped to the right, moving out of the way of the balls path. As it zipped past me, I reached out with my left hand and grabbed the back of it, spinning my body so I went with the momentum of the ball instead of against it. As I completed my circle, just as I turned to face my opponent once more, I used my momentum of the spin and the ball against him, throwing it with twice the force he used (although I didn't use my full strength, can't go around killing people). Dash's eyes widened as the ball flew back to him. It hit him in the chest, knocking him on his back. I heard the breath rush out of his lungs as he was winded by the fall. Everything was dead silent as I straightened up, a cocky grin on my face. Suddenly, applause filled the gym, my classmates coming up to me and patting me on the back, each of them smiling like crazy. I had beaten Dash at one of his favourite games. I felt amazing, as if all the horror of the past week was just a distant memory as I stood surrounded by my classmates and best friends. The bell above us rang and all the kids filed out, Mrs Tetslaff out before anyone else. I exited the room, Tucker and Sam close beside me. I felt tingles race across my skin from where her arm brushed against mine.

"I'm glad it's lunch." Tucker said, speeding up slightly to get to the cafeteria faster. I rolled my eyes as Sam snickered.

"Do you always think with your stomach Tuck?" She said, grinning at our hungry friend. He paused and thought for a moment.

"Yes." He replied, completely serious. As we laughed I felt a chill down my spine. A puff of mist blew out my mouth. I sighed.

"Guys—" I began but Sam cut me off.

"We'll save you a seat at our table." She said, her hand resting lightly on my arm for a moment as she looked into my eyes. I smiled at her. As she let go I turned and ran down the hallway, phasing through the Janitors closet door before I transformed. The familiar feel of the white rings made me laugh. I loved the feeling transforming gave me, it was like being complete. I couldn't imagine my life without my powers. I didn't even want to think of that. I mean sure, I'd be hunted less and I'd have more free time and better grades – but the city would be overrun by ghosts and my friends and I would very likely get bored very quickly. I had these powers for a reason, and I was determined to use them. I flew up through the roof and appeared above Casper High. I glanced around for whoever had set of my Ghost Sense. I had forgotten to pay attention to whose it was so I was just guessing. I heard a slight noise behind me and I instinctively moved, just managing to dodge something that whizzed by me, causing my hair to rustle. I spun and saw an old 'friend' of mine (and yes, I use that term very, very loosely).

"Skulker." I said, crossing my arms. "How did I know you'd be along sooner or later?" Skulker grinned.

"You Ghost Child, are going to be a major victory for me, Skulker, the Ghost Zones greatest-"

"Skulker." I interrupted. "I've known you for two years, you say this almost every time we meet. I'm pretty sure I remember it now." I snickered. Skulker paused.

"Oh, well then." His voice semi-deflated. "I will still have you as a trophy!" He said just before his chest plate opened, revealing weapons of all sorts.

"Oh this shall be fun." I said dryly as I began to dodge his various armaments that flew towards me. "Can't I just have one day to relax?" I shouted as I turned intangible to avoid a knife. Skulker laughed.

"To do what? Pursue the goth girl who you're too scared to ask out?" He snickered. My face went red.

"I am not too scared!" I said defiantly.

"Oh really, then why haven't you asked her out yet?" He asked me as he aimed a punch to my head. I dodged it easily and grabbed his arm as it flew over me. I pulled and threw him over my shoulder, sending him flying across the street. I shot after him, all the while thinking about what he said.

The fight with Skulker only lasted about ten minutes, leaving me plenty of time for lunch. I transformed in the Janitors closet once more and stuck my head through the door and looked around invisibly for students. Luckily everyone was in the cafeteria for lunch. I quickly made my way to lunch, walking through the open doors for the room and pausing. Everyone was being unusually loud, especially at the A-Lists table. I rolled my eyes as I walked past them. I remember two years ago I had been desperate to join them, but after a few months with ghost powers, I realised I was better than them. I had real friends who liked me for me instead of liking me for something else – something I wasn't. Soon enough I reached my friends at our usual table. Tucker was on one side and Sam on the other. I immediately walked over to Sam and held out my hand. She looked up at me, confused.

"Danny? What is it?" She asked me. I took a deep breath and steeled my nerves.

"Take my hand Sam." I said to her. She hesitated for a moment before placing her soft hand in mine. I pulled her up from her chair and looked into her eyes. "Look, Sam. You and I have been friends forever, and I know no-one who knows me as well as you do. You've been there for me when I thought everything was going to fall apart, you've been there by my side during all sorts of situations both easy and dangerous. We have made memories that are happy, sad and everything in-between. You're my best friend and I can't imagine my life without you. This whole crazy journey we've been on together for the past two years, I wouldn't change it for the world. Not one bit. For the past week, all I could think about was you, and how I'd never have the chance to tell you how I feel. It really put things into perspective and I realised…" I paused and smiled. "I can't imagine my life without you. You're a part of me and you always will be. I know that you and I have a connection, something that is a once in a lifetime kind of thing and I never want to lose that. I never want to lose you. I've been trying to find the right way to say this, but no matter how I word it everything seemed forced. So I decided to just simply tell you how I feel." I took a deep breath. "I have had feelings for you for what feels like forever. I don't know exactly when they began, but all I know is that they will never stop, and I can't go on hiding them." Tears began to form in Sam's eyes, but they weren't sad tears, they were happy. "Whenever you touch my hand I feel a spark, a spark I have never felt with anyone else in my entire life, and I know that if I go one more day without telling you how I truly feel that I'll die." I shot her a smile filled with secrets – secrets that she already knew. "So what I'm trying to say is, Sam will you be my girlfriend, officially, and take me as your boyfriend, no matter how flawed I am." I grinned at her, my smile slightly shy. Sam nodded, a single tear threatening to fall from her eye. I've never seen Sam this…sappy.

"Yes!" She said eagerly, nodding her head. I smiled widely. I reached up with my hand and tilted her chin up. I slid my hand around the back of her head, my fingers tangling in the soft black tresses that fell down her back and pulled her gently to me. Our lips met and I felt sparks burst to life across my body, sending a shiver down my spine, not unlike that my Ghost Sense gave me. Our tongues danced a dance that only they knew, and I thought to myself, this is better than any shared dream. When we broke apart I heard the sound of applause echo from across the room. I lifted my head from Sam's and glanced around. All our classmates and people in the cafeteria were applauding and smiling widely at us. I could hear their thoughts and I couldn't help but grin.

Bout bloody time!

Damn, now Danny's taken.

I wondered when they'd get together!

Goth girl and the nerd, perfect.

How did Fenturd get a girlfriend before me?! (I couldn't help but laugh at Dash's thoughts)

I should've dated Danny when I had the chance. Now I'm too late to tell him how I feel. Valerie's thoughts shook me the most. She still liked me. I felt bad cause I had stopped liking her like that a while ago, though I still cared for her wellbeing. At least he is happy. Her thoughts sounded content and that made me relax. Almost everyone in the room was cheering. I felt a chill down my spine and I knew a ghost was near, several by the feel of it.

"Bout time you finally made a move Danny!" Someone shouted from the back of the room. My eyes scanned the people and a few seconds later I found who it was. I laughed aloud and entwined my fingers with Sam's. I looked down at her, smiling fondly. I pulled her hand to my lips and gently kissed the soft skin on the back of her hand. Although the humans in the cafeteria didn't know it, a few ghosts were behind them, grinning at me. Standing there (or floating whatever) was Pandora, Frostbite, Clockwork, Wulf, Dorathea, Kitty and Johnny 13. Kitty was the one who had shouted out before. I raised my hand in a wave and smiled. Thank you. I mouthed to them. Each of them either waved back (Wulf, Kitty and Johnny) or nodded their heads in a sign of respect (Frostbite, Dorathea, Clockwork and Pandora). I slightly inclined my head just before they disappeared, but not before Clockwork bowed to me. I reached forward with my mind, knowing he wanted to say something to me.

Well done, my King, was all he said before he disappeared. I smiled and turned back to my friends as the people in the cafeteria returned to their food.

"Well today turned out great." I said with a smile as Tucker and I left our final class of the day. Sam was doing Herbology: the study of plants and their usefulness while Tuck and I had Biology (with my parent's there was no way I could get out of doing Bio). We were walking down the corridor towards our lockers to put our books away when I heard someone approach us from behind. I couldn't top myself from tensing my entire body and clenching my fists, ready for anything. At least I thought I was ready for anything – that was until I saw who it was.

"Paulina." I said, blinking in shock, my voice filled with surprise. This was the first time she had approached me in years. The Hispanic girl batted her eyelashes and smiled up at me.

"Hey Danny." She rested her hand on my arm. I frowned in confusion. If I didn't know better I'd say she was flirting with me – but this was Paulina, and I had lost interest in the shallow, popular girl years ago, when I realised how dim she was.

"Uh, hey?" I said, glancing at Tucker in confusion. He shrugged and looked at Paulina who hadn't taken her eyes off me.

"I've been watching you Danny." She said, blinking innocently up at me. Well that's not creepy at all… I thought as I looked at her.

"Okay…" I had no idea where this conversation was going. "Why?" I frowned and shifted my weight, causing her hand to fall off my arm.

"I noticed that you've grown up and are now no longer a little boy. You're," she paused and looked me up at down, making me feel extremely uncomfortable as her eyes lingered on me. "More of a man now." She purred, stepping closer, her hand resting on my chest. I shifted uncomfortably once more and took a step back. Once again her hand fell to her side.

"That's what happens with time Paulina." I said, running my fingers through my hair and rubbing the back of my neck, looking away awkwardly. Disappointment filled her eyes for a moment before being replaced with determination. She moved closer once again, causing me to take another step backwards. She kept walking closer until I felt my back hit the lockers behind me. Crap. How do I get her to stop while still being nice? I glanced around nervously, trying to find a way out. Tucker looked on with a panicked expression on his face. I shot him a look but all he did was shake his head. I glared at him. After all the fights we'd been in with ghosts and hunters alike, he was still afraid of the A-Listers. Paulina smiled brazenly at me and placed her hand on my chest, her nails slightly digging in.

"Well Danny, I have noticed you lately, and I have decided to give you the privilege of taking the most beautiful girl in school on a date." She said, leaning against my body, pressing her chest against mine. Most guys would think this amazing and even erotic, but I found it desperate and unattractive. I frowned at her. Dude this is not on. I thought. I'm dating Sam now, I literally just asked her out not even an hour ago and Paulina is throwing herself at me? That's sad. I reached up and placed my hands on Paulina's shoulders. She smiled victoriously and stretched up, standing up on her tiptoes. Instead of pulling her closer like she expected, I pushed her gently back.

"Look, Paulina, you think you can get any guy and I know you think that you're the hottest girl at school, but I don't think that. The most beautiful girl I know is Sam, okay?" I said sternly, looking Paulina directly in the eyes. "So please stop trying to hit on me, especially now that I'm dating Sam. It's not cool or even attractive. It's nauseating, sad and kinda desperate. You're better than that Paulina." I said, disappointment in my voice. Paulina looked shocked, her mouth hung open and her eyes were wide. I released her shoulders, pushed off from the lockers and strode down the hall, never once looking back on the girl whose face used to haunt my dreams.

"Dude that was amazing!" Tucker exclaimed as soon as he closed his mouth. I grinned at him.

"I know right? I honestly was trying to be nice but she gave me no choice." I sighed. "Girls are weird." I groaned. A tingle on the back of my neck alerted me to her presence before her familiar voice did.

"I hope not all girls." I smiled as I turned around to face Sam.

"You're weird in the best way Sam." I said, reaching for her hand. I entwined our fingers together, feeling happy that we were finally a couple. Sam smiled brilliantly at me.

"I'm proud of you Danny." Sam said a few moments later when we were walking back to my house.

"What do you mean?" I asked, feeling confused. Sam looked at me, her violet eyes shining.

"I heard about the whole thing with Paulina." She said. I blinked at her.

"How? There was only me, Paulina and –" I broke off and looked at Tucker accusingly. He shrugged innocently.

"I may have filmed it…" He said with a smirk. I couldn't help but laugh.

"So everyone in school knows that Daniel Fenton rejected Paulina?" I asked rhetorically. "Oh man that's gold." I snickered. We turned another corner and my house came into view at the end of the street. Sam nodded in agreement.

"Bout time that shallow bimbo was put in her place. Remember when she took you to the school dance when we were fourteen because she thought we were dating?" Sam said. I nodded. I had only had my powers for a few months then and I had accidentally given Paulina a necklace that was from a ghost that made her turn into a dragon whenever she got angry. I shook my head. I was embarrassed for myself, for being so moony-eyed over a girl who didn't have any substance to her. I squeezed Sam's hand in mine as I opened the front door and froze in shock as I took in the sight in front of me. In my living room sat my parents and someone I hoped I wouldn't see in a long, long time.

"Vlad." I growled as I shut the door behind me, letting go of Sam's hand and clenching my fists.

"Ah young Daniel, home from school I see." He said, his voice low and seemingly friendly, but I could see the coldness in his eyes, even if my parents couldn't.

"Mum, Dad, you're home." I said, turning my gaze away from my arch enemy and smiling at my parents. I was curious as to why they were home already, Sam told me they had called and they weren't due back for at least three more days. Mum sighed and Dad looked sheepish.

"Jack got overly excited and fired his new weapon at a cardboard cut-out of the Ghost Boy and set off the fire sprinklers and we were asked to leave." Mum patted Jack's arm as he hung his head in disappointment.

"They had a cardboard cut-out of Danny Phantom?" I asked, trying not to grin. Man, am I that famous? Mum nodded and smiled at me.

"Anyway Danny, how was your week without us?" She asked me, standing up and walking over to me. I tensed as she hugged me but a moment later I relaxed and wrapped my arms around her.

"It was okay." I lied. I wish I could tell her, but I knew I couldn't, at least not yet. In the time I was being held by the GIW there were times I wished for my mother, but it stung knowing that she would probably help them experiment on me – but not if she knew I was her son. I hope, a little part of me whispered, a part that still doubted my ghost-hunting parents. Mum let me go and smiled.

"At least you had fun with your friends." She said. I nodded, ignoring the phantom pains I still felt from my shard injury (hey, a phantom pun!), a psychological pain that would forever remind me of the time I was held in captivity – the injury that would forever make me doubt humans and their capabilities for compassion.

"Yeah." I said, forcing a smile as she walked back over to Dad and Vlad. As my parents began a conversation, their backs to me I glared at Vlad, letting my eyes glow green. He merely smiled.

"Ah Daniel, as it was nice to see you I am afraid the adults have business we must take care of, and I am sure it would bore your young ears." Vlad said, his voice loud, causing my parents to stop talking and look at me and my friends.

"Vlad's right Danny. You, Sam and Tucker better head upstairs, I'm sure you have homework you need to do." Mum said to me. I nodded. Not that we're gonna do it.

"Come on guys." I said, walking upstairs, my friends following me. I had to know what they were talking about. I knew it was about me, well my alter-ego and if it involved any of their new weapons I had to know to be able to prepare myself. As soon as we were in my room, I sat on the bed and closed my eyes. Sam and Tucker knew what I was doing so they understood that they had to be quiet. Reaching forward with my mind, I listened carefully to my parent's conversation with my arch-enemy.

"…and so we can use this new invention to capture the Ghost Boy?" Vlad's voice was as clear to me as if I was standing beside him.

"Yes." My mum said. "It will make his powers go haywire, he won't be able to control any of his ghost abilities and will be practically defenceless. This will make it easy for us to capture him." I felt my blood run cold.

"Thanks Vladdie for giving us the money to do this my man." I heard my dad yell. I cringed as his loud voice pierced my sensitive hearing. I heard Vlad sigh quietly before he replied.

"You're welcome Jack. I'd do anything for you and Maddie." The way he said my mums name made me gag. His crush on my mum was nauseating. "Especially if it involves catching that Ghost Kid, Danny Phantom." He said, his voice loud, and I knew that he knew I was listening. His next statement confirmed it. "You'll enjoy this Daniel, well actually I know you won't, but I will." He whispered under his breath to me. I clenched my hands into fists and felt my eyes flash green, even though they were closed.

"So when shall we do this Vlad?" Mum asked him.

"I believe that it would be best if we did it –" My concentration was broken as Tucker let loose a huge sneeze. I jumped, my eyes flying open as his sneeze echoed in my head. I tumbled off the edge of the bed and landed on my back on the hard floor. I groaned.

"Tuck, really?" I said as I sat up, glaring at my best friend who shrugged sheepishly.

"Sorry man, I had no warning." He replied. I rolled my eyes and stood up. I ran my fingers through my hair and rubbed the back of my neck.

"They're going to use their new weapon to weaken me so I am easier to capture." I said. "That's all I found out before Tucker sneezed. I don't know when or where but my bet is that it'll be soon." I told them as I sat next to Sam on the bed, leaning against the backrest and taking Sam's hand in mine. I absently moved my thumb in small circles over the back of her hand as I thought. When will they be coming after me? Will the Overloader mess with my transformation? What will my parents do if they catch me? I shook my head. It was sad that I actually thought that. I was scared of my parents, and that was awful. I knew if they caught me they'd be performing many tests – lots of them excruciatingly painful as they don't believe ghosts have emotions or feel pain. I was brought from my thoughts when I heard footsteps on the stairs. A moment later my door opened, revealing my larger-than-life father and my petite mother.

"Danny, your father and I are going out for a while, we don't know when we'll be back." Mum said, walking into my room. Her eyes dropped from my face to my hands, well more specifically, my hand the one that was holding Sam's. I reached with my mind and skimmed around the edge of her thoughts.

Why is he holding her hand? Maybe they're…no, they couldn't be dating. Could they? He's always liked her, and she him, maybe he finally told her how he felt. Listening to my mum's thoughts was weird. I'm happy for them. Danny has been sort of withdrawn from me in the past few years, and she makes him happy. Oh well, least he will be spending time with her instead of empathising over the Ghost Boy. That nuisance won't be around for much longer, not after we get out hands on him. I pulled myself from her mind, preventing a frown from breaking out on my face.

"That's okay Mum, we'll probably head over to Sam's later on anyway." I said, smiling at my mother, even though it was the last thing I felt like doing. I saw Sam look at me from the corner of my eye and I knew that she knew we had no intention of going to her house later today. Mum nodded and walked over to me. She leant down and pressed her lips against my forehead.

"We'll see you later Danny." She said as she left the room, my Dad trailing along quietly behind her. Why he was being quiet was beyond me. As soon as I heard the front door close I looked at Sam and Tucker.

"I'm pretty sure they'll be hunting me tonight."

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